PS Vita / Ps TV vitaQuakeIII v0.9 Released - Data Files Downloader Added + "Urban Terror" support added

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    Rinnegatamante has released version 0.9 of VitaQuakeIII for your homebrew enabled PS Vita for when your on the go or your PlayStation TV / Vita TV when your gaming away on the big screen. Either way this is an enjoyable homebrew port. In this version marked as 0.9 the developer has added an Automatic Data FIle Downloader when data files are not present. This makes the release much easier to install and setup and a nice edition to the vita homebre. There has been alot of attention to performance as well in this update the addition of dynamic libraries support for OpenArena core has provided a significant boost. Also, this update provides some experimental support for Urban Terror. This add-on is multiplayer, but as the vita port developer explains in the release notes provided below there will be some issue as outlined due to this was a release designed for the PC and the Rinnegatamante had to do quite a bit of work to get it running on the Vita:


    • v.0.9 available for download introducing experimental Urban Terror support! Urban Terror core is still experimental and the game itself requires A LOT of resources (standard Urban Terror executable requires 500 MBs on PC while on Vita i managed to get a max of 305 MB for vitaQuakeIII). Expect graphical glitches and crashes with it but you can start trying it from this version.​

      • - Added data files downloader when game data files are missing.
      • - Updated to latest vitaGL commit.
      • - Optimized renderer (both speed and memory usage wise).
      • - Added dynamic libraries support to OpenArena core (drastic performance boost).
      • - Fixed several issues related to dynarec that might cause app crashes.
      • - Fixed a memory leak in dynamic libraries unloader.
      • - Made r_noportals a configurable setting (Development purpose, DO NOT TOUCH THIS yet).
      • - Added a check that prevents screen to power off.
      • - Fixed an issue in skyboxes rendering that might have caused messed up sky rendering in some maps.
      • - Now loading mods/missionpacks from inside the application works as expected.
      • - Enabled the background rendering on main menu.
      • - Added (experimental) Urban Terror support.

    • vitaQuakeIII is a port of Quake 3: Arena and Quake 3: Team Arena based on ioquake3 engine.
      It's still in current BETA stage so expect bugs and unstable framerate but as of now it's already enjoyable for playing. I suggest NOT TO MESS UP with Setup menu since the release will have an already tweaked config file that should offer a good framerate without downgrading too much graphics. If you want to change some settings, edit q3config file inside baseq3 folder.​

      How to use lower resolutions:
      To use lower resolutions to improve framerate more, edit in q3config file the r_mode parameter to:
      0 = 480x272
      1 = 640x368
      2 = 720x408
      3 = 960x544

      DPad or Left Analog = Move character
      Right Analog/Touchscreen = Move Camera
      L = Aim
      R = Shoot
      Cross = Jump
      Square = Crouch
      Circle = Use Item
      Triangle = Change in use weapon
      Start = Pause
      Select = Show Score

      How to use full game files:
      • To use full game files, you'll need data files updated to latest patch available.
      • Place pk3 files from baseq3 folder to ux0:data/ioq3/baseq3 folder for standard game and pk3 files from missionpack folder to ux0:data/ioq3/missionpack folder for Quake 3: Team Arena.

      Regarding OpenArena core:
      OpenArena core is highly experimental (even more than Team Arena one) so expect issues on larger scale:
      1) It doesn't have dynamic libraries support for QVMs: This means game will have in general lower performances and will use dynarec.
      2) Related to dynarec, it is unstable which means you have to expect crashes. You can solve this issue by forcing interpreter instead of dynarec (To do so, edit vm_ui, vm_game and vm_cgame values in ux0:data/openarena/baseoa/q3config.cfg from 0 to 1) but interpreter is A LOT slower than dynarec.
      3) By default the core runs at 480x272 resolution. Framerate's already kinda bad but playable on relatively small maps. Increasing it to 960x544 is possible (look up to this post) but not recommended.
      4) OpenArena core doesn't use OpenArena engine but still ioquake3 engine. This means some stuffs (especially in the renderer) are missing (eg. the particles renderer).

      Known bugs/issues:
      - Framerate is unstable, especially in Team Arena and OpenArena
      - Character model is not properly rendered in Setup submenus
      - 3D Icons in the in game HUD get covered from walls sometimes and from player weapon
      - Attempting to launch Team Arena in game from Quake III causes a crash (use the Livearea icon)

      - ioq3 developers for ioquake3 engine
      - fgsfds for helping me implementing dynamic linking for shared libraries
      - rsn8887 for the improved analogs sensitivity system
      - Ch3lin for the Livearea assets
      - All my Patreon supporters:

      • Tain Sueiras
      • The Vita3K project
      • RaveHeart
      • Mored1984
      • ArkaniteOnVita
      • Count Duckula
      • rsn8887
      • T33Hud
      • Andyways
      • Daniel Krusenbaum
      • DiDoSvK
      • Elwood Blues
      • Thomas Würgler
      • GregoryRasputin
      • Demodex
      • styroteqe
      • Eduardo Minguez
      • Artūrs Lubāns
      • Samuel Batista
      • suLac4ever
      • BOBdotEXE
      • Troy Murray
      • Jared Breland
      • Daniel
      • Lars Zondervan
      • gnmmarechal
      • Yakara
      • Pirloui
      • 2Mourty
      • Gelson Silva
      Important Note
      The Data Files contain the demo version of Quake III already setup to be played, a tweaked q3config file and shared libraries for both Quake III and Quake III: Team Arena. OpenArena full data files are also included.​

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