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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Tranced, Dec 2, 2014.

By Tranced on Dec 2, 2014 at 7:32 AM
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    From just yesterday developer Deank released updates to the official webMAN brining it to version 1.33 and in true fashion a slew of updates for webMAN MOD by Aldostools followed. Check below for all the changes from versions 1.32 to 1.33.




Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Tranced, Dec 2, 2014.

    1. aldostools
      Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.33.02 Multi 23 (2014-12-02):
      EDIT: 1.33.01 had a really stupid bug that not only made the scanning slower, but also the games were being listed unsorted. Fixed on 1.33.02
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    2. pinkfloydviste
      I have very little experience using webman and I've never used your webman mod. I'm thinking of giving it a shot, but what are the advantages of the mod vs regular webman?
    3. aldostools
      - Easy installer/updater
      - New folder icons (by Brunolee)
      - It can mount PS2 Classics games on PS2 Classic Launcher (.BIN.ENC)
      - Setup is integrated with XMB Manager+ (if it is installed)
      - It can auto-mount any custom folder or ISO. Official only can mount AUTOBOOT.ISO
      - Title ID can be displayed on XMB menu
      - Covers are shown using the Title ID on the file name of the ISO. Official needs to mount the game to show the covers.
      - It can rip a game from disc to hdd0 or copy from hdd0 to usb000 or from usb00x to hdd0.
      - FTP includes new SITE commands to allow copy/paste files locally, unmount game, toggle external gamedata, turn on/off dev_blind, change file attributes
      - Integrated external gameDATA
      - Web Debugger (remote peek/poke/find bytes)
      - Spoof IDPS/PSID and display IDPS/PSID on /cpursx.ps3
      - Translated to 23 languages
      - Several shortcuts to toggle Cobra, swap Rebug files, mount net0/ or net1/, show IDPS/PSID, etc.
      - Enable screen capture on CFW that don't has the feature.
      - Minor improvements on File Manager (links to navigate faster, mount ISO, mount net0/ or net1/)
      - MIN+ memory profile (same as MIN but uses 512K and 2.5X more buffer for PS3 games)
      - Copy operations use shadow copy on hdd0 for faster copy
      - Scan for games on the stealth folder "/video"
      - Support last_game.txt / autoboot on nonCobra edition

      There are more features. These are only some of the added features... without considering the internal changes in the code.
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    4. Badboy
      Hello pinkfloydviste , I I am even moderating on the site or [email protected] live and to have tested WebMan MOD before the public release there is now more of one the years I guarantee you that " to try him(it) it is to adopt him(it) "!

      I thank in the passage aldostools for what he(it) brings regularly has this plugin inescapable(major) and [email protected] to have created this MOD :)
    5. pinkfloydviste
      thanks [MENTION=89]aldostools[/MENTION] and [MENTION=79]badboy4life91[/MENTION]

      Thanks for taking the time to answer my noob question. I'll download the mod and give it a whirl tonight after I get home from work.
    6. ed89
      I dont understand if I load "EA World Cup Brasil 2014" (JB-Format) from External HDD with Webman Mod 1.30.35-1.33.2 i get Blackscreen on this Game
      If i load the Game with latest Multiman 4.66.06 its working fine
      if i launch multiman 4.66.06 before i use webman Mod 1.30.35-1.33.2 the game is booting fine too
      if i downgrade webman mod 1.30.35/1.33.2 back to 1.30.34 the Game is booting fine from start (without the need to launch Multiman before)

      So where is the Bug? or where is the issue i dont understand....if the Game worked before fine :confused:

      my Ps3 CFW is Rebug Cobra Rex 4.65.1 CEX Mode
      Cobra is enabled

      Would be cool if somebody with the knowledge would reply i would like to use webman mod from Start if its possible (without the need to launch multiman everytime on boot only for this Game...)
    7. Badboy
      Hello [MENTION=117]ed89[/MENTION] try to convert the game in ISO I have the same config as you and the game works very well in ISO / NTFS (I do not have to try in internal iso) :)
    8. ed89
      the Problem is the Game is about 4 GB (I use Fat32 Formated HDD) do Webman mod reads splitted Iso's (even if so i dont like splitted Files) wanted to use external HDD...
      oh'll just convert to Iso and use internal HDD so no splitting is needed...

      and the weird thing in webman mod 1.30.34 everything is OK but if i update not anymore... but only with this game...

      thanks for reply
    9. ed89
      I converted to iso with multiman to internal hdd working now with the latest webman mod

      can use the luxus of webman now :cool:

      thanks badboy4life91 for confirmation

      i knowed before it will maybe work with iso but why jb format refuse to work on webman higher than 1.30.34 (anti ODE patches?) @devs
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    10. aldostools
      To everyone interested: This has a new experimental feature for users with Internet access on PS3 that don't use PSN:

      It has a new "Offline" checkbox on /setup.ps3 that will block sony servers on LV1/LV2 at startup.
      Alternatively the new function can be called using R2+SQUARE.

