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    (UPDATED (October 7 2018) see "Update v1.2" TAB in article for new Major Improvements with Weapon System & more)
    (Original article via September 29) >> The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas experience on the Vita? Yes, you have read that right, GTA-SA to Unity (dubbed Unity-SA SAunity). While not a complete port of the game, many aspects of the Open World Game (that debuted on the PS2) Classic are being added with some Proof-Of-Concept media (Screenshots & Video) shared of this project. The Vita build is still in development and needs some work yet but the project is coming along and hopefully we see this progress, there is no VPK for installing on your exploited PS Vita / PlayStation TV devices (yet as it still in development), however the source code has been published on Github for anyone to contribute. Stay tuned as this is a very interesting project to hit the platform.


    • San Andreas Unity
      (aka SA-unity)

      We're porting GTA: San Andreas to Unity!This won't be a complete re-implementation of the game, but we're hoping to build something similar to Multi Theft Auto with assets streamed from an existing installation of San Andreas.

      Setup Instructions

      • open the project
      • open main scene located at Assets/Scenes/Main.unity
      • press Play button
      When running for the first time, the game will ask you for path to GTA installation, and will store that path in config.user.json. If you ever need to change the path, you can just edit this file.

      In-game controls

      Press Escape while in game to open pause menu. You'll see there a lot of utilities, and among them, there is a window which shows all controls.

    • TODO List
      Here is an extensive list of what should be implemented.
      Can help us to develop this ? In that case, join us on discord so we can discuss about it.

      • Animations must be loaded/played by index – because different anim definition groups (man, woman, etc) use different anim names ( walk_civi, woman_walknorm, respectively).
      • Weapons. Aiming with weapons – aim animation. - See
      • Rigid body character
      • Load map in editor
      • Async geometry loading - currently, geometry is loaded synchronously, which seems like the main performance bottleneck
      • Make everything networked
      • **Map - better info area ; input mouse position is not always correct ; see ; **
      • Teleport : when ground is too far away (like on mountains), geometry around it will not be loaded, and raycast will not succeed ; when position is too low, player gets constantly respawned ; adapt all other teleport code ;
      • What to do before making a release: change starting pos ? ;
      • Validate path to GTA ?
      • Anims must be played by their name
      • Vehicles window: it's too slow - use pages ; display additional info ;
      • Jump
      • Exceptions are thrown for some ped models - model ids: WMYST, 0, special peds at the end,
      • Create custom inspector for ped - it will display info from ped definition
      • Pin windows - pinned windows are visible even when pause menu is not
      • Remove editor scripts for destroying player model
      • Remove unneeded assets
      • Bug when ped gets down to low heights (trying to move him back to starting location, and causing shaking)
      • Work on a menu like MTA:SA (F1)
      • Dev profiles for the keyboard & mouse controls - ??
      • Health, stats (stamina, stength), money & armor system - no need for this until weapons are implemented
      • Two driving camera modes (aim to front and free look)
      • Multiple car cameras: exterior (3 distance switches), interior & cinematic
      • AI System for Peds
      • Peds (and worker peds) - ??
      • Import: AI paths, character spawn info, item pickups,
      • Cars & fuel stations can explode
      • Other vehicles: airplanes, helicopters, bikes, boats
      • Wheel explosion (we have to convert colliders, from a capsule collider generate a mesh collider with the shape of a capsule)
      • In-game input manager
      • Repair cars with key
      • CLI parameter for Console app to know where to connect (an IP)
      • Collapse message logs
      • Read sounds from GTA SA Streams:
      • Make a paragraph for those categories: - ??
      • Implement map zoom (

      Effects & Enhancements

      • Jump, swim & fall animations (fall maybe reemplaced with rigidbody physics, when there is a big jump)
      • Water effects (Swim, bouyancy, get darker and blurry the deeper you get)
      • Work on props (lampposts, fences, etc)
      • Decal system for Weapons
      • Burnout trace
      • Vehicle damage
      • Dust and water particles with vehicles (cars travelling through dirt and boats, respectively)
      • Stars, clouds and enviroment enhances
      • Speed effect
      • Weather system


      • Enhance car lights, turning, doors and braking

      Bugs to fix

      • Why is the sky always black ? - check quality settings
      • car lights can't be turned off
      • blinkers are not working correctly
      • NRE is thrown when no scene is opened
      • Delete profile devs
      • Read all radarxx.txd that are available
      • Have to fix this problem, modifying somehow Assembly Importer GUI to add to mark or something like that is saved to avoid it's compilation ( - It's fixed, but now the inspector looks ugly - ??
      • Weird circular shadow appears when drving and the car passes next to a building that projects a shadow (low quality)
      • Car moves when the player is still getting inside it
      • Auto-zoom with big vehicles
      • Some cars have its suppension too low to allow them to move
      • Cars sometimes spawn under other cars, which causes those cars to jump
      • Make cars spawn in their zone
      • When vehicles are damaged, light goes weird
      • Once vehicles are despawned they don't re-spawn
      • In some cases damages to vehicles aren't performed at first collision
      • Colors for debug messages in console
      • HTML (from logger) indent is not perfect
      • Console Application is not launching on build (CLI was checked and works properly)
      • Sometimes in old gpus, all goes black, like for example here ( the way of fixing this is running Unity Editor under --force-glcore and going to Assets > Reimport all
      • Cars stop when they are falling:


      • Lag when instantiating new lights


      • Curent socket system only allows messages of 8KBs
      • Files with .log extension is printed in hexadecimal on Sublime Text (change extension)
      • The scripts must read infinite radarXX.txd textures
      • Implement polar rotation system for camera

      Must be reviewed

      • Check Profiler to see what is taking performance
      • If you regenerate scripts while running, Unity Editor crashes (patch it?)
      • Running with --force-glcore makes Unity Editor slower when near objects have to be rendered
      • Car break light system doesn't work fine ?
      • HUGE REFACTOR (compiling Assembly into DLLs will solve most problems) - what problems ??
      • Minimap size should depend on screen resolution

    • Screenshots

      68747470733a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f48583937386d722e706e67.png d96b7c24-1670-11e7-997d-ae15913481f8.png d964f098-1670-11e7-8759-0160dbf5bcb5.png


      First networking test
      Basic car physics
      Basic car physics

    • UPDATE v1.2 (Oct. 7 2018) -- Major changes:
      • Aiming with AIMWITHARM weapons
      • Fixed parsing weapons data
      • Weapons can have ammo
      • Damage system
      • Reworked settings
      • Many improvements and bug fixes

    Source Code:
    Thanks to for the news alert

    Additional Project Links

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 29, 2018.

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      What a time to be alive, and have a VITA. If this project manages to port all SA on a A9 Chip, then shut up and take my money! :D
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      Update v1.2 posted in article (see Update v1.2 tab in article)
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