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    Since the release of webMAN MOD v1.47.12 developer @aldostools has progressed the plugin with 2 additional updates, providing additional support and features for the plugin, New options to execute script commands at any time,. The developer note's that it now possible to execute multiple web commands using this new feature. Also support for /boot_plugins_nocobra.txt (on 4.84 Starbuged CFW). A variety of other inclusions have also been added to get the full low down on the updates on this plugin checkout the changelogs included below from developer @aldostools


    • webMAN MOD 1.47.14
      • Added option to /setup.ps3 to disable the beeps on reboot/shutdown/disable syscalls/pkg install/play disc
      • Ftp server now writes to /dev_blind in safe mode
        • Rename the existing file before overwrite it, deletes the backup if the upload was successful and restore the original if the upload failed)
        • Upload to /dev_blind now sets permissions to 0644 instead of 0777
      • Added support for /boot_plugins_nocobra.txt (4.84.3 Starbuged)
      webMAN MOD 1.47.13
      • Added option to execute script commands at any time. Use /play.ps3/script-path (must be .txt or .bat)
      • Added new script commands (logfile, log, if/elseif/else/end, swap, lwait, beep, mute coldboot)
        • Now it's possible to execute multiple web commands directly from the script
        • /edit.ps3 now shows an EXEC link for .bat files
      • Improved mouse/touch/wheel support in /games.ps3
      • Added 2 seconds startup delay on cobra 8.x to allow network initialization
      • Signed wm_proxy for DECR (thanks @Joonie86)

    • webMAN-MOD.jpg
      Feature Overview
      webMAN "vanilla features" (Original Project by deank, webMAN MOD also containes these features)
      • FTP server with remote control functions (shutdown/restart)
      • WWW server with remote control functions (scroll down for the complete list of shortcuts)
      • Support for loading and browsing of [local] PS3 games in ISO and folder format, DVD videos in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format, PS1/PS2/PSP games in ISO format with cover display
      • NETISO support for network loading and browsing of PS3 games in ISO and folder format, * DVD videos in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format, PS1 and PSP games
      • NTFS support for PS3 and PS1 games in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format and DVD Video in ISO format
      • Dynamic Fan Control and in-game temperature monitoring
      • PAD shortcuts
      • Keep USB device awake
      • Mount last game or AUTOBOOT.ISO to system startup
      • Support direct access to NTFS devices through web & ftp (1.45 / 1.45.11)
      • XMB integration XMB proxy (1.46 / 1.46.00)
      • Integrated prepNTFS

