PS VITA / PS TV Vita Save Manager v0.41 by d3m3vilurr released

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By kozarovv on Sep 17, 2016 at 6:46 AM
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    Developer d3m3vilurr shared with community his latest Vita/PSTV project on his github. Vita Save Manager is a tool to manage your saves without need to copy full game or do semiDEX mod. Is currently most safe and easy way to backup and restore you game saves. Tool is still under active developent, so if you will facing any problems feel free to share them here or on d3m3vilurr github.


    • Release 0.4.1

      Fix cannot decrypt problem of physical copy gundam breaker 3 asia version
      Known issues

      #4 not support cartridge version muramasa rebirth
      #9 cannot encrypt cartridge version gundom breaker3

    • Release 0.4

      • Fix crash at startup with non print games.
      • Support unmatched TITLE_ID games like Gundam Breaker 3 Asia version.

      Release 0.3

      • Add helper messages
      • Detect cartridge for save dump

      Release 0.2

      • Support screen scrolling; now can use more then 20 games.
      • Always use screen bottom area for print button commands
      • Some code clean up :)

      Initial release

      Dump / Restore for PSVita game save
      alpha release.
      support cartridge & vitamin games
      dump datas have compatibility with rinCheat and also data store into ux0:data/rinCheat

    • How to use

      1. Install vpk
      2. Launch savemgr in Home shell
      3. Select game
      4. Wait 3sec, will auto launch dumper
      5. Dump or Restore game save.
      6. Exit with X (DO NOT FORCE CLOSE)
      7. Auto relaunch savemgr, then cleanup injected things.
      8. Repeat 3~7 steps or close savemgr
      9. Play game.

    • Emergency guide

      If you do something mess, please do these steps.
      1. Open VitaShell
      2. If you used this app for dumped or digital game, move to ux0:app/{TITLE_ID}. If used for cartridge game, move toux0:patch
      3. follow your case;
        1. Remove eboot.bin and rename eboot.bin.orig to eboot.bin
        2. Remove {TITLE_ID} directory and rename {TITLE_ID}_orig to {TITLE_ID} if exists directory
      4. Check ux0:data/savemgr/tmp, if exists, remove this.
    • 2016-09-16-110336-768x435.jpg

    Download: Github / Psx-place
    Source: Github via Twitter
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by kozarovv, Sep 17, 2016.

    1. Adi
      Can use save One piece BB eur to one piece BB US ?
    2. kozarovv
      I'm not sure is possible at all, but for sure is not possible without save modification.
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    3. STLcardsWS
      Nice utility !!!
    4. pinky
      some save games use the same title id across regions. I discovered tales of hearts r has the same title id for both the European and American regions.

      we have success! I've successfully imported my save from the cartridge to the vpk!

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