VITA / PsTV [UPDATE] New Vita Jailbreak coming in July 2018 (3.65-3.68 HENkaku / 3.65 Enso) from TheFlow

Discussion in 'HENkaku' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 16, 2018.

By STLcardsWS on Jun 16, 2018 at 10:45 AM
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    As the PS Vita Community knows hacker/developer TheFlow had discovered a new vulnerability for jailbreaking the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (Vita TV). The developer had planned for a much later releases since the Vita seems to be nearing the end of its life cycle and since official support could cease down the road. The idea being it was better to hold on to this exploit saving it until Sony officially pulled the plug on the device(s). However, since that time another exploit was found and thus this exploit (the first one) has moved up the release date to a new date of >> July 1 2018.

    With firmware's 3.65-.3.68 there will be a new window to install the HENkaku hack which is a HEN (Homebrew Enabler), But if your on 3.65 firmware you can even take it a step farther by having the ability to install Enso (the CFW framework), With this soon to be released method TheFlow is saying you will need a Memory Card(see update), as no other storage medium including the system's internal storage will not work.

    UPDATE - July 1st: h-encore released by TheFloW


    • TheFloW‏ (June 22)
      • h-encore. see how fast it is. release in 10 days.

      TheFloW‏ (June 16)
      • The definite release date of the jailbreak is now: 1. July 2018. It will support firmware's 3.65-3.68, where on 3.65 you'll have the ability to install Enso [cfw framework] . And most important: the new exploit chain REQUIRES you to have a Memory Card (no Internal Storage cannot be used) A Memory Card is required to launch the exploit, but of course you'll be able to use SD2VITA after the hack is installed.
      • UPDATE (New) Nevermind about Memory Card, it will also work on Internal Storage! WebKit is not the entry point this time. Therefore it can even be used offline and best is: it is super fast. Stay tuned.

      TheFlow ( May 13)
      Since I get asked daily if it is safe to update:
      • if you‘re on 3.61-3.63, you can update to 3.65 (latest fw that can run enso)
      • if you‘re on 3.67, you can also update to 3.68, there‘s no big difference

    • Firmware Updater

      Installs any official firmware that is higher or same as your current. Note that this will remove HENkaku and enso. Do not install to a firmware past 3.68

      1. Download fwupdater.vpk and install it using VitaShell.
      2. Download any PUP firmware and place it at ux0:app/FWUPDATER/PSP2UPDAT.PUP .
      3. Launch the application and follow the instructions on screen.

      Source: GitHub

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Discussion in 'HENkaku' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 16, 2018.

    1. Naked_Snake1995
      So my other post,had a wrong date! September 2018! now July 1st!? OH YEAH! :D
    2. Kretek
      Thats 3 months earlier, good news! Finaly getting the chance to see homebrew on my FAT Vita...
    3. Fuzion9
      Released on my birthday :) :) :)
    4. pinky
      now, it's almost time to decide if I want to rid myself of this banned account. you can still access psn with the 3.68 spoofer of enso, correct? I've also not heard of anyone using enso getting banned, is this correct as well? :)
    5. kenan1098
      And I'm excited.

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    6. BobTheDuck
      This is pretty good news. Sadly Im still waiting for homebrew support on superslim ps3 and this got me excited as i read it wrong.
    7. Fuzion9
      I've never used the spoofer to connect to psn so I'm not sure. I only have one vita on 3.65. My other vita & pstv are still on 3.60. I'm glad I never updated the other 2. Looking forward to the proper 3.65 enso release :)
    8. kadorna2
      Just yesterday i got an OLED fat vita on 3.65 for exactly this release. Time cannot fly fast enough.

      Over at gbatemp I've read there's not a single case on record for connecting to psn with henkaku enabled and getting banned. Also, with my newly acquired 3.65 console i was able to connect to psn and download some games i had in my account (latest humble ps bundle, in case you care) using the DNS trick an everything's fine
    9. TONY-T
      Looking forward to this!
    10. TheDemon
      SD2VITA will work on all models? would like to get one but were i live don't know how to, i never buy anything out of my country, never buy anything on websites and don't want to unless i can pay on delivery :(
    11. pinky
      afaik, yes. I've never heard of a model where it didn't work.
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    12. TheDemon
      Maybe im making some confusion but wasnt the SD2VITa only working first on those vitas that had the 3G simcard to go to internet?
    13. kadorna2
      No, that's psvsd. Sd2vita is a game card adapter, goes into the game card slot
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    14. skydragon88
      I have a question can keep my main account on the psvita as my paid games and dlc are on there and I wanna add my backed up and legit psp/ps1 games without getting my account banned.
    15. pinky
      I'd suggest using nonpdrm to backup that content. the account id is all over the place on the vita, so the only way to get rid of a banned account is a reformat. if you're using the same account on multiple devices, I'd suggest doing that regardless of saves. believe me: it's worth it. I'm actually in that boat - a banned account. it's frustrating especially if you have a lot of content, saves, and trophies which luckily I had very little of any.
    16. skydragon88
      Dang glad I asked as the account is linked to my ps4/ps3 so much for trying to make it a all in one travel console guess I'll wait to buy a 2nd vita like I did for my psp and ps3, sucks we can't do what we believe is legit as in install our games we rightfully bought.
    17. precious200
      Sadly I bought my vita already on 3.69

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