PS Vita / Ps TV vitaXash3D - Run Half-Life on Vita (port of Xcash3d-FWGS Engine)

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    We seen a Homebrew Media Player finally appear on the VITA / PSTV but another really impressive project this time around by developer fgsfds called vitaXash3D has popped up this past week as well, In the recent months we have seen vitaQuake use Hardware-Accelerated rendering (VitaGL) which has greatly improved the graphical experience and soon to be vitaQuake 2 (details), but now a new engine has arrived as it appears on the Vita for the first time The Open Source Engine (Xash3d-FWGS Engine) that aims to improve the original GoldSrc Engine, which is the engine that powers those iconic Retro Shooters Half-Life & Counter-Stike, unfortunately at this time Counter-Strike is not supported with this port, but perhaps that changes in the future... However Half-Life (if you own the game) & many mods are performing very well on your PS Vita / PlayStation TV (Vita TV), so this is really cool project and a great shooter that was really ahead of its time when it originally was released. Any Half-Life Fans here at psx-place, if not and are a fan of first person shooters you have to check this out it pioneered many elements still used today games, then the many mods really expand the playablity.

    Video by YouTuber Stranno

    • vitaXash3D
      This is a Vita port of the Xash3D-FWGS engine, which is a FOSS recreation of the GoldSrc engine on which games like Half-Life and Counter-Strike run. Currently the port only supports Half-Life, custom Half-Life maps and mods that don't have custom game code (this means complex mods like Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Opposing Force and Blue Shift don't work correctly yet).

      wYWfSgo.png iOUtbGp.png nnmgozH.png

      • Hardware-accelerated rendering at native resolution via vitaGL;
      • Sound
      • Multiplayer, both over LAN and online (untested);
      • Mod support via integrated launcher (only works with mods that don't need custom game DLLs, like USS Darkstar);
      • Runs most versions of Half-Life 1, including Steam, WON and Uplink versions.

    • Installation guide
      • Download >>> (latest release):
      • If you have a previous release of vitaXash3D installed with the full version of Half-Life, download the new (from latest release) and extract it to ux0:/ again, replacing everything.
      • If you have Release 1 installed with Uplink, you'll have to delete the xash3d folder and reinstall from scratch.

      1. Install the VPK.
      2. If you have a full version of Half-Life installed, copy the valve directory from it to ux0:/data/xash3d on your Vita.
        If you don't have a copy of Half-Life, download this archive containing the Half-Life Uplink demo and extract it to ux0:/.
      3. Extract to ux0:/. Replace everything if prompted.

    • Default controls
      • LEFT ANALOG: move player
      • RIGHT ANALOG: move camera
      • LTRIGGER: primary fire when in game, turn on onscreen keyboard when in console
      • RTRIGGER: secondary fire
      • CROSS: use, select menu option
      • SQUARE: reload
      • CIRCLE: jump
      • TRIANGLE: duck
      • LEFT, RIGHT: change weapon
      • UP: last used weapon
      • DOWN: flashlight
      • START: open/close menu
      • SELECT: open/close console (only works in-game)

      Controls can be customized in the options menu.

    • Installing Mods
      • The integrated mod selector detects all folders you have inside ux0:/data/xash3d as mods and lists them for selection.
      • To install a mod, just copy its folder (e. g. darkstar for USS Darkstar) to ux0:/data/xash3d, just like you would for PC Half-Life.

    • Read this before asking questions:
      • The port is still very much a work in progress. Performance is subpar and there are numerous issues I've yet to fix. FPS is usually between 15 and 60, depending on the amount of stuff onscreen.

      • To enable debugging features and ability to open console in the menu, run the game in debug mode by pressing TRIANGLE instead of CROSS in the mod launcher. This will also write the console log to ux0:/data/xash3d/engine.log.

      • If you're having trouble aiming, try turning on Autoaim in Configuration -> Controls -> Adv controls and/or lowering analog sensitivity for Pitch and Yaw in Configuration -> Gamepad. You can also invert any axis on either analog in the same menu by ticking the appropriate Invert checkbox. Pitch and yaw seem to be swapped for some reason, though.

      • Saving takes a really long time, sometimes up to two minutes, loading is also slow, but not as much. This is a known issue and I'm working on fixing it. When the game hangs at a random point or when you enter a new map, it's probably autosaving, so wait until it finishes. If you want, you can disable autosaves in Configuration -> Game options.

      • Multiplayer works with any Xash3D server as long as it's compatible with this port, meaning it has to be running vanilla Half-Life on either Xash3D-FWGS v0.19 or Xash3D build 3366, otherwise it will probably crash during connection. Hosting a server on your Vita and joining it also should work, at least over LAN.

      • The game will download any maps and resources you don't have when you join a server automatically, as long as you enable Allow download in Configuration -> Game options.

      • Playing multiplayer and running other mods requires the full version of Half-Life.

      • You can install Uplink as a mod alongside the full version by copying just the uplink folder from the Uplink archive linked above.

      • If your question is not answered in this section, check the README and the issues list on Github first.

      • Uncle Mike & co for Xash3D and FWGS team for Xash3D-FWGS;
      • Vita SDK Team for the Vita SDK;
      • Rinnegatamante for vitaGL, vitaQuake/vitaQuakeII and general advice;
      • ArkSource for the Live Area stuff;
      • everyone on the #henkaku and #vitasdk IRC channels for help and/or testing.

    Latest Download @:

    Source Code:
    Release Thread/Discussion:
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 3, 2018.

    1. nCadeRegal
      This is really awesome news. Half life started it all. You would not have your call of duty games, or online multiplayer if it was not for half life and team fortress classic. Countless mods have been released over the years for this game, it truly is one of the greatest of all time. Would be cool if the source engine was also ported to give that graphical upgrade we had way back when. God the hours i spent playing tfc with friends back in the day. When you logged in and it was loading the console displayed time spent in game. Mine was somewhere around 74 hours. All on a dial up connection, ahh the good ol days.

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