PS VITA / PS TV [UPDATE: Version 1.07] Autoplugin 2 released by @TheheroGAC & ONElua Team!

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    Unlike the PlayStation 4 with it's slow Homebrew Content, the PlayStation Vita always saw a strong Content of Homebrew and other useful Plugins, which makes your life easier with a hacked PS Vita. In fact, we still see today new plugins released for this Handheld Console, no matter if you want to Overclock your PS Vita to make your favourite Games even better performing or if you just need some handy tools like an always running FTP Server, where you can transfer your favourite Games and other Homebrew Releases on-the-fly. But installing them wasn't always a easy task and there was even a risk when adding them manually, which could harm your complete System when pressing a wrong button. In short, it was always elaborate to install all those wonderful Plugins bit by bit. But luckily we had Autoplugin for this in the past and today, well-known Developer @thehero_ together with the ONElua Team are releasing Version 2, where not only you can now see which Plugins you have already installed on your PS Vita, but also that you can now directly download all translations inside of Autoplugin without any need to quit the App as it was necessary before. Together with more new Features you can see down below and with a new Design, Autoplugin 2 will make your life even more easier now for both you and your PS Vita!

    Splash Screen.png
    Main Splash Screen from the newest Version of Autoplugin 2

    • Autoplugin 2
      Autoplugin for PSVITA This tool allows you to install/uninstall the following plugins with one click on ux0 or ur0 (ur0 for SD2VITA) [for a overview of all Plugins available, please click at the "Plugins"-Tab]:

      Optional Settings
      • Update plugins Online
      • Update Languages Online
      • Now you can check the readme file online for most of the included plugins
      • Download/Install ITLS-Enso and Battery fixer (vpk)
      • Set a Custom Image (Custom Boot Splash is required)
      • Set a Custom Warning Message (Custom Warning is required)
      • Set Level Transparent (Transparent Impose is required)

      Small note for Splash image
      To load a custom image at boot, the image must be in png format sized to 960X544 named splash.png and it must be placed in the path ux0:CustomBootsplash/splash.png You no longer need to add the line: "- load ur0: tai / custom_boot_splash.skprx"

      Small note for the translation of the languages using non-standard characters
      Download the font.pgf file (here and insert it in the path ux0:data/Autoplugin2/font (Remember if the font folder does not exist you have to create it) This fixes missing non-standard characters, not found at english charset. Those will show as "_" instead of the unusual letter.

      In case you want to support the work of the team on the vita, you can always donate for some coffee. Any amount is highly appreciated: (Buy Me a Coffee)

    • Credits:
      Thank you
      • HAM for new resources
      • TheFloW
      • yifanlu
      • qwikrazor87
      • CelesteBlue
      • FAPS Team
      • devnoname120
      • bamhm182
      • nowrep
      • frangarcj
      • xyzz
      • xerpi
      • Rinnegatamante
      • Applelo
      • joel16
      • dots-tb
      • Princess of sleeping
      • Hack-Usagi
      • SilicaAndPina
      • OperationNT414C
      • Electry
      • SKGleba
      • chronoss09
      • Yoti
      • teakhanirons

      • HAM/NanospeedGamer for translation in Spanish
      • Kouchan for translation in Japanese
      • yexun1995 for translation in Chinese
      • theheroGAC for translation in Italian

    • Main Menu.png
      Overview of the new "Main Menu" in Autoplugin 2, including the new "Settings"-Section.

      Settings Menu.png
      The "Settings Menu", where you can now directly download additional languages without quitting the Application.

      Installed Plugins.png
      The "Small Green Dot" now indicates which Plugins you have now already installed. You can also see additional Information such as the Kernel (.skprx) which will be used/added and you can now check the "Readme" from the PlugIn inside the Plugin Selection (if available by the supplier).

      PSP Menu.png
      Of course, the "PSP Plugins" are available as well for Adrenaline.

      Extra Menu.png
      Some additional useful "Extras" are now included as well.

