PS Vita / Ps TV Volume Control Pack (by GrapheneCt): Control system Audio in real-time

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    One of the advantages of having an exploited system is the ability to create solutions and developer GrapheneCt has done just that with this latest release for the PS Vita or a PlayStation TV/Vita TV. If you find yourself with a hardware limitations/malfunction (like a broken volume button) or simply the ability to adjust the volume in real-time by an alternate means, then Volume Control Pack is something to keep a watch on as this project develops. In this initial release you can install the vpk or you can also install plugin for some added functionality.

    According to famed Vita developer @Rinnegatamante this release marks the first "system app" homebrew.. "system app which means you can run it while another app is running (eg: Open VitaShell and then open this homebrew and it won't ask you to kill VitaShell at app launch)"


    • Volume Control Pack
      This pack consist of applications designed to control system audio volume on PS vita in real time. Can be usefull if vol+- buttons are broken:
      1. Modal Volume Control application
      2. Volume Control application
      3. Modal Volume Control plugin (only needed for Modal Volume Control)
      Both of this applications can be used simultaneously with any games, including the ones that require enlarged memory (with LowMemMode plugin). Runs on system-reserved CPU core.

      You have two choices:
      1. Install VolumeControl.vpk. Can be used right away, plugin is not required. You can install plugin (under *All) to get quick access to the application from games by pressing SELECT+RIGHT. Shell BGM will be played back in the app, allowing for easy volume setup.
      2. (Not available for now) Install ModalVol plugin (under * All) and after that install ModalVolumeControl application. Application bubble will not appear in LiveArea, this is normal. Reboot your Vita. You can now launch Modal Volume Control application in most of the games by pressing SELECT + RIGHT button combination.

    Source Code:


Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 11, 2020.

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