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By Joel16 on Feb 4, 2018 at 2:23 PM
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    Here is a cool project that is coming together from @Joel16 called VitaBackup, this Vita homebrew (also compatible with PSTV) had an interesting journey to its creation. As the inspiration came from a GUI concept first that appeared from @Berion as he hoped to inspire developer's with this VitaGUI Concept The thread caught the attention of various people including Joel16 who always had the desire to make this reality but needed a bit of time and currently the dev started the initial steps of the project and has progressed to this first public version with some functions and abilities already with more to come later on down the road. This is great to see another great project in the fold, but also very exciting to see one of Berion's design become a reality, as the he has created several very nice GUI concepts. Nice work to both Joel16 & Berion !!!

    • VitaBackup
      Backup / Restore Utility for PS Vita / PlayStation TV

      Thought I'd post this since I decided on getting back to this project. This was a project requested and designed by Berion, who wanted a developer to turn it into an actual program. I did accept to do it a long time ago, however with school and other projects I didn't have time to pick it up. However, I'm back and ready to get this thing started. So this utility aims to backup and restore VITA specific files (hardware ids, activation data, databases etc) on the go with a pretty nice GUI (designed by @Berion). There's not really much to say for now but you can track my progress through GitHub

      Current Features:
      • Make multiple .tar backups
      • Restore multiple .tar backups
      • Select backup destination (ux0 or ur0)

      Planned features:
      • Might support more formats as well.
      • Back up to FTP/USB.
      • more (later).

      Initial beta Release
      Remember this is the first beta release, so bugs may exist and many things are subject to change in future releases. Also, do feel free to give some feedback as long as it's not anything crazy. up/restore process.​

      Known issues:

      • Progress bars (especially when restoring) is not accurate.
      • No touch controls as of yet.


      • Cross - to select item.
      • Start - to begin backup/restore process.

      Additional Screenshot

      0RLlEpk.jpg LZTBa29.jpg i8AV1ye.jpg
      (Click Image for full view)​

      Source code:

    Download (Latest Version) @:
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Discussion in 'HENkaku' started by Joel16, Feb 4, 2018.

    1. pinky
      you've done it again, my friend. :-p I'lll try this out. I have to format my sd card in order to get rid of my banned account anyway. I'll need to back up everything after I do that. I want no traces of the old account. :)
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    2. bitsbubba
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    3. Berion
      In backup destination would be better if they are on list, like in other places of the app and with more user friendly names like (or something like that) :
      • Memory Card (ux0)
      • Internal Memory (ur0)
      • Internal Memory (imc0)
      • External Memory (uma0)

      I like the idea of separating archives. That's probably better idea rather than one, huge, with everything. It is more flexible for end user. However that's killing my idea of paths naming convention in example *.vbup. But to be honest, I think Your idea is much better than mine. ^^ If You stick to TARs per item, would You consider change filenames? In example from "savedata-19800101.tar" to "savedata encrypted (1980-01-01).tar" (or better: "/data/VitaBackup/backups/saves/encrypted savedata (1980-01-01).tar" and all saves for PSP and PSV goes in this dir with similar filenames)? I still thinking of user friendly as much as possible.

      What will happen if user in restoration process, chose two archives with i.e saves? Or application only will show on the list one type of the "category archives" and only the newest?

      We should also think that to do with mount points. Following by already mounted devices (like i.e imc0 on PSTV is mounted on start by the system as ux0 without card) or management it by Vita Backup? Probably the best solution is using mount points which are in use in the moment of application launching because of USMBC/SD2Vita modules.
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    4. Joel16
      Yes the reason I wanted to stick to individual .tar files is to make the app as flexible as possible. Suppose they only wanted to backup one thing, instead of the entire storage. Therefore I decided to use single tar files to improve speed and make things more user-friendly. Also I might be able to use the .vbup extension but haven't tried it, will give it a go sometime later. File names will also be more explicit in the next release. Btw encrypted saves won't work from one vita to the other now would it? I don't have two vitas to test it with so I'm not sure if this backup option would be useful.

      The application does support restoring multiple backups at once, however if two are the same the most recent one will overwrite the other. Also I didn't wanna focus too much on backing up saves sinnc vita savemgr exists.

      And yes I'm aware that the backup/restoration destinations are limited and I plan to improve on that. Currently it only restores to wherever it got the backup from, but I'll try to make improvements here.
    5. Berion
      They won't, due to PFS stick to per console stuff. However, they still work on the same console (if of course user is bind to the same NP Account ID). It's useful to peoples who doesn't migrate between accounts and/or consoles. BTW: not all games can be "hacked" to retrieve decrypted saves (i.e Axiom Verge because it won't work as decrypted by vitamin and maidump tool). Also as far as I know, non of the games which user run from cartridge image or encrypted PSS content activated by NoNpDrm can be "hacked" the same way as Backup Save Manager doing to extract decrypted saves. So I'm thinking this is not only useful but very important part of the app. ^^
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    6. jabbbar
      you could add account id to path for multiple account backup


      and wouldn't be better to backup directly in VitaBackup instead of in data/VitaBackup/..., example: ux0:VitaBackup/...
    7. Berion
      @jabbbar I agree with You. VitaShell doing the same and we avoid one level of recurency. "backup/" is probably because of "themes/" and settings. ;]

      I never used account switching so I'm not sure how it works, but if this is only matter of copying some files in proper places, then i also agree that this would be nice improvement. However, the default NPAID is zeroes. What if someone never glue his account with online account? In results we got two exactly the same NAPID but with different content but in FAT family the same file name in the same path cannot exist.
    8. Joel16
      Hmm, not sure if we can get the account ID using vitasdk so I'm not too sure about this. Also I won't be putting saves in a different folders, I'll probably have it mentioned whether it's decrypted or encrypted.

      Also the reason I use /data/Vitabackup is because I don't really want to clutter ux0:/ with another folder. It's not really clean to have a bunch of folders in the root of your SD/internal storage hence why I chose /data.
    9. Berion
      "ux0:/id.dat" >> 5th line
      If the is no AID and OID, NP Account ID is whole zeroes. I believe You was mislead by the name. I just used the name from PS3. Sorry.
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    10. Joel16
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