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[UPDATE] PS3HEN v2.4.0 - View latest changes to the PS3 Exploit for SuperSlims & nonCFW models

Discussion in 'PS3HEN (nonCFW PS3 Models)' started by esc0rtd3w, May 3, 2019.

By esc0rtd3w on May 3, 2019 at 1:59 AM
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    4.85.1 HFW post by @Joonie

    UPDATE (10-07-2019): Version 2.4.0 has been released.
    See below for additional Details!

    See also: The Great PS3 HEN All in One (AIO) Guide

    Here is v2 of the latest PS3 Hack to hit the PS3 Scene with the recent release of PS3HEN. This exploit for nonCFW console's provides homebrew support and a number of Custom Firmware intangibles for those console that can not install a traditional CFW, with those being lat production PS3 Slim models and all of the SuperSlim Consoles. While this is a tremendous release and breakthrough the information behind PS3HEN has been lacking and has served more questions then answers that could be provided. This is due in the way this was delivered and presented. We paused the reporting this on the frontpage until we were pleased with the documentation. So we took it upon ourselves to get the ball rolling on a new PS3HEN F.A.Q. detailing various aspects and info that will be useful for PS3HEN user's. Also we have started forming the PS3HEN Homebrew & Plugin Compatibility Chart


    Version 2.x.x has come with a number of new additions for a better experience. Some of the new changes provide full PS3ISO Support ,As well as full BDISO and DVDISO support has been added, plus new improvements to PS3HEN's stability, KW Stealth Extension Added, plus kernel plugin support (v2) to go along with bootplugin support (v1), see changelog below for a complete listing of changes in this new build.

    -Introduction written by STLcardsWS

    • PS3HEN v2.4.0
      Compatible with 4.82 OFW and 4.84/4.85 HFW ONLY

      * PS3HENtai Package Is No Longer Required For v2. We can all stop saying that now ;) *

      What Is HEN:
      stands for Homebrew ENabler. it also consists of much more new functions relatively close to a CFW

      v2.4.0 (Latest Update (11))

      Global Changes
      • - Stage2 Size went from 100kb+ to 90kb

      Payload Changes
      • - Added VSH patches and disabled signature check of RIF, now other tools are compatible
      • - PS3MAPI can now write to VSH text segment like CFW
      • - Disabled VSH check in RIF that R and S cant be just 0
      • - DLC/PSX games RAP support added
      • - Fixed hitching of PSX PAL on NTSC TV and vice versa
      • - Removed unnecessary hooks on CellFsOpen/CellFsRead/CellFsClose, possibly increasing stability
      • - Speed improvement when loading NPDRM type 2 games (need original or RAP Activated RIF), CPU couldnt generate ECDSA fast enough
      • - Fixed issue where people sometimes got stuck downloading games from PSN

      v2.3.3 BETA (Update (10))
      Payload Changes
      • - Remapping HFW XML from /dev_flash/ now instead of /dev_hdd0/

      Resource Changes
      • - Updated path pointing to ps3hen_updater.xml in hfw_settings.xml

      v2.3.2 (Update (9))
      HEN Plugin Changes
      • - Updated To Detect and Support 4.85 HFW

      Payload Changes
      • - Updated To Detect and Support 4.85 HFW

      Resource Changes
      • - [4.85 Only] Added 2 SPRX (explore_category_tv.sprx & mtpinitiator_plugin.sprx) to restore 4.85 versions from HFW install

      v2.3.1 Release Notes (Update (8))
      HEN Plugin Changes
      • - Fixed the issue when Network is disabled

      Payload Changes
      • - Now mounts both dev_rewrite & dev_blind to save the scene

      Resource Changes
      • - Added duplicate icon fix by DeViL303

      v2.3.0 Release Notes (Update (7))
      Global Changes
      • - Exploit init is faster
      • - Increased sleep in html, removed from bins

      HEN Plugin Changes
      • - HEN Updater added with version check
      • - Fixed crash that sometimes happened on init
      • - If HEN doesnt init an automated soft reboot takes place
      • - HEN can be enabled when failed, and ran successively, without reboot
      • - Removed infinite loop. One second is 10 tries, otherwise reboot

