PS3 webMAN MOD v 1.43.35: Lots of New Features & Changes by Aldostools

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By STLcardsWS on Aug 30, 2016 at 8:32 PM
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    The famed webMAN MOD plugin has now progressed to version 1.43.35 with this latest updated pushed by PS3 developer @aldostools. This update comes packed with alot of changes since the previous released version (v1.43.33). Once installed you will have some new changes to the File Manager, Combo Shortcuts now supported on all connected PADs, New support to install pkg files to right-menu in html and many other changes and tweaks under the hood of this very recommended plugin for PS3 Custom Firmware users.


    • webMAN MOD 1.43.35
      • Added display of free space left on USB devices to /cpursx.ps3
      • Added shortcuts to storage devices in /cpursx.ps3
      • Combos now support pads 0-7 (formerly was only 0-2)
      • PS2_DISC & No SingStar icon now are features in Full Edition
      • /restart.ps3 now supports same parameters of /reboot.ps3
      • Icon resizer now keeps the size until the browser is closed
      • File Mgr: /host_root now is a shortcut to /dev_hdd0/packages
      • File Mgr: .SFO now displays title id with link to game updates
      • File Mgr: game title now has a link to hdd0/game/<titleid> (i.e. a shortcut to game patches & dlc)
      • File Mgr: size column of .SFO now fixes game in hdd0/game
      • Fix game now starts from the root of the game (JB folder only)
      • Reduced delay of message for files deleted with /delete.ps3
      • /download.ps3 now shows the download path in separate line
      • /install.ps3 now caches the pkg to hdd0 if installing from /net
      • Added breadcrumbs trails to the displayed path in /mount.ps3 (now adds mount only if path is ISO or folder)
      • Added support to install pkg files to right-menu in html
      • Improved performance reading language files (it results in faster save settings & reduced startup time)
      • Added support to cache PSPISO and PS2ISO on ntfs to hdd0 (prepNTFS 1.15 or later is required)
      • Added combo L2+R2 to prevent auto-mount game on startup (2 beeps will sound when the buttons can be released)
      • Lite Edition: memory footprint is <192KB (removed 'ps2 toggle' & 'disable cobra' combos)
        • Updated: prepNTFS 1.15 (added scan folders PSPISO and PS2ISO)
        • Updated: ps3netsrv (build 20160826.1) & PS3 NET Server GUI 1.4
        • webPAD online:
        • webMAN Portal:

    • Downloads


      webMAN MOD Utilities (Optional):

      webMAN MOD Source Code

    Mirror: PSX-Place (Resources) - (See tab for Official Links)

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 30, 2016.

    1. bguerville
      Nobody else has reported any of the problems you are mentioning which kinda points towards your local setup...

      Both Aldo & I tested FTP, it works fine, same as ever.
      Have you tried using another client? Windows Explorer does a fine job & doesn't require installation... Or FileZilla if you prefer?

      I don't have problems with covers either however I always use the multiman cover pack to avoid downloading anything.

      As to having games in wrong categories, I don't have this issue either...

      Have you tried deleting all your temporary files before refreshing the games list? You can use the "delete wmtmp" link in the setup page to do that.
      Then launch prepNTFS or Refresh XML if you don't use ntfs drives...
      Reboot & check your games list.
    2. Drag
      Yes, I'll try and post the feedback and once again many thanks
    3. bguerville
      Ok so let's say the freeze is due to my console (that has happened before with some shutdown/reboot system calls)...
      If I understand correctly, on Rebug with the current updater pkg, you cannot update wMM the Cobra way...? It has to be Rebug...?

      I understand the reasons behind this implementation but as I do not like loading wMM via Rebug (nor really having regular updates of a custom plugin in /dev_flash), it looks like I will keep using ftp, manually or via _make.exe, to update wMM in the foreseeable future...
      Last edited: Sep 23, 2016
    4. Drag
      Solved problem with FTP, FILEZILA solution. Now it's perfect FTP!
      PSX no longer appears in the category PS3 SOLVED!!!!
      Psx covers appear perfectly in hdd0 and USB!
      Psx covers are not appearing in NTFS drive in formed cue + bin or iso
      I'm using an external HD partitioned into FAT 32 and NTFS created by EaseUS
      Almost solved!!!!! :bandicoot::bandicoot:
    5. bguerville
      So you deleted the files in the wmtmp folder, then ran prepNTFS?
      With FTP, could you now look into the /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp folder? Do you have a cover image file for every game?

      Are you using many games by any chance?
      How many of each type more or less?
      What are your plugin memory usage settings on the wMM setup page?

      Changing subject as I noticed some information in your previous post, FYI it's very common for multi partitioned drive users to experience issues with some brews including multiman potentially.
      Last edited: Sep 24, 2016
    6. Drag
      I delete the files in the folder wmtmp and then ran Yes prepNTFS.
      I can see every game cover of psx games on wmtmp, but ps3 games I use HDD0/GAMES/covers, and my ps3 covers comes from this folder.
      I have 53 psx games, 6 games on the ps2 and HDD0 have more on external NTFS zip, 36 ps3 games .
      Memory usage is 320 KB, already increased this value, but to no avail
    7. bguerville
      With over 100 games I don't think you should be using the minimum amount of memory.... You should probably use the Standard memory amount (896kb).

