PS4 Waiting for Exploits on lower firmware? Why it might not be worth it ....

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 12, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Dec 12, 2016 at 10:41 PM
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    When a groundbreaking exploit hits a device, the most successful hacks that launch a scene, are the exploits enabling things such as un-authozired code / homebrew on the device with the latest firmware at the time the exploit goes public. As this is obviously when you have the biggest audience (end-user & developer's), In most cases the manufacture makes a quick update in the days / weeks to come, as Sony wishes to patch the exploit , however by then many people and outside news hubs are educated and well aware to stay on that firmware and as they look and await the firmware update that patches the expoit,


    You take the PS4 for example say an exploit arises on a lower firmware, such as the case with v1.76 . You are left with a limited and very niche audience. This restricts not only the end-user but also potential developers who has to track down & buy new hardware as there is no downgrade process available thus losing alot of potential development of the platform out of the gate. So, usually after a few releases the exploits peaks, with exploits arising on lower firmwares is not useless as they are very useful for research, documentation, and future development as developer's and hacker's can learn more about the device. So, its not a waste in any sorts of the form, but for the user saying "should i not update" because there is this or that rumor. I would say my opinion on this matter is to update because any meaningful exploit has to be on current firmware to have any impact in creating a Homebrew Platform.

    Recently well known hacker within the console scene in Mathieuth tweeted the following " Friendly advice, buy a ps4 pro while it's still on firmware 3.70 and don't update it." and then when asked about original PS4 the following was stated "Anything lower than 4.06 is fine". So while an exploit could be on the way, does this exploit mean good things for the PS4 Community and an explosion of Homebrew like on previous console? I would say not so fast with those predictions and give caution on those thoughts. The problem with this exploit its already patched before it has been made public. So its not as effective as previous Sony hacks like the PlayStation 3 on 3.41 or 3.55 firmware where those exploits were made available when these were the current firmwares. Or lets fast forward to a more recent hack with HENkaku for the PS Vita and PsTV where the community and user's had several weeks before Sony patched the exploit with 3.61 firmware (vita). If HENkaku had been on a previous firmware such as 3.55 when 3.60 was the latest. The impact of HENkaku i feel would of been much less. There would not be as many user's and therefore we would not of seen as many developer's and projects. It would of greatly reduce the impact of the hack in terms of launching homebrew scene for the Vita.

    So, now do you think you should "wait to update" in regards to some of these latest PS4 rumors?The choice is yours, I am just offering a different perspective and comparison of most successful exploits and hacks of other PlayStation Devices.
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 12, 2016.

    1. atreyu187
      I agree totally as most hacks come on the latest firmware ATM.

      PS3 3.41 was the current FW at the time, not counting geohot's 3.21 OOS firmware thst never went public.

      Vita 3.60 was the current firmware at the time when HENkaku came out.

      360 not counting the King Kong exploit when jtag came around was the latest firmware

      3DS I cant even keep up with as so many exploits have came out but there has been downgrader files for those to high when applicable.

      Wii 4.1 was current when the Zelda hack came out and 4.2 & 4.3 followed soon thrre after.

      PSP was hacked with 1.00 day one and 1.50 was blended into firmwares till a true full firmware replacement was out.

      Older then that don't really apply as it was all hardware based chips thst did the work outside of the Dreamcast which just exploited a software backdoor Sega put themselves for there answer TO VCD/DVD at the time. As with the PS4 I am guessing we will see.
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    2. nCadeRegal
      Yea i played this game with vita till recently, as im sure we all did. As far as ps4 goes im up to date. Theres to much toiss put on if not on current firmware with all of the online offerings and games from sony. Its just not worth it anymore.
    3. STLcardsWS
      Forgot to publish this one the other day. ;p
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    4. pinky
      the 360's drop off point when it comes jtagging is 7371. kernel 4xxx actually had a bug with the hypervisor allowing the running of unsigned code. the hypervisor hack is still be used today on the latest firmware. microsoft tried blowing the efuses (a few at a time) up to 7371. for those who don't know, jtag points r points to debug the NAND, so jtag points exist even on the vita. in microsoft's rush to the market, they left the jtag points enabled while sony disabled theirs before releasing the vita.

      actually, the zelda hack existed at least before 3.2. I have uneek installed on my wii, and it's using firmware 3.2 which is the second best firmware to be on before 4.1. 4.2 and 4.3 were antipiracy measures or anti-hacking I mean, but that didn't work. the virtual wii is on 4.3 with some added protection, but that didn't work either. lol I do remember performing the zelda hack so long ago. I think it existed when I bought the wii, and mine allows for boot2 and priiloader, so it's an older system.
    5. Tranced
      Just got a PS4, its on 3.55 funny enough. (PS3 legend firmware at the time imo.) No games for it though. Wanted the Pro since I have a 4k tv but the low price of the slim that is limited till 24 Dec was too good to be true. Will I wait on this firmware version for a hack? To be honest I don't think I will. The console is better enjoyed for its online capabilities. Besides, I have my PS3 for homebrew...
    6. eXtreme
      sure devs have private stuff but I don't understand how people can believe that rumors. I mean they think they will get a 3.70 exploit soon only because someone who doesn't work on ps4, has posted not to update. we know of the 1.76 exploit and we saw the proof of an 4.01 exploit. there are no facts if another guy posts a picture of a rebug cfw or a mm4 video :)
      you know there is a site (I personal don't have anything against the site) which you can read much rumors, the most is just bs and give many people false hope. this is just my opinion.