      Payload Changes
      • - SELF Decrypter Fix
      • - Fixed some blackscreen issues
      • - Fixed freezing if someone tries to enable hen successfully twice
      • - Optimizations added to how much stack is available to the syscalls (original vs before original-0xd0). Thanks @aldostools
      • - Handler requests are passed fast, removed many branch conditions there for faster handling
      • - Updated extended download plugin patches, per @DeViL303 suggestion
      • - HEN queue is drained before the patches get disabled, and also synchronized properly the check to synchronize remove and do patches

      v2.2.2 Release Notes (Update (6))
      Payload Changes
      • - HEN_init freezing fixed by timer change
      • - Syscall handler bug fixed, removed 2 second hang on XMB no cleanup thread
      • - HashCalc bug fixed, strict hashcheck
      • - USB Package installation support for HEN installer (/dev_usb000/HEN_UPD.pkg)

      Resource Changes
      • - Updated videoplayer_plugin.sprx to use proper DEX version for each firmware version

      v2.2.1 Release Notes (Update (5))
      Global Changes
      • - The stackframe and PS3HEN bins are now merged as a single payload binary (PS3HEN.BIN)
      • - Added HEN refresh and version display on initialize, using embedded plugin
      • - Replaced dev_blind with dev_rewrite to maintain RW state at all times
      • - On Boot, HEN Enabler icon is selected by default (Navigate to System Settings > Display [Whats New] > Off)

      HEN Plugin Changes
      • - HEN version notification on boot
      • - Refreshes Game and Network Category
      • - Enables in-game Screenshot feature
      • - Unloads Itself

      Payload Changes
      • - HEN Installer feature added and memory management changes
      • - Fixed Encryption
      • - HMAC Hash Validation
      • - PSP ISO Launcher Support
      • - PS2Classics launcher activation on the fly (thanks @aldostools)
      • - Impoved compatibility with apps like MultiMan and others which replace syscall 6-10
      • - Cleanup thread added and Faster boot times for app increasing stability
      • - Embedded buffers and removed memory fragmentation
      • - Memory Management of map_path improved
      • - Memory Optimization (no embedded buffer for kernel plugin, only allocs when requested)
      • - Fail-safe added for stage0 incase stage2 not found (thanks @aldostools)
      • - Fixed bug where if kernel plugin was more than 64kb it will crash PS3
      • - Fixed extern typo of 64mb to 64kb
      • - Added missing COBRA patches & BT/USB passthrough support added
      • - PS3MAPI bugfix + Stability
      • - Self Threading Support. Fixes the issue with a few games (SC Trilogy and etc). ISO/NetISO are supported
      • - Improved SELF auth (Fixes games that run multiple executables. Stability improved)
      • - Added get map path opcode

      Resource Changes
      • - Default Theme Pack removed from main package and can now download from Themes Updater
      • - HEN Theme Pack by Itroublve_Hacker downloadable package updated with fixed icons
      • - PKG Linker is now located under Package Manager - Install Packages
      • - Cleaned Up Unused XML Entries. Added 1 query for external.xml on usb000 (thanks @DeViL303)
      • - Replaced Manual link from Network column with PS3Xploit Home link
      • - Added new coldboot, icons, and JS/HTML overlay (thanks @xps3riments)

      v2.1.1 Release Notes (Update (4))
      Stackframe Binary
      • - 4.82 CEX supported! Each FW version has its own payload, stackframe, package, and update XML.

      PS3HEN Payload
      • - PSNPatch is fixed, no more freezing from syscall removal
      • - Remap for HFW_settings is now fully protected, no more disappearing HFW tools
      • - Stability patches added on initial boot process
      • - HEN check added to verify if HEN enabled, and to prevent freezing

      • - PKG Linker entries added to category_game.xml

      v2.1.0 Release Notes (Update 3)
      Many thanks to Habib who accidentally released v1.0.0 as anonymous ;)

      PS3HEN Payload
      • - Payload size is reduced by 20kb
      • - Advanced QA Flag. This DOES NOT allow downgrading!
      • - Debug Settings Enabler added (QA flag needs to be enabled)
      • - AES calculation now uses internal library from LV2
      • - RAP can now be loaded / accessed from dev_hdd0/exdata