      And you know you should reboot in order to see any changes?

      I would try the Max PSX+ setting to see if it makes a difference. Even though you don't really need that much, we just want to know if it changes something.
      Save & reboot.

      Also what are your settings for "Disable multiMAN covers"?
      Is it checked/unchecked?
      What's selected in the combo box? MM COVERS? Online Covers?
      Last edited: Sep 24, 2016
    8. Drag
      Is marked MM COVERS, switched to ICON0. PNG and worked and are appearing the covers now, but ps3 covers are appearing in ICON0. PNG also.
      The webman won't search the folder HDD0/GAMES/covers
    9. bguerville
      As you can see there are various ways to show covers, you can get them from Internet, use the Icon image, use the Disc image or use the multiman covers....
      You need to choose which way you want to do it.

      Personally I use the MULTIMAN COVERS option in the combo box & keep the "Disable mm covers" option unchecked.
      The multiman covers package is installed directly in the standard multiman directory.
      Everything is fine, I never have a problem with it.

      However if you wanna use /dev_hdd0/GAMES/covers instead, you can. Just use the same MULTIMAN COVERS setting as I just described without actually putting any covers files in the multiman installation directory.
      When looking for multiman covers, webMAN-MOD will search the multiman installation directory first then as it does not find the cover it is looking for, it will search other directories including /dev_hdd0/GAMES/covers as an alternative multiman covers path. Of course the cover files need to be named appropriately to be used by webMAN-MOD....
      Last edited: Sep 24, 2016
    10. Drag
      That is my problem, if I use this configuration, no psx covers appear in NTFS, for all other usb, hdd0 is perfect, if I use ICON0. PNG " Disable multiMAN covers " marked, psx NTFS covers are shown, is perfect. However the webman won't search the GAMES/covers and the PS3 games keep the covers ICON0. PNG. This was not the case in version 1.43.33. That must be why my external hd is partitioned into fat32 and ntfs. Thank you so much for all your support, thank you very much @bguerville, helped me a lot, solved various problems, big friend, It's just a little problem that all ok
    11. bguerville
      webMAN-MOD will stop searching as soon as it finds an appropriate cover. /dev_hdd0/GAMES/covers will not be scanned if a cover has already been found elsewhere first.

      And you are sure the psx games covers are in your covers folder, you have checked?

      What does the xmb display exactly ? The animated icon? Nothing? For all PSX games on ntfs?
      What does the webMAN-MOD game list page display?

      First, as a test, could you try renaming one image files in /dev_hdd0/tmp/wmtmp? Change its extension from jpg to bak.
      Try Refresh HTML.
      Does that game have a cover now?

      Have you made sure there are no covers in /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/covers or /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/covers_retro/psx which is a standard folder for psx games covers but with a different naming structure like SLUS_290.00_COV.JPG?
    12. bguerville
      No problem. We are here to help.
      Am happy you managed to get nearly everything sorted out. Don't despair we will solve your covers problem too...

      Btw I don't think this particular problem has anything to do with multi partitions. If that was the issue, you would not be able to see or mount the games at all...
    13. Drag
      I use the stealth of singistar, multiman don't suffer from singistar, but the multimam is uninstalled and I changed the extension jpg by bak in wmtmp folder and to no avail, only appears the covers if you activate the webman ICON. PNG. 53 psx games, 49 are in NTFS partition, and the 4 rstantes games are on usb fat32 and hdd0. I only use multiman to unpack zip files on NTFS drive, my ps2 games are in zip and decreases almost half the size, multiman decompresses and copies already to the hdd0. Edited the cfg file.
      Psx covers are in the same folder of psx games .Later I will try to get a camera to record a video, my cell phone's in the shop, I need to get out now, even more
    14. bguerville
      The fact you don't use standard multiman makes no difference.

      webMAN-MOD scans the directories for multiman covers in the following order:
      1. standard multiman covers directory
      2. multiman Singstar covers directory
      3. stealthMAN covers directory
      4. /dev_hdd0/GAMES/covers
      5. /dev_hdd0/GAMEZ/covers
      If a path does not exist, webMAN-MOD will check the next path in line..

      What do you see when you open webMAN-MOD's game list in the browser? Still no covers at all for psx games on ntfs? What about psx games on fat32?

      And yes a video or screenshots would be nice & make it easier for us to understand! [emoji6]
    15. self_slaughter
      Haven't read the thread in a while but thought I'd give the Wii a break and update the PS3.

      Loving the build dates in the filename on the main page, Makes it Infinitely easier. As with most others I didn't know the build updated every commit, until you mentioned it earlier. I could of updated dozens of times! [emoji14]

      Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk

      Edit: I was getting some strange anomalies like the main webman games title next to the xmb icon not showing, just the smaller writing underneath it. Also a funky setup screen on the first load, but clearing wmtmp and wmconfig cleared it right up.
      Last edited: Sep 30, 2016
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