PS VITA / PS TV Vitamin - The First Backup Manager + Amphetamin: First in-game Plugin (+Unofficial patch)

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By STLcardsWS on Aug 31, 2016 at 9:26 PM
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    This PS Vita / PSTV release for the HENkaku exploit has been involved in it's fair share of drama this week. It all started with a new group with the alias as "Team FreeK" who showed a POC video of a Plugin being used and a Backup Manager in action using HENkaku.. Several days later, we seen a leaked version released arise, but this was not the version that was touted on the video. . As it turned out to be an earlier version given to the leaker (A Tester),. So, long story short the team disbanded and several well known developers left the scene due to the leak as then the team exposed themselves. While one of Team FreeK's members TheFlow decided to release the Official Version and continue work on Vitiamin. the first backup manager to hit the PS Vita / PlayStation TV (pstv) Community. Then also with the release came the First in-Game Plugin (created by TheFlow) called Amphetamin which currently allows for setting the ARM/BUS/GPU frequency (see tab(s) for additional details)

    There are many positives about this release and there is negatives about the release also. The negative for me is the promotion of an abused feature. While the feature is not an issue as it has plenty of legitimate uses and when respected is very useful to many. As we all have been in the situation were the media is damaged that your game is on and it does not work at all or that Vita Game ended up in one of your car or couch cushions you find 6 months later after you re-bought the game. The good thing there is solutions created so we can store and manage our content for the long term. As we can not depend on physical media to last forever and we can not depend on sony to keep all digital purchases available for download. So this is vital for customer protection to have such a feature. However this tool like any tool should be used with respect and accordance to your regions laws and policies. ​


    • Vitamin
      by Team Freek (TheFloW, Major Tom, mr. gas)

      This software has been written by us within 4 weeks, which we planned to release anonymously under the name Team FreeK. However Major Tom accidentally shared an old built with a group of people, in which one or more of them decided to leak a game first and the day after the tool itself. For no reason. As we, Team FreeK already wanted to officially provide the dumper soon.

      Now, there are some people who say: You guys actually wanted to release it anyways, why do you get mad about a leak then? Let's say their wifes give premature births and their children aren't well developed yet, would they also say: The baby would have actually come out anyways, why do you get sad? That was a bizarre example, but it's actually how we feel about a project: We took care of it and worked on it 5h per day with full of passion until it was fully developed. Not only was our disappointment big, but also our helplessness, when we saw our work floating in the internet without our knowledge. We were then called babies because we showed some emotions when we faced the fact that our work, that we have been taking care for one month, got leaked.

      The betrayal drove Major Tom so mad, he just left the scene immediately, not because he was a dramaboy as some people think, but because he didn't feel respected by anyone. The same feelings did I and mr. gas also have, as we couldn't believe how many people existed who were so disrespectful and impudent and even insulted us.

      Beside all these people that made us feel sad, there's luckly an even bigger group of people that show understanding and thankfulness. And thanks to them that was what motivated me to release the final tool in the end. I want to support those who supported us.

      We also want to express our thankfulness to Team molecule, as their work HENkaku is brilliant. A masterpiece. Their work is true hacking. Ours on the other hand is just a software that makes use of some tricks to dump games.

    • Changelog v1.1
      • Added support for cartridges dumping which have grw0:.
      • Added files restoration in case your dump failed (fixes 0x80010011 error and Morphine name in LA. You need to launch Vitamin in order to restore the files).
      Changelog v1.0
      The v1.0 differs from the leaked version by alot:
      • Amphetamin plugin
      • Additional self dumping (higher compatibility)
      • PARAM.SFO patching to prevent 0x80101144 error
      • Games are dumped as 'safe' homebrews
      • Auto-suspend blocker
      • More stable dumper
      • Better UI with progress bar and percentage

    • This is a simple plugin that set ARM clock to 444mhz. By pressing SELECT for a few seconds, the amphetamin plugin menu will show up where you can set ARM/BUS/GPU frequency.
      I have only done a benchmark with 444mhz ARM clock, BUS is already at its max, and whether GPU frequency increasement does change anything is not known.

      Put the plugins folder at ux0:plugins. The plugin will only work with games that have been dumped with Vitamin.​


    • Quote via Rinnegatamante
      Amphetamin is the first plugin for PSVITA made by Team Freek that will allows you to set a custom frequency for CPU/BUS/GPU when playing games.

      Original amphetamin since has a race condition with main thread appears to consantly flick on screen when menu is called.

      This little patch for amphetamin will fix this behaviour by just pausing main thread (aka the game) when menu is triggered and resuming main thread when amphetamin menu is closed. (like CWCheat and similar plugins did in PSP era).


      To install it just overwrite your amphetamin.suprx in ux0:/plugins.

      All credits for the plugin goes to Team Freek (mr.gas, Major_Tom, TheFl0w), me i only added this little patch to fake pause/resume main thread."


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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 31, 2016.

    1. happydance
      I think vitamin is a game dumper/decryptor app more than a backup manager
    2. pinky
      I'm receiving a c2-12828-1 error with both tales of hearts r and ys memories of celceta after installation. :(
    3. faith genesis raven
      faith genesis raven
      @pinky some games may require sce modules for example with akibas trip
      it gave me the same error but addiing the files would fix it
      although it wont fix all games giving that error but it did fix a lot of them

      hope to see vitamins next version soon because theflow0 has already mentioned many fixes for the upcoming version
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    4. pinky
      what do u mean by sce modules? I can't find any information about that.
    5. faith genesis raven
      faith genesis raven
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    6. pinky
      drop the sce module folder in that location? thanks.
    7. faith genesis raven
      faith genesis raven
      yeah, it helped a few i had trouble with although liked mentioned does not fix all of them

      althought it seems that the next version of vitamin is coming out possibily this weekend judging from a tweet from TheFloW "Weekend for me = christmas for you"

      might aswell just wait for new version for dumping or setting up games etc... because from the sounds of things it will have much more compatibility
    8. faith genesis raven
      faith genesis raven
      regarding the save bug it may be a henkaku thing rather than vitamin
      for people having any save data issue test it with various retail games

      theflow posted on twitter asking about it and some people have mentioned it happens with retail aswell
      read on a few other places recently and its pointing more towards henkaku than vitamin
      but more people testing is needed and i think its important to do so

      although personally has not happened to me
      regardless of anything make sure to backup your saves on pc if possibile

      posting this here hoping more people will test
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