PS VITA / PS TV VitaQuake v2.10 - Latest update from Rinnegatamante

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    Developer Rinnegatamante who is responsible for 13 Homebrew Releases since the debut of the HENkaku Exploit. Not only is the developer producing alot of brew for the Vita/PsTV community but also supporting many of these releases with updates to improve various aspect. This time around the developer releases a new update to VitaQuake with an update marked as version 2.10. There is alot of additions and tweaks made in this version of Quake for the Vita. Also note you can play Quake on RetroArch as well, so tell us how do you think the two version compare?


    • Version 2.10
      • Added a benchmark option in the menu.
      • Fixed a crash caused by being out of bounds.
      • Fixed the IP:Port resolving problem.
      • Added a serverlist option in Join Game screen with a couple of multiplayer servers available.
      • Added a new official multiplayer server with deatmatch-only maps (Requires Full Game).
      • Fixed controllers vibration. Now works as intended. (PSTV only)
      • Merged the mod selection menu in the main app. (Hold R-Trigger once the screen is black to load it.). Any folder with pak files or a progs.dat is enough to be detected.
      • Added a Vsync option. (turn it off for maximum performances)
      • Increased the maximum text displayed on a single console line.
      • Fixed cshifts not correctly refreshed after dying on lava/slime/water.
      • Fixed a crash whenever you execute too many config files in a short time.
      • The console/text inputs are now using the IME keyboard, not danzeff anymore.
      • The front touchscreen can now be toggled between a camera or a button.
      • Added psvita_front_sensitivity_x , psvita_front_sensitivity_y , psvita_back_sensitivity_x , psvita_back_sensitivity_y CVARs for better controls.
      • Added new keys for menu: TRIANGLE to go back to the previous menu.
      • Fixed lots of Key problems related to other navigations.
      • Added L & R shoulders can be used to track back the console messages.
      • Adapted the ProQuake 3.40 protocol to join / create servers.
      • Fixed an unknown bug related to loading a solo game after playing deathmatch.
      • Added a "Previous Weapon" binding (bound to CIRCLE by default).
      • Reworked a bit the controls menu.
      • Fixed a BIT oversight, which made every element from the HUD out of place (invisible while invulnerable, etc...)
      • VitaQuake's version (and GIT revision) is now displayed on startup, aswell as on the console.
      • Lots of performance boosts.


      • -A few mods that have custom models (such as X-Men Ravages of Apocalypse or Zerstörer) crashes when starting a map.

    • View Controls, Installation details, videos and more info about this release:

    Download via (& view all the devs releases)::

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 23, 2016.

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