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By Orion on Aug 27, 2016 at 8:03 AM
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    @Orion is back with a new update to Vita Toolbox as version 0.2 is released, following the initial release of the of Vita Toolbox, In this update a new background was created by psx-place member @Berion, Orion adds new functions and incorporates some scene releases into this AIO solution, new functions include adding dumping the Vita IDPS and also the ability to switch to IDU mode (but be warned IDU mode has some dangers). You can view all the details and other changes presented in v0.2 in the release quote provided by Orion.



    • This the new version of Vita toolbox that adds many changes and new functions

      Changelog v0.2
      • Added background image for vita toolbox(It is extern so you can modify it in "ux0:app/VITATLBOX/sce_sys/background/image.png")
      • Fixed graphic bugs presents in v.0.1
      • Added function to dump Vita IDPS
      • Added function to swap IDU - CEX MODE and CEX - IDU MODE
      • Added kernel detection to sysinfo and Swap IDU functions
      • Added function to reboot vita
      • Other minor changes

    • Thanks to
      • Berion for the background image
      • Rinnegatamante for the help with a bug in the background function,
      • xyzz and MajorTom for Vita CID and IDU codes
      • xerpy for vita2d.

    • News Coverage

    Download: Vita Toolbox v0.2

    Source: (
    this news thread)
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by Orion, Aug 27, 2016.

    1. Berion
      Nice and thanks for Your effort.

      I'm just curious. Why image.png has 8bit pallete and has 100KB more than my 24bit images? ;) I don't thinks so anyone will notice this on real console but I'm just curious.

      Also, this green font is a little bit contrasting with bg image. In my opinion better will be a blue.

      Anyway, nice release.
    2. DeViL303
      Nice one. Thanks! Keep up the good work.
    3. chronoss
      Nice, thanks and good work ;)
    4. ed89
      Thanks @Orion nice release
      i like AIO apps very usefull (why use a lot of apps if you can have all in one?!)
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    5. Berion
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