PS VITA / PS TV VitaShell v0.95 brings some new features and improvements

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By kozarovv on Sep 10, 2016 at 1:48 PM
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    Here it is, latest update for VitaShell. v0.95 is first update available also thru automatic network update option implemented in v0.91. Latest version added text editor, "install all" feature for vpk files, extended quick menu, and many more. This version have also included some improvements for Vitamin users, and build in SHA1 checksum calculator. VitaShell is growing fast into best henkaku exploited consoles application, must have homebrew.

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    • Changelog 0.95

      • Added ability to install update files as .vpk (for Vitamin).
      • Added patch to make .vpk installation appearing as full version instead of test version.
      • Added text editor by BigBoot (WIP).
      • Added 'More' entry to the context menu.
      • Added 'Install all' feature to install all packages available in the folder (by ribbid987).
      • Added 'Calculate SHA1' feature by xerpia64.
      • Added support for ftp promoting for
      • Fixed 'Move' operation. Now it does integrate into folders and replace files.
      • Dropped GENERAL_COLOR, now all colors are adjustable.

      Changelog 0.91

      • Added automatic network update. VitaShell will now notify you when there's a new update. You'll then be able to download it within the VitaShell application and it will update both molecularShell and VitaShell to the newest verison.
      • Added text and audio file icon by littlebalup.
      • Updated to latest libftpvita which fixed file size string > 2GB and added APPE command.

    Download: VitaShell v0.95 (Official Link)
    Mirror: via Resources

    Source: Github
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by kozarovv, Sep 10, 2016.

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