PS VITA / PS TV [Update v6.1] Tetronimo 0.5 by Svennd - Tetris Clone updated with New Interface / High Score System

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    [UPDATED (See below) : Original Article >>Last week as we posted in The FEED (psx-place's Secondary News Page) about a new Tertis Clone powered by the Vita port of Lua Plus Player (lpp-vita) for HENkaku enabled devices (vita/pstv). Since the initial release of Tetronimo, developer svennd has been busy polishing this early port, evolving into a really enjoyable & polished Tetris Clone. As you see from our previous announcement (in the "The Feed" ) several updates have been made, some of the additions include a brand new interface, High Score Support & various other additions & elements to make this an enjoyable release. Changelogs & details have been included about Tetronimo, the dev is also seeking feedback as well as feature request so be sure to drop a line in the comments


    • Vita-tetromino
      This is a Tetris alike game written in lua for the PS VITA

      UPDATE (October -15-2017):

      v0.5 - New Interface

      • fixed issue when game over the vscore was stuck below the reall score
      • fixed a bug where user input (left & right) in subsequent game would not be taken
      • sprite power icon
      • reworked interface
      • added level guide
      • added buttons as help
      • added support for highscore
      • fixed similar color for two pieces
      • fixed line_count not resetting after a game_over
      • show battery indicator
      • sticky direction are now working
      • slightly less ugly and still not broken tetris :)
      • PR's are welcome, let me know if you see any errors or issues ! Feature requests are also welcome :)
      • ugly but functional tetris :)
      • This is the first release, PR's are welcome

    • Credits

    Download Latest Release @:
    Source Code @:
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 8, 2017.

    1. STLcardsWS
      UPDATES releases of v6.0 & 6.1 .

      Various tweaks and sound added. See quote in above article under the update marked (October 15)

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