PS3 webMAN MOD v 1.43.35: Lots of New Features & Changes by Aldostools

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 30, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Aug 30, 2016 at 8:32 PM
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    The famed webMAN MOD plugin has now progressed to version 1.43.35 with this latest updated pushed by PS3 developer @aldostools. This update comes packed with alot of changes since the previous released version (v1.43.33). Once installed you will have some new changes to the File Manager, Combo Shortcuts now supported on all connected PADs, New support to install pkg files to right-menu in html and many other changes and tweaks under the hood of this very recommended plugin for PS3 Custom Firmware users.


    • webMAN MOD 1.43.35
      • Added display of free space left on USB devices to /cpursx.ps3
      • Added shortcuts to storage devices in /cpursx.ps3
      • Combos now support pads 0-7 (formerly was only 0-2)
      • PS2_DISC & No SingStar icon now are features in Full Edition
      • /restart.ps3 now supports same parameters of /reboot.ps3
      • Icon resizer now keeps the size until the browser is closed
      • File Mgr: /host_root now is a shortcut to /dev_hdd0/packages
      • File Mgr: .SFO now displays title id with link to game updates
      • File Mgr: game title now has a link to hdd0/game/<titleid> (i.e. a shortcut to game patches & dlc)
      • File Mgr: size column of .SFO now fixes game in hdd0/game
      • Fix game now starts from the root of the game (JB folder only)
      • Reduced delay of message for files deleted with /delete.ps3
      • /download.ps3 now shows the download path in separate line
      • /install.ps3 now caches the pkg to hdd0 if installing from /net
      • Added breadcrumbs trails to the displayed path in /mount.ps3 (now adds mount only if path is ISO or folder)
      • Added support to install pkg files to right-menu in html
      • Improved performance reading language files (it results in faster save settings & reduced startup time)
      • Added support to cache PSPISO and PS2ISO on ntfs to hdd0 (prepNTFS 1.15 or later is required)
      • Added combo L2+R2 to prevent auto-mount game on startup (2 beeps will sound when the buttons can be released)
      • Lite Edition: memory footprint is <192KB (removed 'ps2 toggle' & 'disable cobra' combos)
        • Updated: prepNTFS 1.15 (added scan folders PSPISO and PS2ISO)
        • Updated: ps3netsrv (build 20160826.1) & PS3 NET Server GUI 1.4
        • webPAD online:
        • webMAN Portal:

    • Downloads


      webMAN MOD Utilities (Optional):

      webMAN MOD Source Code

    Mirror: PSX-Place (Resources) - (See tab for Official Links)

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 30, 2016.

    1. bguerville
      Can you explain the latest commit & the changes to category_game.xml?

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    2. aldostools
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    3. bguerville
      Alright. Nice....

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    4. smikk
      Mr. @aldostools, you can take the cover of the game directly from the game folder, it is not multiman, and in what way.

      Folder Name Game [Game ID]
      | _ Name Game [Game ID] .iso
      | _ BLES00001.JPG

      It could also be useful in the event that there is a cover in the game folder, you could update the cover present in multiman or irisman with those present in the game folder (via in setup option activated)

      thank you
    5. smikk

      Attached Files:

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    6. kadorna2
      Does this mean we can now mount ps2 isos from an external drive?
    7. disyoko
      We already can mount PSP and Ps2 isos from its respective folders. I wonder what's new in prepntfs.

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    8. aldostools
      The cover should be detected if file has the same name of the ISO, but with .jpg or .png extension.

      My Game.iso
      My Game.jpg

      If the feature is not working, please let me know. Example files or a picture of the folder would be helpful.

      In previous versions of prepNTFS, it only scanned the folders PS3ISO, PSXISO, BDISO, DVDISO, Packages, VIDEO, MOVIES

      prepNTFS 1.15 now also scans PS2ISO and PSPISO folder on *NTFS drives*.

      In webMAN 1.43.35, when a PS2 or PSP game stored in NTFS is launched, the plugin will copy the ISO to the internal HDD and launch it from the internal HDD (if there is space to copy the ISO). This is done also for PS2ISO and PSPISO stored on /net folders and PS2ISO stored on USB drives (FAT32).

      The reason of this behavior is that PS2ISOs only work from internal HDD and PSPISOs currently only work with ISOs stored in the native file system (HDD0 and USB drives in FAT32).
    9. self_slaughter
      Anyone else having problems playing psone isos with 1.43.35?

      Screen flickers a few times like normal, but just as the SCEA logo should appear the screen stays blank and dies.

      Tried every option available with no luck, Reverting to 1.43.33 or the default rebug 1.43.28 works fine.

      NTSC games on PAL system. (Old PAL Sony Trinitron CRT) if it matters.

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    10. smikk
      Mr. @aldostools,
      I performed the following tests with the latest fixes in the source
      Webman mod 1.41.35 of 31 August 2016 latest changes.

      WEBMAN apparently does not consider the cover (game_id.jpg same name as the ISO) in the game folder as the main cover (While Irisman, yes).

      Structure Folder.PNG

      I state that I purposely deleted from the cover of multiman folder and internet disconnected so as to have a response undistorted.
      Tests performed on only game in ISO format to NTFS usb.
      At each test after the settings you run the prepNTFS with X pressed.