      webMAN MOD additional features (by Aldostools)
      • webMAN MOD contains all the feature of webMAN above then also
      • Easy installer/updater
      • VSH Menu integration (hold SELECT to show the menu)
      • sLaunch GUI integration (hold START or R2+L2 on XMB to show the GUI)
      • New folder icons (by Brunolee & Berion)
      • It can mount PS2 Classics games on PS2 Classic Launcher (.BIN.ENC)
      • It can auto-mount any custom folder or ISO. Official only can mount AUTOBOOT.ISO
      • Title ID can be displayed on XMB menu
      • Covers are shown using the Title ID on the file name of the ISO. Official needs to mount the game to show the covers.
      • It can rip a game from disc to hdd0 or copy from hdd0 to usb000 or from usb00x to hdd0.
      • FTP server includes new SITE commands to allow copy/paste files locally, unmount game, toggle external gamedata, turn on/off dev_blind, change file attributes
      • Integrated external gameDATA
      • Web Debugger (remote peek/poke/find bytes)
      • Support for automatic or manual removal of CFW syscalls and spoof console id (IDPS/PSID)
      • Translated to 23 languages
      • Extended support up to 5 remote network servers
      • Several shortcuts to toggle Cobra, swap Rebug files, mount net0/ or net1/, show IDPS/PSID, etc.
      • Support for user defined combos
      • Enable screen capture on CFW that don't has the feature.
      • Various improvements on File Manager (links to navigate faster, mount ISO, mount net0/ or net1/, preview images, copy/paste/delete files & folders)
      • MIN+ memory profile (same as MIN but uses 512K and 2.5X more buffer for PS3 games)
      • MAX+ memory profile (same as MAX 1280K for PS3 games, others buffer is reduced, eg: 2X less buffer for ftp and 4X for DVD etc...)
      • Copy operations use shadow copy on hdd0 for faster copy
      • Scan for games on the stealth folder "/video"
      • Support last_game.txt / autoboot on nonCobra edition
      • "Offline" mode (blocks some PSN/tracking servers). Game updates still work in this mode. (v1.33.03)
      • XMBM+ integration when grouping of XMB content is disabled (v1.33.03)
      • Extended Content Profile Grouping (v1.33.07)
      • PS3 Manager API Support (PS3MAPI)
      • Integrated Mysis video_rec plugin and get klicensee
      • Support for .ntfs[BDFILE] (fake ISO created by IRISMAN)
      • Support to mount NTFS games using raw_iso.sprx (rawseciso by Estwald)
      • Support for auto-fix games that require higher FW version (4.20 and later)
      • Optional Video subfolder to "Bluray™ and DVD" folder (Display RetroXMB videos, videos on USB devices and Data Disc icon)
      • "slider" webGUI (mobile friendly).
      • Extended system information (Title ID, APP Version, IDPS/PSID, CFW version, last played game)
      • Display of Play time & startup time to SELECT+START and /cpursx.ps3 (Use SELECT+START+R2 to display Game ID, Title, play time and more in-Game info)
      • Include a virtual pad feature, you can control your console via on web browser or with webPAD software (windows only)
      • dev_bdvd/PS3_UPDATE now is redirected when the plugin is loaded (and when a game is mounted) [This is intended to prevent an accidental update if a game disc is inserted in the drive]
      • Added /play.ps3 to launch XMB Functions (e.g: /play.ps3?col=network&seg=seg_premo) this will start Remote Play server from XMB.
      • Once a game is mounted via html, if you click on the displayed icon the game will be launched on the PS3. This is nice to start the game once it's mounted from your mobile This option uses the new command /play.ps3
      • Support for auto-play any supported ISO, game folder or auto-open an URL link
      • Support for change BD/DVD region
      • NETISO server on PS3 (ISO only)
      • Support for local web chat
      • Support for edit small text files
      • Download files & install PKG remotely or with shortcut
      • "Auto CONFIG" support for PS2ISO
      • Support for "boot_init.txt" automation script
      • and various other additions not listed

    Download @:
    Source (news):

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Discussion in 'webMAN MOD' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 24, 2019.

    1. Joonie
      People don't normally change eid0 (idpset can)

      And maybe using eid5 like how rebug toolbox detects since eid5 never changes?] @aldostools
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    2. kozarovv
      Don't use chassis check for that kind of detection. Is just factory code. You can have almost all kinds of chassis check on the same model.

      8th byte of IDPS is almost all you need. 0x01 = CECH A (*read more), 0x02 = CECH B, 0x03 is CECH C, and 0x04 is CECH E. Always, those values shouldn't be changed in EID 0 because PS3 use them to determine functionality. For example when you change it to 0x02 on CECH-A, wifi will disappear. ;)

      * For Cech A you need some additional check, since all proto, and DECR-1000, DEH models with TMU520 board are usually with that IDPS.
    3. Joonie
      Luckily DECR/DEH models have TID 0x81 and they can only run netemu :)
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    4. habib
      You can get repository node value using syscall 10
      You can detect if hardware has emotion engine or graphics synthesizer
    5. Neko7
      Disable system beep? Interesting
    6. aldostools
      Thank you for the information. Although I will use the bytes 7th & 8th in idps as suggested Kozarovv and Sandungas, due it doesn't depend if the cfw has or not implemented syscall 10.

      It disables most of the beeps produced by webman mod in certain events, like reboot. It doesn't disable the system beeps..

