PS Vita / Ps TV vitaQuakeIII (Quake 3 Arena / Team Arena ported to Vita) by Rinnegatamante

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    Developer Rinnegatamante is back again with a new release for the community. The developer has now officially released VitaQuakeIII this release allow for playing of Quake 3 Arena & Quake 3 Team Arena now on your HENkaku exploited PS Vita or PlayStation TV. The project is still in the BETA stage and may experiance some performance issue's at times, like Rinnegatamante recent updates to his other Quake ports of VitaQuake and VitaQuakeII, VitaQuakeIII is powered by VitaGL (Hardware Rendering) ​


    • VitaQuakeIII by Rinnegatamante

      vitaQuakeIII is a port of Quake 3: Arena and Quake 3: Team Arena based on ioquake3 engine.
      It's still in current BETA stage so expect bugs and unstable framerate but as of now it's already enjoyable for playing.

      I suggest NOT TO MESS UP with Setup menu since the release will have an already tweaked config file that should offer a good framerate without downgrading too much graphics. If you want to change some settings, edit q3config file inside baseq3 folder.​

    • Credits:
      - ioq3 developers for ioquake3 engine
      - fgsfds for helping me implementing dynamic linking for shared libraries
      - rsn8887 for the improved analogs sensitivity system
      - Ch3lin for the Livearea assets
      - All my Patreon supporters:
      * XandridFire
      * Billy McLaughlin II
      * Styde Pregny
      * AnOtHeROnE
      * gnuffy
      * Jorge Laurencena
      * rsn8887
      * John Wanot
      * Count Duckula
      * polytoad
      * Edd
      * Defkyle
      * Davenor
      * Samuel Batista
      * Jaden Emrich
      * Elwood Blues
      * Justin
      * Lars Zondervan
      * Yakara Network
      * Santiago Quiroga
      * Pirloui
      * Ramerson Wesley Araujo
      * temp_anon
      * 2Mourty
      * gnmmarechal
      * Bryan Hanbury
      * Gelson Silva

    Download @:
    • The Data Files contain the demo version of Quake III already setup to be played, a tweaked q3config file and shared libraries for both Quake III and Quake III: Team Arena

    Additional details @:
    Release Thread @:
    In-Site Resource @ >>> link
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 22, 2018.

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