PS4 (UPDATE) PS4 Player (Media Player) by Lapy05575948

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    NEW UPDATE (Source Code) Released: LINK
    UPDATE v1.02 Released

    From the developer who brought us PS4 Xplorer (File Manager) for our exploited PS4 capable of launching homebrew, has now dropped the latest homebrew (powered by Unity) with the release of PS4 Player from Lapy05575948. This new PlayStation 4 Homebrew is a Video Player currently in the BETA stages that provides support for the following video formats: MP4 & MOV. Also subtitles are supported in this release (in SRT format). At this moment the only supported Storage location for your media is on usb0/ . This PlayStation4 homebrew is an early beta release that is only going to improve with time. Have a suggestion or comment drop a line below in this article or tweet directly to the developer (@ Lapy05575948).


    • UPDATE - PS4 Player 1.02
      • Change log: - fixed the videos aspect ratio...
      D4SI7b-XoAEScN_.jpg D4w9hg5XsAI0aJH.jpg
      PS4 Player 1.01
      • New: changed the TITLE_ID (uninstall the previous version before installing this)
      • supported .ASS and .SSA subtitles.
      • fixed hidden characters from others languages.
      • added refresh options (R3) to reload the usb device in case you change it.

      PS4 Player 1.0
      H1RGjOatN.jpg HyJBsdatN.jpg H13IjupFV.jpg

      I'm going to share with you the beta version of the video player I'm working on ... it's been a long time since I announced it and I do not want people think it's private because I do not want to share it

      Note that it is only a BETA version and I still want to do alot more... but I prefer to release new versions every time i can like I do with the PS-Xplorer. At this time it only supports the usb0 of the PS4. Only MP4 and MOV files and the subtitles only in SRT format.

      (Demonstration (of Pre-Release version BETA 4)

      Special thanks to @LightningMods_ for be the first to helping me to mount the usb in the sandbox. The date and time courtesy of @notzecoxao And thanks very much to my beta testers @DouglasSampai15 and @DefaultDNB

    • Additional Ps4 Homebrew Releases by Lapy05575948

    Download (v1.02):


    NEW (May 5, 2019) Source Code Released: Link
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