      The benefit of this new feature is that it stops calling 'home' to tell what you're doing without having to block the whole Internet access or using proxy/router to block the servers.

      Please test and report back... maybe more servers should be blocked.

      void block_online_servers()
      	show_msg((char*)"Blocking servers");
      	u64 mem=0;
      	for(u64 addr=0x860000; addr<0xFFFFF8ULL; addr+=4)//16MB
      	 if(mem         == 0x733A2F2F61757468ULL)  // s://auth
      	  poke_lv1(addr,   0x733A2F2F00000000ULL);
      	 else if(mem    == 0x2E7073332E757064ULL)  // .ps3.upd
      	  poke_lv1(addr-8, 0x3A2F2F0000000000ULL);
      	 else if(mem    == 0x656E612E6E65742EULL)  //
      	  poke_lv1(addr,   0x0000000000000000ULL);
      	for(u64 addr=0x300000; addr<0x7FFFF8ULL; addr+=4)//8MB
      	 if(mem      == 0x733A2F2F6E73782EULL)  // s://nsx.
      	  pokeq(addr,   0x733A2F2F00000000ULL);
      	 else if(mem == 0x733A2F2F6E73782DULL)  // s://nsx-
      	  pokeq(addr,   0x733A2F2F00000000ULL);
      	 else if(mem == 0x3A2F2F786D622D65ULL)  // ://xmb-e
      	  pokeq(addr,   0x3A2F2F0000000000ULL);
      	 else if(mem == 0x2E7073332E757064ULL)  // .ps3.upd
      	  pokeq(addr-8, 0x3A2F2F0000000000ULL);
      	 else if(mem == 0x702E616470726F78ULL)  // p.adprox
      	  pokeq(addr-8, 0x733A2F2F00000000ULL);
      	 else if(mem == 0x656E612E6E65742EULL)  //
      	  pokeq(addr,   0x0000000000000000ULL);
      	 else if(mem == 0x702E7374756E2E70ULL)  // p.stun.p
      	  pokeq(addr-4, 0x0000000000000000ULL);
      	 else if(mem == 0x2E7374756E2E706CULL)  //
      	  pokeq(addr-4, 0x0000000000000000ULL);
      	 else if(mem == 0x63726565706F2E77ULL)  // creepo.w
      	  pokeq(addr  , 0x0000000000000000ULL);
      	show_msg((char*)"Servers blocked");
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    11. ed89
      I have only one Question aldo do it have any disadvantage to have a splitted iso?

      i mean i can use my internal hdd i have enought free space on it...

      already converted and moved to internal and everythings is working fine...

      Thanks Aldo for all your awesome work for the PS3 Scene I like your realeases

      and especially thanx for ps3tools i use it very often and of course Webman Mod:)
      Last edited: Dec 3, 2014
    12. aldostools
      The disadvantages that I see in split ISOs are:
      - That you can't use them on NTFS or stream them using ps3netsvr.
      - That you can't open the whole image in certain PC applications that don't support the split-ISO format.

      But they have some advantages too:
      - To you backup the ISOs on DVD
      - You can store the split-ISO on external hdd formatted in FAT32 or internal HDD
      - File transfers are better (if you're transferring a large file and the transfer fails almost at the end you have to transfer the whole file again, unless you're using a torrent client.)
    13. STLcardsWS
      Thanks Aldo :)

      Added the updated changelog to the news. Cant change title or it screws our links up. An issue we are going to have to sort soon. but we will get it sorted.

      Anyhow also update the features you listed to here:
    14. No0bZiLLa
      wow lots of great stuff in webman mod now :D
    15. ARCH
      great job, I like.
      Thanks for this work.
    16. Hakaze
      After trying it, you will not be able to live without webMAN MOD.
    17. Redemp
      Now thats a goddamn true story! ;)
    18. aldostools
      Changelog for webMAN MOD 1.33.3 Multi 23 (2014-12-05):
    19. Badboy
      Good evening aldo and thank you for your numerous putting has in the daytime, it is good the version 1.33.3? Or the 1.33.03 ?

      Thank you again for your work !

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