      • - Added Update Themes option to PS3HEN Updater menu
      • - Added theme pack by "Itroublve Hacker" to PS3HEN Updater -> Update Themes
      • - Small text edit on "Theme selector" is now "Theme Selector" under Hybrid Firmware Tools

      v2.0.2 Release Notes (Update 2)
      Stackframe Binary
      • - C00 unlocker activated by default

      PS3HEN Payload
      • - RAP activation on the fly, default path : usb000/exdata/<rap> or usb001/exdata/<rap>
      • - Fixed issue with official NPDRM content rif deletion and unable to boot error
      • - PS2 classics launcher support
      • - Added @DeViL303's advanced download plugin patches
      • - Fixed Install All Packages
      • - Fixed explore_plugin patches
      • - App restriction on RemotePlay with PC removed
      • - Improved games compatibilty e.g COD3
      • - Enabling dev_blind by default
      • - Multiple path on boot_plugins & boot_plugins_kernel (HDD & USB) Thanks to @aldostools
      • - Hybrid Firmware Tools available when HEN's activated (Enable HEN to use this feature) *
        *Only available via PS3HEN PKG installation

      • - Fixed infinite spinning wheel when in-game
      • - Both REBUG and Stock Edition available
      • - Hybrid Firmware Tools available via PKG installation
      • - HEN updater support available under Network Category
      • - Official firmware updates via internet blocked

      v2.0.1 BETA Notes (Update 1)
      • - mappath is used for enabling xai_plugin so it wouldn't appear on fresh boot.
      • - Remote Play with PC restriction removed
      • - @DeViL303's extended download_plugin support added (offline pkg includes v1.01 HEN edition)
      • - Hybrid Firmware Tools (equivalent to CFW settings with less features)
      • - Both Stock and REBUG edition (theme) available.
      • - webMAN MOD 1.47.20 beta integrated (auto-refresh Game and Network Categories, detection of re-enabled cfw syscalls)
      • - Added option to re-enable cfw syscall by accessing the system update menu on XMB Settings

      Video via Joonie​

      v2.0.0 Release Notes
      • - HOTFIX: Removed HEN Check From Offline Packages
      • - Fake flash is no longer used, in favor of on-the-fly patching
      • - Fixed blackscreen crashes
      • - Fixed random recovery kicks
      • - ISO support added
      • - PS3MAPI support can now read/set process mem using webman
      • - KW stealth extensions added
      • - Random lv2 panic fixed
      • - Added check in html for hen success
      • - Kernel plugins support
      • - Photo gui opcode support for webman
      • - Syscall 389/409 product mode check disabled
      • - Opcode 1339 added, returns HEN version (0x0200)
      • - Full BD/DVD ISO support (AACS decryption required for BDRip)

      Notes: WebmanMOD tested with 1.47.17 and 1.47.19, with fan control and PS3MAPI working

      v1.0.0 Release Notes
      - Managunz backup manager works best for jb rips(ISO not supported)!
      - MULTIMAN works too but compatibility is not the same.
      - PSXISO Support is there!!!!
      - BD/DVD Region patches
      - BDISO support(stutter with xmb, use showtime)
      - BOOTPLUGINS WORK location "/dev_usb000/boot_plugins_nocobra.txt"(Use webman original one and not the mod one. also disable - content scan on boot in settings)
      - Discless games work with disc icon!
      - Syscall 6 added
      - Syscall 7 added(address>0x8000000000352230) and disabled overwriting syscall 0->15
      - Syscall 15 added
      - Syscall 8 opcodes added for detection HEN and for advanced lv2 poke(read DEVELOPER SECTION)
      - Whole kernel memory RWX(execute kernel payload like this at high locations or hook syscalls etc)
      - PS3MAPI support for modding
      - Debug PKG install
      - Homebrew resigned for 3.55 and less support!
      - Homebrew Root Flags enabled!
      - HAN PKG insall support
      - PSN Connectivity
      - All process executed after HEN have rwx permissions!
      - HAN Enabled by default!

