PS3 webMAN MOD 1.47.21 - Improved support for PS3HEN with update by Aldostools

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By STLcardsWS on Jun 2, 2019 at 9:42 AM
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    Following the recent updates to backup manager's (multiMAN / IRISMAN / ManaGunZ) to provide improved support for PS3HEN. A new update has been also provided for webMAN MOD by fork creator @aldostools, This turbo-charged PS3 plugin for PS3 CFW & PS3HEN user's has been updated to version 1.47.21, as PS3HEN evolves the plugin must adopt as well and improved support for PS3HEN should be seen in this update, along with some other improvements to the AIO plugin. Checkout the full details about this update in the changelogs included below


    • webMAN MOD 1.47.21
      • Improved support for PS3HEN
        • Reduced wait time on startup when notifcation message is enabled
      • Added support for auto-config of PS2 Classics using encrypted CONFIG files
        • The TITLE ID of the PS2 game must be included in the file name of the .BIN.ENC (encrypted PS2ISO).
        • ENC files provided by @Joonie86
      • Speedup improvement generating XML and HTML for scanned content
      • Added CORS headers to HTTP response (suggested by @xps3riments)
      • Added support for display PIC1 when PSPISO is mounted
      • Bug fix generating XML with content group enabled Thanks @ Joonie86 for the bug report
      • Fix navigation to parent folder in /net folders
      • Added dynamic lookup for syscall table offset for future firmware
      • Added breadcrumb trail to paths listed in PS3MAPI
      • CD sector size detection of PSXISO not longer use temp file

      If you like webMAN MOD, then feel free to contribute with a *small donation*, I'd really appreciate it!

    Download @:
    Source Code:
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 2, 2019.

    1. rjwboys
      im with @kapodamy any example?

      ok i think it be like this for example time splitters furture perfect is SLUS-21148
      the file would be SLUS_211.48.ISO.BIN.ENC just by looking at the enc files in the config
      Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
    2. amirzaim
      Finally can load isos directly from the webman.

      Previous version had been some issues, resulting controller become unresponsive.
    3. kaluas
      1.47.22 is already out. Nice.
    4. umart666
      where's that pkg/rom launcher?i can't find it.
    5. kaluas
    6. umart666
      it's not on the github,at least i don't see it.i've also searched this forum and only found links hosted here that are dead.
    7. kaluas
      Yeah, you are not wrong. Maybe @aldostools himself can provide some assistance.
    8. atreyu187

      In webMAN setup scroll all the way down to the bottom. There is a PKG link click that and it will install for you. It's where the themes and PS2/PSP launchers are.

    9. aldostools
      Enclose the TITLE ID in square brackets.
      e.g. Time Splitters [SLUS_211.48].ISO.BIN.ENC or Time Splitters [SLUS21148].ISO.BIN.ENC

      I will add later support for more formats, like SLUS-21148 without brackets or SLUS_211.48.ISO.BIN.ENC

      The release page has been updated with the links.
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    10. ninku
      Automatic fan controller does not work when CFW is disabled R2 + / \

      Tested in version 1.47.22
    11. aldostools
      Did you only disabled CFW syscalls with R2+/\ or also unloaded webMAN with L3+R3+R2?

      If you also unloaded webMAN, then it's normal. The fan controller is part of webMAN.

      If you use Mamba 8.2, it has an integrated fan controller that is activated when webMAN is unloaded.
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    12. umart666
      tut on how to use new ROMS feature would be nice.i haven't been able to figure it out myself,i did installed ROM launcher from webman MOD menu itself,i have proper latest retroarch CEX installed and fully working,roms in the ROMS folder on internal hdd and that folder scanned and roms recognized in retroarch.

      obviously i have updated to latest webman MOD.

      edit: if i launch PKG/ROMS Launcher it launches Movian,for some reason. :)
    13. aldostools
      Yes a tutorial would be nice.... there are a lot of experienced users with free time that can make one :)

      PKG/ROM Launcher has multiple purposes... one of them is to serve as template to launch or mount games from XMB. Movian is the default app of the template. More info:

      For ROMS you use the disc icon on XMB. webMAN internally links the roms to retroArch and PKG/ROM Launcher.

      If you activate the auto-play, the ROM is launched almost directly from XMB.
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    14. x-diamant
      Hi, i just disabled cfw with r2+/\ but the fan controller doesn't work.
      I saw that while I was playing and I get the message : the system warms up and I had to turn it off.
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    15. ninku
      I only disabled CFW syscalls with R2+/\

      I use Cobra

      He can not control the fan rotation, he appears in the notification that the speed is increasing until reaching 99% because he understands that the chip is heating up, but the cooler always stays in the minimum rotation that in my case is 40%
    16. umart666
      what disc icon?i don't have any disc icon on the whole xmb (latest rebug).only icon that resembles a disc is a 'insert disc' option in webman MOD menu.

      i can't see why would that be important,but i have noBD cfw,maybe that has the part in nothing showing in 'ROMS' submenu in webman MOD.

      i also doublechecked and enabled both PKG Launcher and ROMS from 'scan for content' option in webman MOD setup.

      thanks for all the help!

      edit - new beta is out on github,no specific changelog for it though.
      Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
    17. Lion_4K
      I've updated here and lost the webman icon from the webman games folder, it's now just the stock folder icon.
      I kinda liked that icon, is there a way to have it back?
    18. IAMSantiD
      Hello, i installed the latest version of Webman and the App_Game folder does not appear in the xmb, they say you have to activate it to appear, where do I activate it?
    19. Rudboy62100
      salut a tous j'ai installer webman sur ma ps3 super slim
      le problème et que des que j'active le HEN après le démarrage de la ps3,
      ma console fige.
      Est ça depuis que j'ai installé webman avant le HEN fonctionné nickel.
      De pence que webman ce lance automatiquement et fais bauger ma ps3.
      De ce fait je ne peut plus rien faire a par débrancher et rebrancher ma ps3 .
      je ne peu pas non plus désinstaller webman bizarrement l’option désinstaller dans le paramètre de webman n'y figure pas .
      je pourrait le désinstaller de multiman
      mais pareille il faut pour cela que le HEN sois activé comme dit plus haut des que je l'active (le hen ) la console bloqué .
      Quelqu'un a déjà eu ce problème ?
      Peut on m'aidez a résoudre ce problème merci je compte sur vous .
    20. Rudboy62100
      Hi all I have to install webman on my ps3 super slim
      the problem and that as soon as I activate the HEN after starting the ps3,
      my console freezes.
      This is since I installed webman before the HEN worked without problem.
      From pence that webman this launches automatically and bade my ps3.
      So I can not do anything by unplugging and reconnecting my PS3.
      I can not uninstall webman oddly the uninstall option in the webman parameter is not included.
      I could uninstall it from multiman
      but like that it is necessary that the HEN be activated as said above that I activate it (the hen) the blocked console.
      Has someone already had this problem?
      Can I help to solve this problem thank you I count on you.

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