PS3 (Update) PS3 HFW (Hybrid Firmware) 4.85.1 - PS3Xploit HAN & Flash Tools Restored for 4.85 OFW users

Discussion in 'PS3 Jailbreak CFW and PS3HEN' started by Joonie, Mar 21, 2019.

By Joonie on Mar 21, 2019 at 6:34 PM
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    UPDATE2 (April 27 2019) nonCFW PS3 MODELS There is now a PS3 HEN that enables HOMEBREW !!!!!!!! >> See Link

    The new HEN requires this 4.84 Hybrid Firmware (HFW).
    4.85 has been released here by @Joonie: link

    UPDATE1: PS3Xploit 4.84 HFW Flash Writer + IDPS/Flash Dumpers Updated v2.0.1 - (Now install CFW from 4.84) See HERE for details

    Huge News as the PS3 exploit ladder has taken a step up into 4.84 rung, with a new approach to bring back PS3Xploit functionality on 4.84. With a Hybrid Firmware (NOT A CFW) that can be installed on ANY MODEL PS3 over any Official Firmware (OFW) version. .The only thing this modified firmware essentially does is bring back the patched webkit from OFW 4.82 that was an entry point for PS3Xploit, if you recall when 4.84 was released developers @bguerville and @esc0rtd3w stated the exploit was not actually patched but rather only the webkit entry used was removed in 4.83+ which rendered the actual exploit unreachable (not patched and could be restored). Now the webkit is back for 4.84 OFW thanks to this new clever magic that has allowed OFW user's to use and install this slightly modified Firmware.

    So, what does all this mean? Now it will be just like it was back in 4.82 before PS3Xploit was "patched"(some ps3xploit tools need updated still) you will be able to install a CFW (on a CFW compatible model) and for those unfortunate user's that does not have a CFW Compatible model (i.e. SuperSlim/late slims) you have will have access to the HAN exploit . So for new user's or ones that updated, here is your second chances thanks to the efforts of the members of PS3Xploit Team and to @Joonie (waved magic wand on files) and prepared this magically release, @habib (for valuable input on this project) and @esc0rtd3w (work in porting ps3xploit tools to 4.84)

    It has been an exciting month here at psx-place with so much progress on all fronts of the PS3 . the fuel of this project actually comes from a user simply igniting a spark with an idea as @Doge_Rules did with this thread truly making it a community effort. Updated - to version 4.84.2 (see details below)


    (Note: NOT ALL PS3Xploit tools are updated currently, Ps3Xploit team is currently working on updating those tools. Stay tuned.)

    • 4.84.2 HFW (Hybrid Firmware)
      Restores PS3Xploit Flasher/Tools & PS3Xploit HAN for 4.84 OFW user's

      Today, we proudly present the very first modified OFW that can be installed on all PS3 models. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FULL BLOWN CFW, HOWEVER IT Allows you to run the patched webkit exploit that's ported to 4.84)

      Yes, you didn't hear wrong, it can be installed over

      • ALL OFW versions on ALL PS3 models
        • ex) OFW 4.83, 4.84 , CECH-3XXX, CECH-4XXX and etc..

      We wanted this to be called "HHHFW" since it was Hybrid, Hack-able, HAN ready also inspired by @habib but let's call it HFW since this is Hybrid FW (Well you can call this MFW).

      The idea was reminded by some guy who didn't want to be annoying but actually ended up being helpful: @

      Habib had this idea long time ago but the previous attempt was not successful due to lack of interest and preparation.

      As you all know, I recently started messing with my PS3 again and this idea was brought back.

      So then I went ahead and tried his magical idea.... after a few hours later... Boom!!, now we have HFW that works on all PS3 models (including 3K and 4K) that allows the previously patched exploit by using old webkit from 4.50 that's been used until 4.83. This method is rather hacky than technical, so I would like to leave this method under the radar for now until it gets patched out (this can easily be patched).

      What can you do with this HFW 4.84.1/2?
      1. You can use PSN since the FW is the latest.
      2. You can downgrade/Install CFW on your PS3 if your model is downgrade-able/hack-able (excluding CECH-3K and 4K)
      (The same capability as what you had for 4.82 OFW)
      3. You can use HAN and all the tools that worked up to 4.82 with this FW.
      4. You can always go back to the real OFW 4.84 if you wish.​

      To all scener's and developers
      • Please update the HAN toolbox or any xml that can support 4.84 if anyone's available.