      CFW settings
      Retail/DEBUG pkg installation
      Unlink to Delete
      Remote play with PC
      Download debug pkg on retail
      Remote play ignores SFO check
      Cinavia protection
      DVD region check (not cracking RCE)
      REBUG themed RCO & XML
      AIO copy

      if you get error 80010017 launching homebrew that simply means HEN failure, restart console and try again!(restart is important!)
      also try deleting cache, browsing data, cookies and the likes from browser, make the exploit page the home page

      #define SYSCALL8_OPCODE_IS_HEN 0x1337
      using this if return 0x1337 its hen

      ADVANCED POKE:syscall8(0x7003, addr, value);
      this allows poking any location in lv2 memory BUT you have to restore original value before exiting to another application or exiting to xmb.USE WISELY OTHERWISE PS3 SHUTS DOWN

      BDMIRROR:Managunz FTW!(please use Cobra payload because by default its MULTIMAN)
      NOTE:mounting dev_blind will actually mount dev_flash. change files directly from dev_flash instead or hdd0/plugins/CFW/

      Kernel Mode returns 0x53434500 on success to user webkit 0x8a000000. its good to measure HEN success. right now hen is already close to or is 100%

    • ** For All Other Options, please see Developer Tab **
      If you have to ask which one you need, you DO NOT need the developer one!


      thanks to everyone for reporting issues :)

      Recommended HEN Setup Instructions
      Auto Installer (Run HEN From Flash)

      HEN Enable will be the default XMB landing icon after installation. To make it work properly, navigate to System Settings > Display [Whats New] > Off



      4.85 HFW
      4.84 HFW

      4.82 OFW

      4.85 HFW
      4.84 HFW

      4.82 OFW

    • Upgrading HEN From v1.x.x to v2.x.x

      - Users coming from v1 HEN, should remove the old /dev_hdd0/plugins/CFW/ folder, as it is no longer required for v2 HEN. This can be done by following Standard Online/Local Host Instructions below, then activating FTP with a homebrew like Irisman/Multiman, or using a file manager to delete that /dev_hdd0/plugins/CFW/ directory.



      Thats it, now reboot PS3
      Once HEN enabled from Standard Online/Local Host Method, launch Multiman/mmOS and navigate to the far left, select File Manager/mmOS.

      Now use the right thumb stick to navigate the mouse icon to PS3 Root icon in upper left corner. Double click with X to open. Navigate to dev_hdd0 and double click. Now go to plugins, and find CFW folder.

      Now move the mouse cursor to the CFW directory and press X button, then CIRCLE. Select Delete from the menu and press X again. Thats it, now reboot PS3

    • 2.0.2+ HEN can use online XMB update method.
      You must have HEN enabled already

      Update HEN
      Network Column -> Hybrid Firmware Tools -> PS3HEN Updater -> Update PS3HEN









      You can also use the USB method by placing pkg under /dev_usb000/HEN_UPD.pkg

      Show Current HEN Version
      Network Column -> Hybrid Firmware Tools -> PS3HEN Updater
      this will show version, and you can also click to see changelog info





    • See PS3HEN Frequently Asked Questions
      >> HERE <<

      Additional Notes About PS3HEN

      • It is recommended to Disable Confirm Browser Close (TRIANGLE -> Tools -> Confirm Browser Close -> Off) for using any of the web exploits. It just saves the step of having to click the Yes confirmation on exit browser!
      • -Users experiencing 8001003A error, while installing custom packages (i.e. Offline PKG), this means dev_rewrite DID NOT mount and you need to reboot, run /html/han_flash_mount_rewrite.html again, then install package.
      Known Issues:

    • PS3 HEN Homebrew & Plugin Compatibility Chart:
      >> HERE <<

    • For Devs Only:

      Dev Release Files: PS3HEN_2.4.0-Developers-Only.zip
      • PS3HEN.BIN_CEX_485 8DBB8F5AED18EC97267C422486E6C964
      • PS3HEN.BIN_CEX_485_DEBUG 91007DA93D0A1709E1652A0C79ED1594
      • PS3HEN.BIN_CEX_484 84534460729CB3FF8769B0F63EE9F16F
      • PS3HEN.BIN_CEX_484_DEBUG D14204784ED3C34C21F7950CF4A4C5D3
      • PS3HEN.BIN_CEX_482 5A1F1B8401C19DEE08BC7F787C5940FA
      • PS3HEN.BIN_CEX_482_DEBUG 32F7E86E2D28D75E59EF102B2603928E

