PS3 webMAN MOD v1.47.23 / .24 / .25 (by Aldostools) - Improving the Ps3HEN experience & more

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    Check it out more PS3 Homebrew, this time around developer @aldostools is back with some updates to webMAN MOD improving the plugin experience for both CFW and Ps3HEN user;s in the latest update labeled as version v1.47.23. In this update there has been a fix to some blackscreen issues on homebrew that was being launched during the Content Scanning process, Also keys have been fixed and adjusted for Ps3HEN for the add-on pkg/rom launcher feature of wMM. The webMAN MOD installer and updater has new and updated detection mechanism in place for Ps3HEN. These are just some of the new features in this update but the developer has been busy with several updates in the recent, so be sure to checkout the previous changelogs if you have not been keeping up to date on this PS3 Plugin that is a must have for many Ps3 Owner's on either Custom firmware or Ps3HEN. ​


    • Update 2 - webMAN MOD 1.47.25
      ⭐️ Added icons to common file types in File Manager
      ⭐️ Home URL setting now can set default /app_home/PS3_GAME icon on start up
      ⭐️ Added support for external wm_custom.xml in webMAN's game list on XMB
      ⭐️ PS2 Classics: Added support for PIC1/PIC2 and SCEVMC0.VME per game
      ⭐️ .BIN.ENC extensions now are case insensitive
      ⭐️ Added 3 missing EBOOT keys (0x5D) to psp_extra_keys array (tags 07, 18, 27)
      Restored support for VSH Menu & sLaunch for Russian language (issues #174 #180 #237)
      Fixed autoplay when PS2 Classics are mounted
      Fixed bug parsing title id of PS2Classics & PS2ISO
      Fixed issue #236 blank checks in /setup.ps3 when Sylk engine is used.
      Fixed fan control issues #227 #228 #233
      Fixed detection of rom extensions: .GB, .GG, .SG, .WS, .VB (issue #232)
      Fixed Refresh XML when remote net host is offline / not responding
      ⭐️ Merged @NvrBst's fork of ps3netsrv: now supports encrypted ps3 isos (3k3y / redump)
      ⭐️ Updated Mamba 8.2 with support for CD sector sizes: 2328 & 2340 and non-PLAYSTATION CDs
      ⚠️ Removed encoded PS2 config files from installer. Use PS2CONFIG.pkg for 946 ENC files converted by @kozarovv

      Update 1 = webMAN MOD 1.47.24
      ⭐️ Added option to select VSH memory container [MC] by id [4 - bg is recommended]
      ⭐️ Added combo R2+START to launch /app_game/PS3_GAME/
      ⭐️ Use home url in /setup.ps3 to config a default app to launch with R2+START
      ⭐️ sMAN GUI now has access to home url if enabled in /setup.ps3
      ⭐️ Added detection of last number in name/title to sort games (XML/HTML)
      ⭐️ Added 3 new web commands: /idps.ps3, /psid.ps3, /consoleid.ps3
      Fixed L2+START and L2+R2 (left disabled by mistake during a test)
      Fixed conflict with patch applied by PS3HEN for in-game screenshot. Thanks @Joonie86
      Improved FTP server receiving small files (Fix for issue #209). Thanks @Joonie86
      ⭐️ Increased to 10 the max number of ftp threads
      ⭐️ Faster start of FTP session now check for ntfs volumes once (not every new 1st session)
      ⭐️ Added FTP command: SITE TIMEOUT
      • Added display of plugin edition to error pages (HTML)
      • Added support for PSXISO with CD sectors=2368 in prepNTFS (internal & standalone)
      • Increased buffer of wm_proxy from 512 to 2048 bytes
      • PS3MAPI options now are not shown if Cobra/Mamba is not enabled
      • Added COPYBK command to batch scripts (rename source to .bak after copy)
      • Make packages & iso folders on hdd0 at startup
      • Removed advanced poke used on PS3HEN for fan permission