      UPDATE 3-22-2019 - 4.84.2 Released
      HFW 4.84.2_PS3UPDAT.PUP
      • Bugfix : Fixed the installation issue with regions that use following languages
        English (UK), Turkish (Turkey), and Portugal (Brazil) , Thanks to @citra mulia to report the bug :)
      • upload_2019-3-22_0-1-23.png

    • 4.84_icon.jpg
      System Update displaying 4.84.1 HFW

      PS3Xploit Tools running on 4.84 HFW



    • Here is a video tutorial by @MrMario2011

    Download link (MEGA) : HFW_4.84.2_PS3UPDAT.PUP

    MD5 :4247362b54fadd2e4d7c09007f720803
    UPDATE: v4.85.1 has been released

    UPDATE (3-24-19): PS3Xploit 4.84 HFW Flash Writer + IDPS/Flash Dumpers Updated v2.0.1 - (Now install CFW from 4.84) See HERE for details

    Additional Download/Resources
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Discussion in 'PS3 Jailbreak CFW and PS3HEN' started by Joonie, Mar 21, 2019.

    1. Vitor Leão
      Vitor Leão
      Saddly it has no use to me... My Ps3 is on 4.82 OFW was never jailbreaked and the Rsod screen appears as soon as i turn the console on... Meaning i cant downgrade.

      The only way i have to do any changes is true the FSM
      Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
    2. jolek
    3. jolek
      Can you try other USB disk?
      Can you add USB disk properties:
      Can you add a screenshot of "PS3\UPDATE" directory?

      Are sure that you have MBR not GPT:

      Can you extend (show all) USB device on music or on video at PS3
      (If you have got additional folders all of them should be shown)?
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    4. jolek
      usb000 it is a port closest to BD drive (so the first port on the right side), next to it (on the left)
      is usb001.

      If you've got one of the first PS3 review:
      usb006 it is a port closest to the left side.
    5. Iustin_Theft-07
      Noob question here. I had a superslim on 4.82 with han working and game backups installed. Updated to ofw 4.84 through Sony servers. Then I updated to 4.84.2 though recovery. I installed and enabled han. Are my old game backups not supposed to launch anymore ? I get an error everytime I try to launch even with han enabled...
    6. Naked_Snake1995
      There is no such thing as 4.84.2 on a Super Slim, since its not a CFW compatible console, and 4.84.2 its a Rebug firmware designation, and yes, you lost your backups, you should have updated via @Joonie HFW 4.84 and then update the HAN,but its not too late or the end of the world, you can always install the 4.84 HFW and reinstall HAN again, on top of the existing 4.84 OFW,just install HFW like a normal update.
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    7. Iustin_Theft-07
      Never mind, I just installed a new RIF activation pkg for one game using the new act.dat/idps.hex files and everything seems to be working now. Thanks anyway :)
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    8. Zonzexon
      Noob question i have PS3 superslim running 4.84 (OFW) and when i try to update to (4.84 HFW) via usb flash drive i get a message telling me that the latest version is already installed and there is no need to update, i will post screen shots. Can anybody help me with this i followed tutorial to the letter but havent been able to install HFW. What can i do to make it work?

      Image 01 When i try to update

      Image 02 System info
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    9. aldostools
      Try installing 4.84 HFW from Recovery Mode. See how to access it:

      Remember to put the PUP in the USB as /PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP

      Make sure that you install 4.84 HFW twice... then proceed to install HAN.

      This is the official tutorial for HAN:

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    10. Zonzexon
      God bless you man, thank you for reply, i was abble to install 4.84 HFW from recovery mode, i did twice both times from recovery because i get the same no need to update message when i do it once from recovery and the next time from booted firmware, now i have diffrent kind of problem, everything works fine console boots, i have internet connection, but when i go to dump (V3 Han tools - ACT IDPS dumper) i cannot initialize the dumper, seems like the page is half loaded, i get the buttons initialize and dump but after those buttons the page is blank no ps3 system info on bottom, no nothing just blak like it's half loaded (i have 5 needed files on my USB like tutorial sugests dowloaded everything from links provided and put everything in its place) i have tried to reset cache and everything, tried to close/open browser multiple times, tried to turn off/on ps3 multiple times, i have 100mbit internet connection and its working perfect, but for some reason ps3 browser cant load the whole dump page, only half of it (everything after the initialize and dump buttons is just not visible). Any suggestions? And once again thank you for help, sorry if i boder you too much with this.
    11. DeViL303
      Just so you know, the first HFW was 4.84.1 and the second is 4.84.2, so it's not just a Rebug designation.
    12. Naked_Snake1995
      Damn it mate, you were suppose to back me up, not burn me! [emoji23]

