PS3 (Update) PS3 HFW (Hybrid Firmware) 4.85.1 - PS3Xploit HAN & Flash Tools Restored for 4.85 OFW users

Discussion in 'PS3 Jailbreak CFW and PS3HEN' started by Joonie, Mar 21, 2019.

By Joonie on Mar 21, 2019 at 6:34 PM
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    UPDATE2 (April 27 2019) nonCFW PS3 MODELS There is now a PS3 HEN that enables HOMEBREW !!!!!!!! >> See Link

    The new HEN requires this 4.84 Hybrid Firmware (HFW).
    4.85 has been released here by @Joonie: link

    UPDATE1: PS3Xploit 4.84 HFW Flash Writer + IDPS/Flash Dumpers Updated v2.0.1 - (Now install CFW from 4.84) See HERE for details

    Huge News as the PS3 exploit ladder has taken a step up into 4.84 rung, with a new approach to bring back PS3Xploit functionality on 4.84. With a Hybrid Firmware (NOT A CFW) that can be installed on ANY MODEL PS3 over any Official Firmware (OFW) version. .The only thing this modified firmware essentially does is bring back the patched webkit from OFW 4.82 that was an entry point for PS3Xploit, if you recall when 4.84 was released developers @bguerville and @esc0rtd3w stated the exploit was not actually patched but rather only the webkit entry used was removed in 4.83+ which rendered the actual exploit unreachable (not patched and could be restored). Now the webkit is back for 4.84 OFW thanks to this new clever magic that has allowed OFW user's to use and install this slightly modified Firmware.

    So, what does all this mean? Now it will be just like it was back in 4.82 before PS3Xploit was "patched"(some ps3xploit tools need updated still) you will be able to install a CFW (on a CFW compatible model) and for those unfortunate user's that does not have a CFW Compatible model (i.e. SuperSlim/late slims) you have will have access to the HAN exploit . So for new user's or ones that updated, here is your second chances thanks to the efforts of the members of PS3Xploit Team and to @Joonie (waved magic wand on files) and prepared this magically release, @habib (for valuable input on this project) and @esc0rtd3w (work in porting ps3xploit tools to 4.84)

    It has been an exciting month here at psx-place with so much progress on all fronts of the PS3 . the fuel of this project actually comes from a user simply igniting a spark with an idea as @Doge_Rules did with this thread truly making it a community effort. Updated - to version 4.84.2 (see details below)


    (Note: NOT ALL PS3Xploit tools are updated currently, Ps3Xploit team is currently working on updating those tools. Stay tuned.)

    • 4.84.2 HFW (Hybrid Firmware)
      Restores PS3Xploit Flasher/Tools & PS3Xploit HAN for 4.84 OFW user's

      Today, we proudly present the very first modified OFW that can be installed on all PS3 models. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FULL BLOWN CFW, HOWEVER IT Allows you to run the patched webkit exploit that's ported to 4.84)

      Yes, you didn't hear wrong, it can be installed over

      • ALL OFW versions on ALL PS3 models
        • ex) OFW 4.83, 4.84 , CECH-3XXX, CECH-4XXX and etc..

      We wanted this to be called "HHHFW" since it was Hybrid, Hack-able, HAN ready also inspired by @habib but let's call it HFW since this is Hybrid FW (Well you can call this MFW).

      The idea was reminded by some guy who didn't want to be annoying but actually ended up being helpful: @

      Habib had this idea long time ago but the previous attempt was not successful due to lack of interest and preparation.

      As you all know, I recently started messing with my PS3 again and this idea was brought back.

      So then I went ahead and tried his magical idea.... after a few hours later... Boom!!, now we have HFW that works on all PS3 models (including 3K and 4K) that allows the previously patched exploit by using old webkit from 4.50 that's been used until 4.83. This method is rather hacky than technical, so I would like to leave this method under the radar for now until it gets patched out (this can easily be patched).

      What can you do with this HFW 4.84.1/2?
      1. You can use PSN since the FW is the latest.
      2. You can downgrade/Install CFW on your PS3 if your model is downgrade-able/hack-able (excluding CECH-3K and 4K)
      (The same capability as what you had for 4.82 OFW)
      3. You can use HAN and all the tools that worked up to 4.82 with this FW.
      4. You can always go back to the real OFW 4.84 if you wish.​

      To all scener's and developers
      • Please update the HAN toolbox or any xml that can support 4.84 if anyone's available.