      ps: I don't believe that someone have a 1.76 cfw. we don't have seen a decrypted pup yet.
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    7. KaozHG
      Each year a new upgrade the hardware, ps4, ps4 slim, ps4 pro - x box one, xbox one s, xbox one scorpio - ps5 already comes on the horizon, sincerely console scene very confused. Wait Exploits = stopped consoles.
    8. pinky
      that's the problem with console gaming now. not having to upgrade is y people chose console gaming over pc gaming. also, I've heard that the ps4 pro has heating issues. I heard u couldn't even touch the console since it was so hot. great job, sony!
    9. KaozHG
      That's right we'll be victims, save your money :)
    10. pinky
      I don't have any money anymore, and I own the JP slime ps4, so I don't have any intention of replacing it. it's still on 3.55. I'm blocking all downloads via my ps4 tutorial. it still works without issue. and, u can access the internet regardless. :-p
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    11. Half Mile Ride
      Half Mile Ride
      I bought a Pro this last week and I debated with myself before getting home if I was going to wait on the firmware it came on for an exploit.

      When I got home I updated it to the latest version, I figured that in the end if a jailbreak is going to be made it is going to be made for profit, so they need the biggest possible pool of consumers who can easily install or re-create the exploit (like PSJailbreak), If I closed myself off at 3.70 I wouldn't be able to enjoy the PS4 for the reason I bought it for, to play games, besides I do own a 4K TV and the PS5 or whatever is 5 years away or less, I'd rather enjoy the system and later down the line get a 4.55 or whatever the magic firmware becomes.

    12. pinky
      I'm playing the wii u as well as my virtual wii hacked, so I can withstand the ps4 being on 3.55. though, I want to play FFXV at some point.
    13. psydefx
      think im staying legit on ps4. i got too many games to get me busy on older consoles: psx,psp,ps2 and ps3. all on cfw/modded
    14. pasha4ur
      I'm on 3.15 but some games like uncharted 4 can't install updates :)

      Ready to pay for cfw (and donated ps3 cfw before)
    15. KaozHG
      It will be late for some cfw for ps4, see psvita cfw now?
    16. Berion
      IMO It's not worth buying a console when it's unhacked... The reason why I hacked consoles is because I want full or at least partially control over MY data (saves, trophies, licenses etc.). It's ridiculous that someone decide what can I backup, what can I restore, on what, when, and on what conditions. WTF Sony/MS/Nintendo? When I only just think about someone control my data, the beast in full rage awaking inside me... ;p So, I never bought in my life any console when it's not yet hacked (ok, with PS3 exception because when I saw all this encrypting junk I lost faith).

      Probably I'm in minority, most of peoples doesn't care about data, they want games, even when there is no longer they games and even if those games are some kind temporary. :(
    17. faith genesis raven
      faith genesis raven
      ps4 is different,
      because im not ever going to hack (if something comes out) my current one because i had ps plus for over a year still going and got many games like rocket league which i probably play far too much XD , online multiplayer and with playing latest games like ffxv etc...
      ps4 is my main console for games its too much to give up

      to buy an additional ps4 for (possible future) hacks is quite steep the price s quite a lot and not worth buying one to wait for the unknown although maybe different once the actual hacks
      (if) comes out then for different models slim or pro but then may become difficult getting one depending fw versions etc....

      wiiu was really simple because i didnt want to risk getting banned because i was still enjoying online games like splatoon and mario mario kart (not anyone because of cheaters :/ ) i bought another wiiu console for less than £40 a ps4 would probably be over 3 times more

      ps vita similar thing i got really lucky with an ebay bid slim model games and a memory card
      sold the games since i was not interested so basically in the end it only cost me £50

      x360 had great amazing stuff on it and it got me into xbox360 a lot because i barely used mine till i got it hacked

      3ds was a bit different as when gateway proved to be legit with stock worldwide as it was not the latest fw nintendo updated like a week before or something but i sold my 3ds easy enough for good money and bought an xl model for reasonable price so it was upgrade aswell quite simple to do

      wii was a great system with hacks mario customs etc... homebrew etc... made it a great console to have, so easy to do and no reason not to

      psp i still have a hacked one despite selling my psp go and buying a cheaper psp 2000
      its great system to have portable and with it various homebrew and cfw its awesome

      back with ps3
      ps plus is not like ps plus of today there just was not as much reason not to hack back then i was not buying many games or playing online so hacking the console was an easy choice

      in the end depends on the user but just with all the online features games etc... it has changed things compared to older consoles, i know i went on for too long but i enjoyed talking about it XD
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    18. habib
      Its a matter of creating a rop chain with webkit
      Ps3 is also hackable right now just that no one cares about it, you just need a rop chain, we already passed memory regioning restriction and also we can dump memory including lv2
      I dont know webkit and web development a lot and im not as convinced for ps3 because its soon to be dead console
      Anyone who knows ppc ,webkit should be able to create a rop chain which would allow userland code execution
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    19. kozarovv
      Yeah all that vita first stage webkit exploits was ported to ps4 but they stuck on kernel things if i understand correctly. But no one ported it to ps3, where we actually probably know next step.

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