PS VITA / PS TV VitaPad++ v0.3 (by Arkanite) - A New & Impressive Text Editor (& More) for Henkaku

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    Here is new utility that is a welcome sight to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV community as developer Arkanite releases VitaPad++ (which do not get confused with VitaPad which is a completely different app with different functions). This text-editor with tons of functionality is a handy tool but developer has packed alot of additional functionality and features that makes this such a great utility even for developers who might want to edit / review and source code on the go, There is already great features but also see the roadmap and it should serve as a great addition to he Henkaku Library of homebrew . Additional details of this latest GekiHEN Contest Entry, note as of writing this news we have 1 day and about 12 hours (counter in our forum) until the deadline for submitted entries.


    • VitaPad++ (by Arkanite)

      VitaPad++2.jpg VitaPad++3.jpg

      VitaPad++ is a portable notepad and source code editor for the Playstation Vita.
      This project initially started as a simple text editor and has grown to support such features as:
      • Line numbering.
      • Multi language syntax highlighting.
      • On-screen Developer keyboard.
      • Tab indexing.
      • Full touch support.
      • Multi file handling.
      • Bookmarking.
      • File manager.
      • Auto-view positioning.
      • and more.

      VitaPadd++ can also be set as a standard notepad editor and has a range of configurations to personalize as you like.​

      You can keep track of development and the features road map over at the Git repository.

      • SELECT - Open/Close Menu.
      • CROSS - Show/Hide Keyboard.
      • SQUARE - (In Editor) Backspace.
      • CIRCLE - (In Menu) Back navigate.
      • L.TRIGGER - Previous file.
      • R.TRIGGER - Next file.
      • D-PAD - (In Editor) Line navigation.
      • FRONT TOUCH - Full interaction, incl auto-keyboard calling and document scrolling.

      1. Add - stats HUD (togglable: Menu -> Settings -> Preferences)
      2. Add - dialog on incompatible files.
      3. Add - DPad hold seeking (all directions).
      4. Add - circle btn to back cycle through setting menu.
      5. Add - dialog on max files open.
      6. Add - syntax auto load on known file extension (saving/loading).
      7. Add - settings option - set auto Tabbing (off/single/double).
      8. Add - US Dev keyboard (incl TAB).
      9. Add - automatic Keyboard calling on touch.
      10. Add - Multiple open files (max of 4 "currently").
      11. Add - <-- Line bookmarking. :)
      12. Add - File browser.
      13. Add - Basic hold text selection (no interaction yet).
      14. Fix - layout width issue on file switching.
      15. Fix - 'last browse dir' not saved when closing file manager.
      16. Fix - unwanted scroll on keyboard interaction.
      17. Fix - caret positioning issue while menu open.
      18. Fix - files not loaded if filename contains special characters.
      19. Sub - removed native keyboard.
      daa30380-0989-11e7-9a67-bbfec772fcaa.jpg cc43e2fa-0989-11e7-8232-854ddceff118.jpg d2963e82-0989-11e7-96e7-296787cfb942.jpg de7da820-0989-11e7-8b01-e526b97ce5b8.jpg

      1. Add - Basic touch support (line indexing, column indexing & scroll)
      2. Add - Syntax highlighting (C, C++, Java)
      3. Add - File save/close.
      4. Add - Settings menu (with a massive 1 option)
      5. Add - stats HUD (togglable: Menu -> Settings -> Preferences)
      6. Fix - DPad navigation can go outside max line count.

    • ROAD MAP:

      ver 0.4
      • Find/Replace/Mark feature.
      • Style Configurator (user defined syntax & UI colours).
      • File auto-caching and auto save.
      • Clipboard.
      • Selection interaction (cut/copy/past/delete/apply upper-case/apply lower-case).
      • Keyboard update (fn/pgUp/pgDn/Home/End/Insert/Delete/Numpad).
      • Print Screen (screenshots).
      • URL and email interaction.
      • Syntax VitaSDK and common libraries.
      • Font face and size selection (Editor and UI).
      • Language additions: ini, xml, c#, makefile, JavaScript, HTML.
      • Performance improvements and code cleanup.
      ver 0.5 - 0.6
      • Git support.
      • Undo.
      • Spell checker.
      • User defined 'safe'/'unsafe' modes.
      ver 0.7
      • Code autocomplete.
      • Compare files feature (split screen).
      • Custom keyboard skinning.

    • THANKS
      • vitasdk developers : for the sdk
      • all contributors behind libvita2d

    Download: VitaPad++ (v0.3)
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 18, 2017.

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