PS VITA / PS TV [Update v0.91] VitaShell v0.90 - New SFO Reader / Icons / Theming Improvements & Other Tweaks

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By STLcardsWS on Sep 3, 2016 at 5:49 PM
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    Developer TheFlow, has just within the last hour of writing this news dropped a new update to VitaShell. In version 0.90. This update has various contributions for themes, features and translations. psx-place members will recognize our good friend @littlebalup . Checkout more details and other contributions from some great users around the community about this update by viewing the latest changelog hot off the presses

    [UPDATE v0.91 - Was quickly released following v0.90 release, see details of both updates below]


    • Changelog 0.91
      • Added automatic network update. VitaShell will now notify you when there's a new update. You'll then be able to download it within the VitaShell application and it will update both molecularShell and VitaShell to the newest verison.
      • Added text and audio file icon by littlebalup.
      • Updated to latest libftpvita which fixed file size string > 2GB and added APPE command.

      Changelog 0.9
      • Added possibility to use specific background for file browser, hex editor, text editor, photo viewer.
      • Added files and folder icons by littlebalup.
      • Added charging battery icon by ribbid987.
      • Added sfo reader by theorywrong.
      • Added translation support for turkish (english_gb uses the same id as turkish, fix it Sony!).
      • Updated to latest libftpvita which fixed file size string > 2GB and added APPE command.
      • Fixed bug where copied files and folders of archives didn't stay on clipboard.
      • Allow auto screen-off.
      • System information trigger combo changed to START instead of L+R+START. System information can now also be translated, thanks to littlebalup.

    Download: VitaShell v0.91 (Official Link)
    Mirror: via Resources

    Source(s) TheFlow Twitter / Github
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 3, 2016.

    1. atreyu187
      Updated to latest libftpvita which fixed file size string > 2GB and added APPE

      Was omitted from the official changelog but all in all an amazing update.
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    2. bitsbubba
      This is truly becoming a great piece of homebrew for the PSTVita scene, the absolute must have for HENkaku [emoji3]

      Edit: would be nice addition if someone compiled all the themes to one thread (maybe me, I'll see what I can accomplish from my phone)

      The Flow tweeted that he had to revert back to the old libftpvita as the latest was too buggy redownload required
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    3. atreyu187
      If you do DEX convert and disable the auto sleep mode it helps with large transfers and stops save file corruption of Vitamin rips
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    4. ed89
      so much love for PSV :)

      I really enjoy it at the moment now even semi dex conversion is possible cool (like another day another surprise...)

      whats next? so much possibilities

      thanks you very much @TheFloW for the vitashell and vitamin updates, nice work!
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    5. faith genesis raven
      faith genesis raven
      vitashell has been updated to v0.91 ;)
      nice feature theflow add is the network update and it also updates both molecularShell and VitaShell which i think is very handy
      also libftpvita has been readded some maybe he fixed the bug from v0.90?
    6. barelynotlegal
      Will this update vitashell/HENkaku or will install as a stand alone app?
    7. kozarovv
      Standalone app
    8. barelynotlegal
      thank you much sir/mam. Glad i asked. Is there a way to ipdate vitashell while running HENkaku?
    9. kozarovv
      Check again first post. I added now 0.91 which have ability to update also molecular shell.
    10. tinogodi
      Hey guys just wondering if you can help me out, how do I reset my PS Vita without updating it? I'm Already on 3.60 But want to use a different PSN account just in case of the ban hammer.
    11. barelynotlegal
      just installed .91 like the icons and looks sharper, thank yous. Now, how do i update molecular/vita shell. my thoughts would be to transfer new files to old folder, but like i said earlier, i am pretty new to the vita file structure/partitions. i have tried all buttons, on a side note the system information with start is alot nicer too. when opening molecular its still vitashell 86. i have rebooted as well.
      thanX in advance
    12. atreyu187

      Just use the molecularshell MOD bits Bubba did. It's in the resource page under my MOD
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    13. barelynotlegal
      Went thru all 5 pages of vita resources. Didnt see "my mod" lol
    14. bitsbubba
    15. kozarovv
    16. atreyu187
    17. barelynotlegal
      Not to be rude or disrespectful but that saying it was uploaded earlylast month and vitashell was updated a couple of days ago..Il give it a wirl when i get home
    18. bitsbubba
      It's actually not the very first upload but the one @kozarovv linked to
      Edit: just a note actually VitaShell was update just last night as to why I had 2 postings of 2 different versions within an hour apart
      Last edited: Sep 5, 2016
    19. bitsbubba
      I'm wondering if we change those particular files to r/o if they would be over written or not. I didn't notice as most the time I'm using offline installer

      Edit: should I also plaster my name all over it like Close2Insanity does [emoji14]
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