      My mistake, i seen that now. [emoji106]

      Sent from my G8341 using Tapatalk
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    13. sandungas
      To claim the reward is needed to explain in public how it works, without proof there is no reward ;)
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    14. HenriBlitz
      I need a hfw nobd please help me because my ps3 is in update loop
    15. Naked_Snake1995
      There is no such think as a NoBD HFW, HFW its a OFW with 4.82 entries, to make HAN and CFW Install possible on 4.84,but modifying the NoBD entry may lead to a Soft Brick (correct me if wrong).

      What Model you are using by the way?

      Sent from my G8341 using Tapatalk
    16. HenriBlitz
      [QUOTE = "Naked_Snake1995, post: 173845, member: 32795"] Não existe esse tipo de pensamento como NoBD HFW, HFW é um OFW com 4.82 entradas, para possibilitar a instalação de HAN e CFW em 4.84, mas a modificação da entrada NoBD pode levar para um tijolo macio (me corrija se errado).

      Qual modelo você está usando pelo caminho?

      Enviado do meu G8341 usando o Tapatalk [/ QUOTE]
      PS3 FAT CECHA01
    17. Naked_Snake1995
      Assumo que o modulo de BD está morto,ou não esta conectado. o CECHA como todos os PS3 até ao 2000 utilizam um módulo de BD separado, e em caso de o BD estiver desconectado, ou a placa lógica estiver danificada, a PS3 interpreta como se o BD Drive não estivesse conectado, dai cessa as suas funções de Apps ou Updates, neste caso, precisas de achar um módulo que esteja parcialmente a trabalhar, pode não ler BDs ou DVDs, mas se iniciar o Disco, já vale a pena o suficiente para realizar o update. Uma vez instalado o 4.84 HFW e instalado o Exploit, podes instalar qualquer Firmware NoBD, para eliminar a necessidade de uma BD Drive.

      Se estiveres no 4.82, presumo que ainda seja possível fazer exploit a maquina.

      Para a próxima vez, tenta publicar em Inglês, se estiveres com dificuldades, tenta usar um tradutor, qualquer outra duvida que te suscite,não exites em perguntar, tentaremos ajudar no que for possível.

      Obs: Já viste se o cabo flat do BD e da Motherboard estão corretamente inseridos e não saem?


      Translation (for the gringos only) :)

      I assume your BD module either its dead or not connected properly, CECHA like all PS3 till the 2000 series, use a separated BD module, and if the BD its disconnected,or the logic board its dead, the PS3 will cease all functions regarding Apps launch and Updates, in that case, you need a BD module, that its at least partial working, it may not read BDs or DVDs, but as long as the disc its spinning, its more than enough to preform a Update. Once 4.84 HFW and the Exploit its installed, you can install any NoBD firmware, to eliminate the need of a BD Drive.

      If you are on 4.82, i presume you can still exploit the machine.

      Next time, try to post in English, if you are still having difficulties, try using a translator of sorts, any other question that you might have, feel free to ask, we will try to help you the best way we can.

      PS: Did you take a look at the BD Drive Flat Cable, if its properly inserted and in a fixed position with the motherboard?

      Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
    18. in1975
      1. Download FirmwareExtractor.7z
      2. Throw in the unzipped folder FirmwareExtractor first the first firmware PS3UPDAT_482.PUP
      3. Run the UNPACK_PUP.bat batch file, the firmware will be unpacked into the Firmware_4.82 folder
      4. Remove this firmware from the folder and throw PS3UPDAT_484.PUP (the name can be anything, I just distinguish them).
      5. Also unpack it, it will be unpacked in the folder Firmware_4.84
      6. RUN zMAKE_*.bat (what you need)
      In addition zmake_ofw.bat (To confirm what is going with the same MD5)
      Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
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    19. montcer
      So, hello.

      I have this PS3 CFW capable CECH25XX, and I want to know, can I install CFW if updated to OFW 4.84?
    20. Coldheart2236
      You should first run MinVerChk to determine whether or not your console can be jailbroken. Some 25xxx slim models have a factory firmware of 3.60 whereas 3.56 is the highest version that is compatible with CFW.

      If your console is compatible, then yes from OFW 4.84 you can install HFW 4.84 and then apply the jailbreak to your console, which then allow you to install CFW.
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