      Plugin Support

      The user plugins filename has changed from v1 (boot_plugins_nocobra.txt) to v2 (boot_plugins.txt)

      • Place boot_plugins.txt on dev_usb000 if using plugins
      • Place boot_plugins_kernel.txt on dev_usb000 if using kernel plugins


    3) DO NOT INSTALL CCAPI (ControlConsole API), Also beware that some Homebrew is not playing nice with PS3HEN. Most is fine but some advanced featured apps can cause issues, we will keep you posted in the PS3HEN Homebrew Compatibility Thread

    Release Files

    The PS3HEN.BIN is also included in package.
    Here are the MD5 Hashes to verify, if interested:

    Source Code @: https://github.com/PS3Xploit/PS3HEN

    Other Useful Links

    [PS3HEN] The Great Ps3 HEN All in One Guide
    ManaGunZ v1.35 for HEN + PS2 emu fix

    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019


Discussion in 'PS3HEN (nonCFW PS3 Models)' started by esc0rtd3w, May 3, 2019.

    1. habib
      I like the idea. Well then I don’t have any other thing to suggest. Pretty sure I will use most of the stuff you added in hen. Maybe make fan control a separate kernel plugin though.

      As for ps2emu, obviously they have different symbols, they are their own different lpar...which means there is no gameos...no lv2. So how would you go about that....well you would have o reverse the function a bit more and use hvsc to take fan control. I doubt anyone is interested in doing so for a decade old console
      esc0rtd3w and aldostools like this.
    2. remlei
      it would be cool if HEN have some sort of failsafe on bad plugins, like look for disable_plugin.txt on dev_usb000, if it found, it bypasses any kind of plugin loading, after that this may let user to just edit the txt file and remove/comment the bad plugin.
      esc0rtd3w likes this.
    3. RaamyPi
      PS3NetServer works flawlessly with webman MOD. I was able to play a game which was on my PC.

      Thanks devs!
      aldostools likes this.
    4. aldostools
      The PS3HEN payload in my fork already does this. It looks for boot_plugins.txt and boot_plugins_kernel.txt in this order: usb0, usb1, hdd0. So if the faulty plugin is loaded from hdd0, just put in usb0 or usb1 the replacement and the payload will use it, instead of the one in hdd0. A blank boot_plugins.txt and boot_plugins_kernel.txt in usb0 or usb1 would behave like your suggested "disable_plugin.txt".

      The official PS3HEN payload only loads from the boot_plugins.txt and boot_plugins_kernel.txt from usb0. The payload and stackframe are loaded from usb or from hdd (depending of the offline hen enabler that you install).
      Last edited: May 6, 2019
      DeViL303, remlei, esc0rtd3w and 5 others like this.
    5. stranno
      Thats a cool feature, i hope it can be merged in the main project.
    6. spirallingspiral
      Thanks for this wonderful hack. I have a small beginner doubt though, can i use PSN with hen disabled, is it risky even if its disabled but with hen and homebrews installed.
    7. Lion_4K
      How do I run this?
      I know it's on my USB but how do I actually run it?
    8. Fin9ersMcGee
      esc0rtd3w and Lion_4K like this.
    9. Zack_DT27
      I've instaled Debug Settings, now doesn't show the HEN button, any help? And when i try to install HEN again freezes.

      Last edited: May 6, 2019
    10. mitrut0123
      Sorry if this question has been asked elsewhere, but is the feature to launch ps2 iso planned? I could not get the ps2 classics method to work for me.
      l0ad1ng likes this.
    11. Ginge
      Hello all I no this is not the right thread for it but I hope you can help.
      I am trying to find the .rap files for ps2 classic manager and ps2 iso launcher.
      I have downloaded both from brewology but .rap files no where to be seen.
      Can any one help me please.
    12. l0ad1ng
      Same for me i get insane trying this classics thing but would love to Play the ps2 Stuff
    13. esc0rtd3w
      You cannot use that on HEN yet because you switched your VSH to DEX and the stackframe is only for 4.84 CEX.

      Just put the original CEX files back on usb from restore folder and run debug settings installer again, with web browser, using DEX checkbox. After reboot, you will be on CEX VSH again.

