PS VITA / PS TV VitaShell Official Theme Contest: A look @ some submissions (submissions end on 2/19)

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By STLcardsWS on Feb 17, 2017 at 8:52 PM
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    We told you earlier in the week of the Competition VitaShell developer TheFlow was holding and the winner will be used as the official theme for VitaShell in the future. As TheFlow is seeking a new fresh look to the popular Vita /PsTV Homebrew that has evolved quite a bit since its introduction back with the Rejuvenate exploit was the excitement in the Vita Scene. So, A fresh new eye-candy is well over due for this homebrew, many have already answered the call and you can see some of those designs in this post, plus get moving on your theme submissions as the window is closing fast (very fast on the 19th). .

    Checkout this post over at for more information and to submit your new VitaShell Theme


    • vitashell_musicplayer_no-cover.png vitashell_popup_settings.png vitashell_editor_hex.png vitashell_editor_text.png vitashell_popup_about.png vitashell_musicplayer_with-cover.png vitashell_popup_ftp.png vitashell_fm.png

    • CobaltLogoS.png

      PreviewGeneral.jpg PreviewContext.jpg PreviewContextMore.jpg PreviewMusicPlayerNoCover.jpg PreviewHexEditor.jpg

    • 3D background effect would be great for vitashell . This need more time but the idea is here. something more 3Dish would be good

      For example : colorizing this and correcting it
      and apply this color model I've made

    • a9eefb09303d41829af322b3e9e8d56f.png e60536cfcb924c11a6c824566c814fb0.png 542446dd3149418ca26dfaf33b3b82a5.png 57fa21651cb84e4fa166566f5d24c2b7.png a7dbbb9d434f4d6892ac689793b2bf92.png cedaa672912d4940a583906bf98063d0.png

    • Vista 2.jpg Vista 3.jpg Vista 4.jpg Vista 5.jpg Vista 6.jpg Vista 7.jpg Vista 8.jpg Vista 9.jpg Vista 10.jpg

    • preview.jpg 2017_02_18_155557.jpg new.jpg 2017_02_18_154926.jpg

    Source & Additional Competition details:
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 17, 2017.

    1. STLcardsWS
      Added theme from "bazgee"
    2. Berion
      Screenshots which You attached from my theme presenting conceptual version, impossible to implement in current theme system (I counting that TheFloW will expand it but unfortunately he is not interested). Then, I adapt this to possible look. So please, change it to preview images from Phalaris archive. Oh, and sorry for confusion. ^^
    3. Fuzion9
      Berion or Cobalt for me so far
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    4. kozarovv
      Same here :)
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    5. Berion
      BTW: bazgee took "colors.txt" from my theme, removed line with credits and attach to his theme... It's not a big deal, well it's the only colours file, but seriously? Removing credits? He could just ask and I would permit him to use it... He even not removed commented lines (for one of the branch of the VitaShell, not used in 1.51). Jesus...

      I hate such kind of peoples. :|
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    6. barelynotlegal
      Berion looks nice. 2nd would be cobalt.
    7. Joel16
      I understand your pain, there's this one guy who stole my credit and slapped his name all over it.
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    8. Berion
      And he so much want to win that even edited his first post in thread to be first. lol
      BTW: Wololo moderation deleted our conversation but I have a copy (just in case ;)).
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    9. STLcardsWS
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    10. bguerville
      I feel exactly like @STLcardsWS.
      And I really do not see the point in posting the drama that has been happening on other forums in this news thread...
      At best, it serves no purpose & at worst venting anger could lead to the argument continuing here...
      Last edited: Feb 21, 2017
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    11. Berion
      Ok, sorry.
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