PS3 [UPDATE] - PS3Xploit NOR Dumper - New Ports for lower OFW (4.21/4.41/4.45/4.46 & More)

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    The NOR Dumper was released alongside the NOR / NAND Flash Writer, which for understandable reason got the bulk of the attention ,but a tool to dump the NOR Flash is always handy and can also be for console's on lower firmware's as well. This release shown by team ps3xploit's @esc0rtd3w are ports to various OFW so far as of writing (4.21 / 4.41 / 4.45) have been ported to go along with the 4.82/4.81 NOR Dumper. For most PS3 User's this will not interest you / be of any use for you. If you have to ask, then its nothing you will be needing.




      These are going to be USELESS to most people, as it is basically only for those who want a NOR Flash Dump of their current OFW without upgrading the firmware.

      These are all going to be based off the v1.0 Dumper as a Base.

      Original Dumper and Writer Thread Here

      Supports All 4.xx OFW
      [ 4.00, 4.10, 4.11, 4.20, 4.21, 4.25, 4.30, 4.31, 4.40, 4.41, 4.45, 4.46 ]
      [ 4.50, 4.53, 4.55, 4.60, 4.65, 4.66, 4.70, 4.75, 4.76, 4.78, 4.80, 4.81, 4.82 ]

      We have posted some ports to other firmware versions for the NOR Dumper Tool.

      Every release is tested on its corresponding Official Firmware and all notes are posted below.

      If anyone has any issues, please report them here. Thank You :D

      Sample From 4.81 CEX (For Advanced Users Only)
      For anyone that wants to make their own ports, you can refer to this for an example of what to look for in IDA or other debugging tools. For a more detailed gadget list for 4.81 CEX, see here and for a short video demonstration click here. Also, if anyone is interested in finishing the 3.xx chains, please see this.

      TOC: 0x6F5520 <-- set in r2

      Update - New Video(by @esc0rtd3w)

      [PS3 Debugging/ROP] Porting PS3Xploit NOR Dumper Chain To Lower Firmware

    The Files (For All Users)
    * 4.00 uses a non-webkit User Agent string (bypassed) and will return JS error most times. Gadget offsets are correct.
    * 4.4x/4.50 dumps tested ok, but had to host at a private server to get past 80710092 and 80710541 errors.
    * 4.53/4.55/4.6x displays 80710102 error when trying to run local, and above errors when ran remote.

    * Please Check Dumps After Complete To Make Sure Not All 00's *

    Multi FW Version (Supports All 4.xx In One Tool)

    4.xx Multi OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: E6D5C6581C39914326A9A211BB217D12

    Single FW Versions:

    4.00 OFW Port: *see notes*
    MD5 Hash: FFECAFD9EC4698466E13D12F1DE2C183

    4.10 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 47FFC95F728D99AF02551E52B0EB9B42

    4.11 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: F5C0FD17548543C7694F434509405B95

    4.20 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: B9ECCE0A96DEF2EA66B74C0800526229

    4.21 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 2B3912AAEB47C3D6D6B0FC9AE2E8E9D0

    4.25 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 9C462179637E0DCC74DA7B5D7ADA7298

    4.30 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 1EBE5B039DF766E69F6A5994D7FFC246

    4.31 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 503945089BF252553ADB61828F844BC6

    4.40 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: B277BFCB6292557BB6D6DB808461642A

    4.41 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 77F9DBEEC3E849D91A84F436AAE9AE39

    4.45 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: A5D65C62B8C906DFE44CA536D9767EA2

    4.46 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 0D10C9CEE01CD40BC9931AB5FC244949

    4.50 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: EB202FD65A9B91A5FB9716D36E48DB80

    4.53 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: E866BACBA9FC1501CFD3CF926B013607

    4.55 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 3012A56985352BD2B892CD6AD9D9D5E4

    4.60 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 099BA1AA41ABCD63D07016AD34F445B5

    4.65 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 670335EEF5586C7AAF4D672853784263

    4.66 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 856596111B5DC11CDE5F30B419AB28F3

    4.70 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: DBAFDD5E66DCC3099F1FCE6F8C31E96F

    4.75 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 500976B9054FCCBD8F26B0F3C7B3FB5C

    4.76 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 9E1EB1F5349A498A472876414B084B13

    4.78 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: 3EB9C05F32237FCFBDCBF0436E2EF2FB

    4.80 OFW Port:
    MD5 Hash: A799E0DCC3C86353722598F2C4B1C3B1

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by esc0rtd3w, Nov 28, 2017.

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