PS VITA / PS TV [Update v0.4.1] Qcma v0.4.0 released

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By kozarovv on Nov 23, 2016 at 5:53 PM
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    Developer codestation updated his cross-platform Qcma to version 0.4.0. Qcma is well known alternative for Sony CMA, with support for Windows, Linux, and MAC OS X. Application have many useful features, and developer still adding them. Qcma in Version 0.4.0 have many improvements, and bug fixes. Also some new features are there, all that listed in changelog below.

    UPDATE: Codestation released small update - v0.4.1, changes and download below.


    • Qcma 0.4.1

      • Do not reescan database automatically while transferring files

      Qcma 0.4.0

      • Allow driver selection in components page.
      • Make ffmpeg optional for macOS builds.
      • Removed system tray plugins.
      • Added button to save current listing to json.
      • Inject version info into embedded xml and ignore local xml file by default.
      • Added check for 3.60 update pup.
      • Fix folder open button in backup manager.
      • Implement automatic database refresh.

    • Features

      The aim of this project is to provide an implementation that is on par with the official CMA and also offer some features missing in the original one.
      Implemented features.

      • Metadata for PSP savedatas.
      • Basic metadata for single songs (album, artist, title, cover art).
      • Basic metadata for videos (duration, dimensions, thumbnail).
      • Basic metadata for photos (dimensions, thumbnails).
      • Simple backup browser: view and delete the backups on your PC without a Vita.
      • Easy wireless pairing (show PIN to the user when a Vita is detected).
      • Ability to restart the connection if the Vita is reconnected.


      • Complete categories for music.
      • Persistent backend for database.

      Planned features

      • Android version: port of Qcma to Android.

    • Headless version

      There is a qcma_cli binary that doesn't need a X session running (useful for servers). The daemon provides minimal interaction via UNIX signals.
      • SIGHUP: Refreshes the database.
      • SIGTERM or SIGINT: Shuts down the process but waits until the current event is finished.

    Download: 0.4.0 Github (0.4.1 Github)
    Source: Github
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by kozarovv, Nov 23, 2016.

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