      If you get an error about vsh.self not copying only, it probably still worked. Just reboot and check if HEN loads.

      Worse case, run debug settings installer one last time and if not work, reinstall HFW 4.84 from recovery.
      Zack_DT27 likes this.
    14. Zack_DT27
      Thank you so much :love heart:, i just did shit, Rofl.
      Now i've to reinstall HFW... :confusion:
      Last edited: May 6, 2019
      esc0rtd3w likes this.
    15. Dx19
      Yeah thanks for the info i will definitely try that but i noticed a strange behavior,
      1.If i skip the starting videos like the ones with company logos and all(activision,marvel,beenox) then the game doesnt boot at all tried many times but the same result
      2.if all the videos are loaded(played completely) menaing without touching anything and let it go through all videos game boots and runs till the freeze that i reported occurs with "hold x to skip" in the corner happens(actually it just shows a blank screen and when pressed any button x,o etc it shows that text in the corner)

      Anyways will try deleting game data and save if exists
    16. sandungas
      When a PS3 game boots there are 3 types of external files that could make it crash

      The savegames
      All (or most) games generates a savegame automatically the first time you boot the game, this savegame is intended to store the game settings. Additionally some games creates another savegame automatically for the user progress
      Well... if the game was mounted with incorrect settings or have some damaged/invalid files te game crashes at that first boot, and sometimes the savegames gets corrupted
      So... the next time you try to boot the game (with same settings or different) it loads the corrupted savegames and crashes

      The gamedata installation
      This installation happens also the first time you boot the game, sometimes the installed gamedata gets corrupted too, is not usual to happen but it could become corrupt too
      *The game updates are installed "on top" of the gamedata installation, so messing around with game updates (as example installing them in a incorrect order) could damage the gamedata

      The trophy installation
      This is also generated the first time the game boots (and loaded everytime the game boots), is very rare but sometimes this trophy installation could become corrupt too

      So incase of weird problems (like the ones you are having) you should try to delete all this files to allow to the game to make a "fresh boot" (without loading external files)
      In that "fresh boot" the game should create all this i mentioned (savedatas, gamedata, trophy)

      If the game refuses to boot after you check all i said... you should start thinking if the game files are damaged/corrupted/modifyed/fixed
      Nowadays you dont need to modify any game files, is better to keep the original game files
      If you want to check if your files are identical to the files inside the real bluray disc you can perform a hash check by using the IRD file of the game, you can download IRD files here:

      Search for your game using the TITLE_ID (as example BLUS12345), download the IRD for it and use one of the tools that supports IRD to check your files

      *Managunz support IRD files and can do this check (but is better to make the IRD checks in PC because the processor of a PC uses to be faster than the processor of a PS3)
    17. Flaming27
      Aldostools, Forgive my ignorance. ¿What is mamba 2.0x hen hdd offline? What is mamba? And what files does the source code folder contain unlike downloading the webman pk mod 1.47.20??
    18. Flaming27
      Differences in download "folder source code? Or download pkg webman mod 1.47.20?
    19. mohim2k13
      I would also like to ask that question, Ive installed the mamba version of hen2.0 and it seems like its working great with most of the games Ive tried. But i want to know what makes it different from the original HEN2.0. Currently I have it working with webman mod 1.47.20 which works fine with PS3ISO backups.

      In addition i have downloaded the boot_mamba.pkg, but havent yet it installed it. Would it be worth while installing this and if so what does it do?
    20. Jtgongcm
      我在HEN2.0状态下卸载了WEBMAN MOD,然后删除了WEBMAN1.47.19和IRISMAN的无尽版本,然后打开HAN ENABLE重新安装WEBMAN 1.47.20和IRISMAN的HEN版本,但WEBMAN MOD菜单消失了,并且运行了WEBMAN ENABLE HEN将导致80010007错误,并且我确认HEN已被激活,因为IRISMAN可以正常运行。我甚至重新安装了484HFW,但情况仍然不变。

      I installed the HEN_v2_Offline_Installer_HDD_LOAD_PLUGINS_FROM_HDD_signed.pkg package, will it have any effect? In addition, hen 2.0 is not able to provide an anti-installer so that I can completely uninstall and reinstall.
      Last edited: May 6, 2019

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