      Place some screenshots of the tests

      Test 1:
      - Webman set with option: Disable cover Multiman and ICON0.PNG (checked)

      Test result: only displays GAME ID.PNG (ICON0.PNG the iso, I suppose from wmtmp)
      Not Consider GAME ID.JPG (COVER).


      Test 2:
      - Webman set with option: Disable Multiman cover and No ICON0.PNG (checked)

      Test result: does not consider the ICON0.PNG and does not consider GAME ID.JPG


      Test 3:

      - Webman set with option: Disable cover Multiman and ICON0.PNG (unchecked), uses Multiman cover.

      Test result: Consider Multiman cover.


      It displays only the cover present in multiman that I have not deleted

      Notes the different views between Ps3 and Internet Explorer (PC) of WMTMP folder

      screenshot_2016_09_01_16_29_56.png WMTMP_FOLDER_From Intenet Explorer.PNG

      Observes the GT5 Academy Edition files

      Thanks for everything
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    11. Chiranjeevi
      thanks for update and now can i set L2 + R2 combo as a custom combo for cpursx.ps3 instead of its default behavior ?
    12. Chiranjeevi
      @aldostools can you explain this bro?? shortcuts?
    13. disyoko
      Oops! I forgot I was ftping into the internal HDD those PSP and PS2 isos I've played. My bad. Summarizing before prepntfs 1.15 it was IMPOSSIBLE to scan a PSP or PS2 iso from a ntfs USB.

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    14. bguerville
      I need to check again but on my system I believe wMM displays the accompanying cover file fine. Just like Irisman....

      Do you always create a folder for each game in PS3ISO?
      Do you get the same behaviour if the iso & the jpg cover are all at the root of PS3ISO instead of inside a dedicated folder?

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    15. bguerville
      You must override the existing combo by creating this file:
      In this file just put the custom query string that you want to achieve..

      For instance if you want to launch the temp command, just write this line in the file:
      GET /cpursx.ps3

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    16. aldostools
      @smikk please test your issue using this *test* build (please do not link it... it will be removed shortly and published on github after it's found stable)

      bguerville / Chiranjeevi
      The custom combo file "wm_custom_l2_r2" was not supported until this build.

      "Added shortcuts to storage devices in /cpursx.ps3" means that the connected USB devices are now listed in /cpursx.ps3 and they have link to access the drive directly from that page.

      I haven't experienced issues with psx... The recent builds there have been bigs changes internally. Maybe they have affected psx emulation. One of the changes in psx is related to the audio processing.

      Please try testing with the different emulators (netemu & ps1_emu) and with/without the .cue file.

      This build has the following new features:
      - Display of last 5 mounted games on root of file manager (it's hidden by default)
      - Mount by name (/mount.ps3?<name>)
      - Several internal changes to improve performance & to reduce memory footprint.
    17. self_slaughter
      PSX is completely broken for me regardless of emulator or lite/full editions etc in 1.43.35

      NTSC ISOs refuse to load. (No PAL ISOs to check atm) Chucked in a real PAL disc which worked fine...

      Converted ps3 to N/A region to force 480i instead of 576i (SD CRT TV via component cables) and it still freezes right as the game should start. PAL game refused to even load due to the video mode this time, lol.

      Everything works silky smooth in any other version of webman.

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    18. bguerville
      Thanks Aldo for swift response & action... Top marks as always.

      I never checked that l2+r2 was customisable before advising on the method...
      I suppose I should have... Duh...
      Anyway now it is supported! [emoji6]

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    19. smikk
      Mr. @aldostools ,

      New Test With Webman_MOD 1.43.35 test_Update.pkg 02/09/2016

      I performed the following tests on the version that you have posted me.

      Test 1:
      - Webman set with option: Disable Multiman cover and ICON0.PNG = Checked (Default Setup)

      Test results:

      If you find the Cover GAME_ID.JPG in dev_hdd0 / BLES80608 / USRDIR / Covers
      Then using the cover of Multiman for the Game.
      Otherwise Use ICON0.PNG.

      This Case Study does not consider GAME_NAME.JPG (With the same name as the ISO). (Check the operation in the source)

      If there is no cover in Multiman the Games present in dev_hdd0 / GAMES do not use ICON0.PNG. (Check operation in the source)


      In setup you should be able to choose whether to use the cover of Multiman or those present in the game folder,
      or both by choosing which one to use as the main.

      Also you could use a setup option to enable or disable
      or rather to perform an update of Covers folder Multiman with cover present in the game folder.
      But only if Multiman is installed.

      Test 2:
      - Webman set with option: Disable cover Multiman and ICON0.PNG = checked

      Test results:

      Does not use the Covers Multiman (OK)

      Use ICON0.PNG from file.iso or from the game folder. (OK)

      Test 3:

      - Webman set with option: Disable cover Multiman and No_ICON0.PNG = checked

      Does not use the Covers Multiman (OK)

      Do not Use the ICON0.PNG (OK)

      Use the default icons in Webman (example: icon_wm_ps3.PNG)

      After each setting Webman, or executed prepNtfs with X button pressed.

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