PS2 [Update x2] RetroArch (PS2) Preview (includes 2 cores) - Introducing New Nigthly PS2 Releases

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By STLcardsWS on Jan 5, 2019 at 12:39 AM
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    Update (2x): Reports are coming in this PS2 Homebrew is also working on PS3 HAN & PS4 (5.05).
    With progress making headway on the upcoming PS4 port of RetroArch from a group of developer's, Another developer (fjtrujy) started progress on a PlayStation 2 (PS2) port several months back (view previous progress) and now has a port that progressed enough for a public soft release, Now available in the new RetroArch PS2 Nighties for anyone interested in downloading and trying out the multi-system emulator on your homebrew capable PS2 hardware. @fjtrujy warns that many things need implemented yet and many pending issue remain and only these early release contains two cores currently 2048 and QuickNES. Which is likely to grow and a good gauge to base what is expected for the PS2 port, Would be to view the PSP as that should be a good baseline of what to expect and the PS2 may be able to handy more then the PSP likely.

    UPDATE: This PS2 Homebrew looks like its not just going to be for the PS2, but also there has been multiple confirmed reports of this working with the PlayStation 3 as a PS2 Classic pkg, while RetroArch was born on the PS3, There is a number of console's LateSlim & SuperSlim models that have no way to install CFW and thus can not enjoy Homebrew like RetroArch PS3, However while the PS3Xploit HAN exploit does not allow for PS3 Homebrew it does unlock the internal PS2 emulator within the PS3 firmware and some PS2 emulators/homebrew can run on those non-CFW compatabile consoles and the great news from early reports is that this PS2 Port is working on those PS3 HAN Console's. So this is a project that PS3 HAN user's may want to pay attention to closely as well. Report 1 / Report 2 Update 2 (@Markus95 ) has confirmed and shown a video of RetroArch PS2 running on the PS4 (homebrew capable console (Report)


    • RetroArch PS2 (Preview) - 2 Libretro Cores included in Soft Release

      A lot of functionality still pending to be implemented, for sure a thousand of issues, but today I have pleasure to announce that #RetroArch for #PS2 has been integrated in the nightly releases with 2 cores (QuickNes and 2048)

      QuickNES libretro core / RetroArch frontend running on the PS2!!

    • This PS2 Port is working on PS3 HAN Console, we will update this section with notes and details as we learn more.
      • Roms have to be copied to the memory card for retroarch to load them. - via @leo82309

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Discussion in 'PS2 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 5, 2019.

    1. TnA
      @iris: Yes, that's quite possible...

      PSX would be hard(er) and things like N64 are unlikely, because it would require a lot optimizations and libretro is technically not a good choice for emulator-performance, but for portability it very much is...
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    2. STLcardsWS
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    3. iris
      Yeah, I wasn't bothered about N64 or PSX, I was more happy just to get the 8/16 bit consoles because e.g. SNES Station isn't exactly great for sound...
    4. TnA
      Yes, a lot of the available emulators for the PS2 are not sooo good, especially because most of them are just ports with minimal adaptions to the PS2. ;)

      There are some good ones tho'.
      FCEUX, PSMS, PGEN, Vice and so on! ;)
      As for PGEN or PSMS: You should look for @sp193's version (if you are interested those consoles from SEGA as well)!
    5. tehrzky
      snes - i hope this one is diff. from snes station
      gba - last time i used gba is ok fps drops sometimes but i hope it can go better.

      ps2 and ps4 retroarch really excited to play classic on this console.
    6. TnA
      Yes, GBA should work as well!
      There's ReGBA & TempGBA (partially the same) already, but all in one interface (like Retroarch) would be quite interesting! :)
    7. eltico
      I hope that they can implement the MAME, and be able to run it on the ps3 ofw with HAN the ps2classic :encouragement:
    8. TnA
      If I remember correctly, there IS a PS2 MAME! If there is, that might be of use, to implement support for them as well! I Tag down @fjtrujy, so he hopefully reads your post! :)

      That would get us A LOT emulators for those old Arcade-Machines!

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