      These models don't worry me. Anyway I need the model only to hide an option, not to perform any critical task.
      Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
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    7. Joonie
      Syscall10 has been standard since 4.21 I am sure almost all cfw have this :)
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    8. aldostools
      Thanks. But Syscall 10 can be disabled I feel more comfortable using the idps.
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    9. Joonie
      i'm not sure why people would disable syscall 10 to play PS2 as it breaks COBRA but sure I wouldn't complain as long as it works :P
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    10. CFW-User
      @aldostools I have a couple of suggestions. 1: An option to import IDPS/PSID from a file. 2: Re-enable PSN servers when syscalls are disabled.
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    11. aldostools
      1. Could you explain the import option a bit more?
      a) Import from which path? e.g. /dev_usb000/idps psid or consoleid
      b) Which format do have the files? binary or text with hex values?
      c) Which program produce these files?
      d) How do you want to import it?
      e.g. automatic if the files exist in usb0? manual using /import_consoleid.ps3?
      or read the files from usb0 and save the values when enter to /setup.ps3?

      2. The re-enable PSN servers is already implemented:
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    12. CFW-User
      I was thinking text format. Perhaps an option in webMAN setup to import & save the values to /setup.ps3. As for the path, you could add multiple? /dev_hdd0/webMAN IDs, same for usb. I never knew about re-enable PSN servers :P
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    13. aldostools
      Joonie, I've updated webMAN MOD to show the option "ps2_netemu" in /setup.ps3 in the section for Content Scan, next to Auto CONFIG for PS2. The option should be visible only for B/C models. Here is the updater if you want to test it ;) I'll update github later.

      Thanks to @kozarovv, @habib and @sandungas for the help provided.

      This is a small portion of the code that I used:
      #ifdef SPOOF_CONSOLEID
        b = ((eid0_idps[0] & 0x00000000000000FF) <= 0x04); // 0x01 = CECH-A*, 0x02 = CECH-B, 0x03 = CECH-C, 0x04 = CECH-E
        if(b) add_check_box("b2n", false, "ps2_netemu", ", " , (webman_config->ps2emu), buffer);
      Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
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    14. Joonie

      So installed the version you linked and set ps2_netemu on my E01


      After mounting now I have two PS2 disc icons


      I can confirm the config's auto copied


      and also netemu was successfully loaded


      so I came back to XMB and try mounting again.

      that duplicated PS2 icon is gone ... lol

      after all, it's working :)
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    15. ZeroOne
      Noticed couple of issues with webMAN MOD .13/.14:

      Internet connection test fails after obtaining the IP address
      Unable to log in to PSN

      Internet connection test and PSN login successful if wMM is disabled OR uninstall/downgrade to .12 or earlier release.

      @aldostools Could an option to disable/enable the ‘additional 2 second delay for Cobra 8.x’ be added to setup?
      Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
    16. psykosis
      Press R2 + /\ before going online or doing that test.
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    17. ZeroOne
      webMAN MOD is setup to 'Disable CFW syscalls and delete history at startup'.
      Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
    18. ochentay4
      Hey guys, recently patched rebug rex 4.84.2 to NOBT (wifi and bt magically stopped working). Installed webman mod as always (L1), menu shows but it says not ready. what can I do to diagnose why is not working?
    19. aldostools
      The message "webMAN not ready!" is shown when the XMB proxy (wm_proxy.sprx) cannot connect to webMAN's http server using the loopback ip address, port 80.

      This could happen if the proxy does not receive a response from webMAN within 3 seconds (e.g. the plugin is not loaded or too busy) or if the proxy cannot create the socket for the network connection (e.g. network is not configured, inactive or broken).
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    20. ald1
      Aldo forgive me I updated my ps3 to fw rebug rex 4.84.2 and I also updated webman to the latest release. I am using my raspberry pi 2 with PS3NETSRV connected to the rapsberry an HDD 2TB 3.5 external power supply with all games in ISO format. The installation was successful and webman mod recognizes the folder containing the games. The games load in the xmb and start up too but immediately afterwards it starts giving me a black screen and sends me back to the installation screen for firmware recovery or to restart the play by pressing the ps button. I've already tested by connecting the HDD to the ps3 directly and it doesn't give me this problem so it's definitely not the HDD. Is the problem PS3NETSRV? I hope you can give me a solution to the problem. Thank you

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