PS VITA / PS TV (UPDATE) TheFl0w is back at it!! This time USB Mass Storage for PSTV CONFIMED!!

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Feb 9, 2017.

By atreyu187 on Feb 9, 2017 at 3:19 PM
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    Well if you are like me and have been eagerly awaiting a way to use external storage space seems it may be closer than we all think. Vita Developer "TheFlow" has not said if this is specifically for the PlayStation TV or the PS Vita. It could be for both systems for all I know as he is known for being cryptic and sarcastic but the picture does display a television and the new feature he has added into VitaShell. So for now keep your fingers crossed and hope this is for both. If anything else should arrive at as always I will keep you informed.​

    Look at the tease below from TheFlow via his official twitter.

    • IMG_20170209_151244.jpg


      This has been CONFIRMED by the dev himself & will allow loading retail games from external USB.

      @theflow0 uma0: USB Mass Storage​

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Feb 9, 2017.

    1. Berion
      I think it's pendrive. Finally! Sooo... the next step is relinking to ux0? And say good bye to crappy vita memory cards. ^^
    2. atreyu187
      I wonder how this will work with 1000 series Vita systems due to proprietary USB cables. And I am sure relinking can be done or possibly just a backup loader that doesn't need the game to be installed. My USB cable is toast for my Vita. It charges but I haven't been able to get direct access or even access via CMA due to one of the cords being broke by the connector.

      If I jiggle it just right I can get it to detect and start a transfer but the slightest movement causes a disconnect. Sourcing one of these cables locally has proven to be a task.

      Not sure if this is for the PlayStation TV but I really hope so I just have never seen the developer showcase use of the PlayStation TV only the handheld Vita but then again they're cheap enough and this has been a highly desired feature even before HENkaku was available for the PSTV. I hope this is for the PSTV and not him casting to a TV via RinCheat or VitaView.
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    3. DeViL303
      I think its PSTV with USB pen drive going by his follow up comments on twitter, and the picture showing a TV, I don't think he will go out of his way to try to trick people into thinking he has done something he hasn't, quite the opposite.
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    4. nCadeRegal
      dude I've got quitell a few of those 1k vita cable laying around, let me know I'll send ya one
    5. atreyu187
      OMG that would be a god send!!
    6. doctorwho05
      I'm Pretty sure you might need to Format on vita to create proprietary File System,
      It seems the vita needs to format new media inserted when dealing with memcards. I would assume sony made the OS responed to new media inserted that way to lock down access.
      I could be wrong though.
    7. doctorwho05
      Start making adapters with female USB end on it and have one for USB and one for Charging or Split off the power wires (Black and Red) to a Male USB and solder in place a Female USB to all wire data and power. So you can charge and still have USB Data capabilities.
    8. doctorwho05
      Just thought wonder if there is a "Size Cap" on the uma0 partition, Powered 5TB seagate HEHEHEHEHE
    9. atreyu187
      I can't tell anymore TheFl0w blocked me on twitter following one of his little ego burst. He gets a little butt hurt like an 8 year old at times. For being to talented he can act awfully childish. I just laugh as I don't use a standard Twitter app anyhow even if you block me I can still see and post on the account.
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    10. DeViL303
      I think it may have been the fact that you mentioned a few times to people in the twitter comments that it might not be PSTV, implying that he could be trying to trick people by using a TV in the picture (in a way), I think that is why he said "wonderful logic" and why he blocked you ;)

      He also blocked someone because he didn't get their joke "when do we get lma0: mass storage?" :)
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    11. Berion
      First Vita have proprietary USB cable? OMG. I didn't know. So they really did everything to kill this console.

      I don't think so. Console looking update file on FAT32. And in worst scenario we can format TEXFAT on PC. ;)

      Also I believe that this is a hack of original functionality via module. Even if device is scan only on start or on demand it's for me holy grail. My Wi-Fi is no stable, and FTP over it a horror (plus transfer rate horror...).

      And I believe we can at least symlink i.e ux0 to uma0. Time will tell.
    12. nCadeRegal
      it's not sony brand but that onn brand that I think Walmart sold? I bought a bunch of em up back in the day when on clearance. It was part of a kit, you got a car charger, usb cable, soft case, screen protector, and a 4 gb memory stick. I got like 4 of em. I think they called it a starter kit. Any ways, I only used the case out of em. If I can find the car charger part, I can send that to. I know where the cables are as I just came across 3 of em 2 days ago while digging through my bins of gaming g stuff. We should do a contest where the prize is coming to my place and getting 30 seconds to dig through my bins and collection, put it on you tube and we will all be rich......
    13. Death_Dealer
    14. Death_Dealer
      What we need is a micro SD adapter, imagine trying to play a game with a hard drive attached? I have a portable 128gb SSD drive that's rather small(1inchX2inch), even something like that would be bulky to have attached to the vita. Maybe this is a step in the right direction for and SD adapter:)
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    15. Berion
      It's obviously sarcasm. Even I feel this with my broken English. ;p

      BTW: I think it will be for both.
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    16. nCadeRegal
      yes it does seem he can be very moody at times. He is definitely cocky, but given his track record and releases he has every right to be. I'd be a 1000 times worse if I was him and had to put up with all the tards that bother him
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    17. DeViL303
      Its all the same really, USB mass storage (USB host) is best as that includes USB Sticks/HDDs/SSDs and then mini micro sd card adaptors etc.

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    18. bguerville
      Blocking @atreyu187? Really? When the whole scene knows who he is & how cool he is? Even if it had been anyone else, he was only asking questions...
      Behaving like an arsehole is never excused by any amount of talent... Since when do skills supersede everything else?
      And if he does not want to deal with some unavoidable noob users or trolls then maybe he should reconsider twitting to the world.. It's possible to release stuff without being part of anything else. It's generally what "mature" geniuses do btw.
      You cannot have fame & no bother just like you can't have your cake & eat it too.
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    19. atreyu187

      Thanks but I truly appreciate it as there is nothing in terms of the Vita here even in pawn shops it's treated as if it never happened

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