PS4 [UPDATE v1.01] PS4 NES - Full Speed NES Emulator (5.05 FW) by m0rph3us1987

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    UPDATE v1.01 - New Improvements
    Earlier this month developer m0rph3us1987 provided a new update (v1.01) for this NES emulator for exploited PS4 Consoles. In this update the ROM Folder can be changed with an edit to the config file, The NES "Select" button is now mapped to the PS4 Touchpad, which is a way to use the PS4 touchpad but eventually it would be great to see a feature to use something like the DualShock 4 Touchpad to play games that would require the Zapper Gun like the iconic Duck Hunt.. Hopefully some developer's agree and could implement something like that in the future (surely easier said then done.) and how back to reality you can see the latest changes in the update marked v1.01 below:

    (Original Coverage - Oct. 16) Last week we seen developer flatz add C# Code & OpenGL Support to the PS4 and slowly it has appeared that the homebrew scene is starting to gain some traction as we keep seeing new release and progress made forward,. Today developer m0rph3us1987 take's his POC NES Emulator and adds support for playing @ full-Speed, the emulation is based on LaiNES emulator..
    With this version the dev has also has stated PAL Rom's will have better emulation then NTSC roms currently. You can see a sample of some footage of this ps4 homebrew in action via a short clip originally provided by @wa7ly on twitter.

    NOTE: This release is only for PS4 Firmware 5.05 (exploited)


    • PS4 NES
      by m0rph3us1987

      Full speed NES Emulator for PS4.
      • ONLY for FW v5.05
      • PAL Roms work fine,
      • NTSC Roms are a little slower because of the different clockrate of the NTSC NES.

      Rom Location
      • Create a folder called roms on the root of your fat32/exfat formatted USB drive, and put the roms inside. Then attach the drive to the right USB port of the PS4.
      Have fun ;)

      UPDATE - Version 1.01
      Whats new in version 1.01?
      1) Rom list can now be scrolled using d-pad.
      2) NES select buttons has been mapped to ps4 touchpad button.
      3) Rom folder can be configured in /mnt/usb0/ps4nes/config.json
      4) Minimal improvement in audio output.​

      How to use?
      1) Copy the ps4nes folder on the root of your usb drive.
      2) Change "roms_path" in config.json to the location where your roms are.
      3) Install pkg on ps4 and have fun ;)

    Download (MEGA): PS4 NES (Full Speed)
    UPDATED (v1.01) > > > v1.01

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Discussion in 'PS4 Homebrew' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 17, 2018.

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