PS3 [UPDATE2] multiMAN v 04.81.00 / .01 /.02 ( BASE / UPDATE / STEALTH for CEX & DEX) Updates by deank

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By STLcardsWS on Dec 31, 2016 at 1:55 PM
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    (SEE UPDATE x2 v4.81.01 + 4.81.02 ) Original Article: 04.80.00: Developer @deank has brought his popular backup manager up to date with the release of multiMAN v04.81.00 . In this release the developer has added of course 4.81 CFW support for what appears only on CEX CFW at this time, but Stealth (aka StealthMAN) user will see an update supporting 4.81 CEX. This is a feature rich and popular backup manager that now has full 4.81 (CEX) Support . Additional releases for the PS3 firmware update of 4.81 can be seen here in our forums.

    (4.81.01): deank has released the latest version that gives full DEX support to the backup manager. Update 2 (4.81.02) developer @deank has released a new update providing a fix for a reported issue that addressed a problem with nethost/netiso feature on DEX Custom Firmwares


    • Update x2 multiMAN v04.81.02

      • Fixed nethost/netiso issues on DEX CFW

      UPDATE - multiMAN v04.81.01
      • Added support for CFW 4.81 (DEX)

      NEW - multiMAN v04.81.00
      • Added support for CFW 4.81 (CEX)
      • Added update for Stealth version

      multiMAN v04.80.00

      * Added support for CFW 4.80
      * Added update for Stealth version

      multiMAN v04.78.02/04.78.03
      * Fixed naming of FLASH/LV1/LV2 exports for CFW 4.66/4.76/4.78
      * Fixed EBOOT.BIN/SPRX patching for CFW 4.66/4.76/4.78
      * Updated Showtime/Movian to latest Bleeding Edge (04.99.812) -
      * Updated stealthMAN (multiMAN Stealth version) to 04.78.02

      multiMAN v04.78.01
      * Fixed crash when scanning for /net_host (ps3netsrv) games

      multiMAN v04.78.00
      * Added support for CFW 4.78
      * Updated Japanese translation by Kyan_dudl

      multiMAN v04.76.00
      * Added support for CFW 4.76
      * Fixed BD-Mirror for 4.75 DEX

    • Various ScreenShots of multiMAN and its different views and modes.

      MM3.jpg Screenshot_4.jpg PREVIEW.jpg multiman-backup-manager-2.jpg multiman-backup-manager-3.jpg multiman-backup-manager.jpg multiman-backup-manager-4.jpg multiman-backup-manager-5.jpg

    (New Version) Download:

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 31, 2016.

    1. deank
      This one is compiled with support from 3.55 up to 4.81. It doesn't require keys on usb stick and hopefully the extracted modules will work on all firmwares. Let me know if someone tests it.
    2. Verzantgray
    3. baileyscream
      thank you
      I have downloaded it
      -if anyone else is trying then right click deank's link. select SAVE AS then save it as .pkg not .html as it defalts as--
      when this console arrives I will test and report back
      I have messaged ted_b on to let him know you have updated it and to test - report back to you
      so you should get reports soon.

      once again thank you for updating it for me.
      the furthest i got was re-signing the original tool. i was stumped after that.
    4. bguerville
      Like @Joonie asked in another thread, would it be possible to use netiso.sprx without drm in mmCM?
      Otherwise net_host does not work with mmCM in DEX, neither Rebug or even PS3ITA 4.65....
      Btw the problem occurs with both mamba & cobra...
      WebMAN-MOD works as it uses drm free netiso...
    5. habib
      it can be fixed within cobra
      if(error!=7)return DO_POSTCALL;

      but its just "cleaner" to remove drm all together
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    6. bguerville
      I know habib. Been discussing this with Joonie at length... Drm free would avoid headaches or fixes in both mamba & cobra imo... Why bother with drm anyway?
      And it's good to bug deank a little bit as well... Lol
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    7. Joonie
      No habib this only makes the system unstable. Doesn't work on dex/decr regardless appldr fails unless no drm on netiso.sprx

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    8. deank
      This should use regular netiso.sprx. Please test it on CEX/DEX if it works and I'll update mM officially.

      (link removed as multiMAN 04.81.02 is released)
      Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
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    9. bguerville
      Great stuff @deank, that was fast... Lol
      Testing now..
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    10. Joonie
      Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
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    11. bguerville
      Same day as Joonie... Lol
      Tested netiso mmCM pkg on cex/dex 4.81, all working great...
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    12. deank
    13. Zwei
    14. slimica
    15. bguerville
      The link was removed because it was a test build, not a release...
      Patience. And note that this update adds ps3netsrv compatibility on Rebug & PS3ITA CFW. Users not interested by this feature don't particularly need to update in a hurry...
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    16. deank
      mM 04.81.02 was released when I removed the link for the test version and is available within mM as always (or from the web column) - that was 6 hours ago.

      Also sacd-ripper.pkg is updated to support DEX 4.80.
    17. STLcardsWS
      News updated .. Hope you (& everyone reading) had a great holiday season.

      Thanks for the updates.
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    18. Coldlm
      Thanks for the update,
      what is Set multiMAN Priority ON/OFF ?
    19. Coldlm
      Also multiMAN (STEALTH) link. gives an error!
    20. Casavult
      Download it from within Multiman.

      Edit: Can confirm Brewology link gives an error.
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