    • YouTube-User and Beta-Tester @NanospeedGamer was so kind to create an "Installation Tutorial" together with an Comparison of the old Autoplugin Application Version 1 with the newer one and all its new Changes and Advantages of the newest Version (in Spanish).

      ESHb8gpXkAA_AUk.jpg orig.jpg
      Not only that there is this new "Green Dot", indicating which Plugins you have already installed, the "Yellow Dot" shows you if one of your installed Plugins is missing (if you deleted it manually for instance).

      ESJPrCDWsAEhPBJ.jpg orig.jpg
      And as mentioned before, with pressing the TRIANGLE-Button, you can now check the "Readme" for each Plugin directly from the GitHub-Page, which is extremely useful if a Plugin gets updated.

    • Release v1.01
      • Chinese font download path error fixed.
      • New option to switch between custom fonts.
      • Fix missing config.txt for pkgj (no folder found) and removed line for PSM Games.
      • New Languages:
        • Yoti/Aleksandr112 for translation in Russian
        • Chronoss09 for translation in French
        • Schn1ek3 for translation in German
        • Kouchan for translation in Japanese
          • Update Spanish by gvaldebenit
          • Update English_us by Gadgetoid

      ESebQFmUYAAXASX.jpg orig.jpg
      With the newest Update to Version 1.01, you can now add custom Fonts to the Application [Image Courtesy by @DevDavisNunez]

      Release v1.02
      • Fixed missing string in Chinese and Turkish Systems.
      • Fixed buggy vitacheat installation (vitacheat font issue).

      ESZr4YLU8AIUIbO.jpg orig.jpg
      The newest SaveState Plugin "déjàvu" by TheFloW is now available in Autoplugin 2 as well [Image Courtesy by @gdljjrod]

      Release v1.03
      • Added support to install extra applications that require some plugins.

      EUAVPZWU4AYLpKY.jpg orig.jpg
      Now you are able too see which Plugins are actually updated together with the amount of Updates available [Image Courtesy by @DevDavisNunez]

      Release v1.04
      • Fixed missing string in Chinese and Turkish Systems (again).
      • Now plugins will only be installed to ur0:tai/config.txt .
      • Added support to Reload config.txt for userland plugins (Only for plugins which not require reboot).
      • Now the section where each plugin would be installed to config.txt is added at plugins list, under plugin description.
      • Now plugins list can be sorted by: alfabetic or section, by pressing L/R.

      Release v1.05
      • Reverted changes and fix bugs in the v1.04
      • Add option "Reset config.txt in ur0:tai" in the section Extras.
      • Removed Option (Now plugins list can be sorted by: alfabetic or section, by pressing L/R).
      • Removed Option (Now plugins will only be installed to ur0:tai/config.txt)

      EVnfJQuU8AcL7fM.jpg orig.jpg
      More and more Plugins gets included and fully supported with every new Update of Autoplugin 2 [Image Courtesy by @gdljjrod]

      Release v1.06
      • Lib tai updated.
      • Reimplemented the new tai library in all parts of the application.
      • Re-implemented plugin manager.
      • Added support to update plugins of PSP.
      • Now the plugins will be installed in ur0 only.
      • If you have a config.txt in some other partition, this will be unified with ur0.
      • If you have a config.txt with any fault, such as an error of lowercase and capital letters or lack of parts of the system or absence of it, it will be repaired / written.

      EXxkSbRXYAADmzt.jpg orig.jpg
      You can now also update your installed "PSP Plugins" within Autoplugin which makes it more and more handier to use [Image Courtesy by @DevDavisNunez}

      Release v1.07
      • Minor fix sharpscale install.

    Source: GitHub (via
    Download: v1.07
    Twitter: @WikiVita
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by Roxanne, Mar 1, 2020.

    1. -Ricardo-
      Em meu vita o '''psvita pugin savestates''' funcionou so que depois de usar algumas vezes bugou o sistema e o vita não iniciava mais tendo que formatar cartão de memória e o vita

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