      UPDATE 3-22-2019 - 4.84.2 Released
      HFW 4.84.2_PS3UPDAT.PUP
      • Bugfix : Fixed the installation issue with regions that use following languages
        English (UK), Turkish (Turkey), and Portugal (Brazil) , Thanks to @citra mulia to report the bug :)
      • upload_2019-3-22_0-1-23.png

    • 4.84_icon.jpg
      System Update displaying 4.84.1 HFW

      PS3Xploit Tools running on 4.84 HFW



    • Here is a video tutorial by @MrMario2011

    Download link (MEGA) : HFW_4.84.2_PS3UPDAT.PUP

    MD5 :4247362b54fadd2e4d7c09007f720803
    UPDATE: v4.85.1 has been released

    UPDATE (3-24-19): PS3Xploit 4.84 HFW Flash Writer + IDPS/Flash Dumpers Updated v2.0.1 - (Now install CFW from 4.84) See HERE for details

    Additional Download/Resources
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Discussion in 'PS3 Jailbreak CFW and PS3HEN' started by Joonie, Mar 21, 2019.

    1. lmn7
      He got excited and impulsively tried to flash his PS3, way too early. It sucks but at least he learned a lesson from all this.
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    2. RandomDude
      true, I have skipped almost 3 preventive measures just to get to cfw quickly.
      Well, can't say I didn't deserve this.
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    3. DeViL303
      I did something similar back in 3.41 days.. flashed dodgy CoreOS while trying to beat Team Rebug (old team rebug) to first debug/retail hybrid CFW, full hard brick, and we knew feck all about CoreOS then.

      Worst thing was, this was back before flashers, So i broke that console up for parts after hard bricking it, then not long after the Factory Service mode dongle got reversed and open sourced, and i realized that i could have fixed it with software really easily.. doh.. :)
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    4. littlebalup
      :sfun oldguy: ;)
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    5. lmn7
      Hah, well I'm lucky enough to say I haven't ever had a brick. In fact, I've only ever bought a handful of PS3's and one of the first ones I ever bought is still running great to this day.

      Can't really blame yourself for that one though, it's kind of just an unfortunate consequence of the scene being in its infancy back then, compared to now.
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    6. Zack_DT27
      It works now with 4.84.2, thanks for the supporting, amazing job dude.
    7. mcshooter
      I want to know how to activate pkgs again ( the ones that require rap files )
    8. elgado
    9. RandomDude
      Sign In > Activate System> Dump Act.dat and idps.hex > go to pc > Download resigner tool> Place act and idps in that folder > Put all raps in raps folder > run the exe file

      After all that put the pkg to your usb, move onto the ps3, enable han and install the package.
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    10. vicsuaes

      I´m a noob. I have a ps3 slim 3004B, not hack, in 4.84 OFW.

      What is our new situation?

      I know I can install this HFW 4.84.1 but my question is:

      I will be able to use some hack mod to play downloaded roms from a HDD? Or not?


      PS: Sorry for my English.
    11. mcshooter
      I already try it it still says error .This method worked on 4.82 but now I'm having 4.84.2 hfw.
    12. Joonie
      If that was possible I would've included HAN support files in this release.

      So no.
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    13. elgado
      Please flash_4.84.hex download link
    14. RandomDude
      Anyone here recommend using force to break out the PSU from it's holder as the psu screw cannot be removed with any screw driver due to its irregular shape.

      Tried the rubber band trick but that didn't work. Any tips? or should I force it out?
      Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
    15. ISAK.M
      Use ReActPSN or PSNPatch
    16. ISAK.M
      You could drill through the screw :)
      That's what I did on my HDD case
    17. aizen57
      Gracias!! Son unos Maestros!!!

      Attached Files:

    18. aykanzn
      Hi so, I'm having trouble installing the pup file. My PS3 refuses to install the update, and comes with the error 80029C55. Any suggestions on what I can do?
    19. Niander466
    20. mahmode
      ///////Pls help meeee .. i update 4.84.2
      But the instalation didn't complete they told me ( the latest version of the systeme is already instaled ) by the way my ps3 super slim is on 4.84 officiel
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