      webMAN MOD 1.47.23

      • Fix blackscreen on homebrews launched during content scanning (MC disabled by default)
      • Fixed keys used in EBOOT of PKG/ROM Launcher that caused error 80010009
      • Added new dynamic fan control algorithm
      • Speed up file manager load of root after first load
      • Improved performance of rendering html forms
      • Errors now are more descriptive
      • Updated PS3HEN detection in installer/updater
      • Added support for PSXISO with sector size 2368 to Mamba 8.2
      • Added proper PSXISO sector size detection to raw_sec.sprx
      • Added support for additional formats of title id for select config of PS2 Classics
      • Added caching of iso-file-name.SFO for improved display of names on /net
      • Restored safe offset check in peek.lv1/peek.lv2/poke.lv1/poke.lv2
        (add # to the address to peek/poke unchecked offsets)
      webMAN MOD 1.47.22
      • Added support for subfolders in XMB section for ROMS (feature requested in 2017 by LuanTeles #103)
      • The numbers of roms supported per subfolder has increased significantly
      • sMAN GUI buttons now are localized
      • Limited explicit support to 4.82-4.84 (previous FW versions are still supported by heuristic functions)
      • Fixed HTML site resize bug reported by @DEX357 #204

      [ ROMS section requires to have PKG/ROM Launcher & RetroArch installed ]

      The PKG/ROM Launcher and other addons can be found in$

      webMAN MOD 1.47.21

      • Improved support for PS3HEN
        • Reduced wait time on startup when notifcation message is enabled
      • Added support for auto-config of PS2 Classics using encrypted CONFIG files
        • The TITLE ID of the PS2 game must be included in the file name of the .BIN.ENC (encrypted PS2ISO).
        • ENC files provided by @Joonie86
      • Speedup improvement generating XML and HTML for scanned content
      • Added CORS headers to HTTP response (suggested by @xps3riments)
      • Added support for display PIC1 when PSPISO is mounted
      • Bug fix generating XML with content group enabled Thanks @ Joonie86 for the bug report
      • Fix navigation to parent folder in /net folders
      • Fixed bug in links of sMAN GUI theme
      • Added dynamic lookup for syscall table offset for future firmware
      • Added breadcrumb trail to paths listed in PS3MAPI
      • CD sector size detection of PSXISO not longer use temp file

      If you like webMAN MOD, then feel free to contribute with a *small donation*, I'd really appreciate it!

    Download Page / Source Code @:

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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 15, 2019.

    1. disyoko
      Thanks for the amazing Webman Mod!
    2. SpyroMancer
      Lots of improvements.. thanks aldo
      So, what's with the new fan control algorithm?
    3. kot7k
      Thanks for keeping the good work on webman mod. Aldo, could you take a look on why webman mod doesnt work (or doesn´t let you access configuration) on ps3 with broken bluetooth/wifi module?
      Sman just works fine and i guess it uses a similar method. Couldnt remove that check?
      This was previously talked here at psxplace (the page doesnst let me post a link wich was from this same site). Just happened that after many time without using y ps3, the BT module doesnt work, tried to install webman but got those errors about not having network/internet even thou im connected by cable, and like i said, sman works without problems.
    4. aldostools
      The new algorithm is just an alternative method to cool your system in a less aggressive way than the original dynamic fan controller.

      The fan speed is set proportionally to the current temperature with these 4 simple rules:
      - If temp < 60°C, the system will use SYSCON mode (ideal for cool environments)
      - Between 60°C and 69°C, the fan speed will be 31% + 2% per degree
      - Between 70°C and 78°C, the fan speed will be 50% + 5% per degree
      - Above 78°C, then fan speed will be set to 98%

      These are the values:
      60°C=31%, 61°C=33%, 62°C=35%, 63°C=37%, 64°C=39%, 65°C=41%, 66°C=43%, 67°C=45%, 68°C=47%, 69°C=49%
      70°C=50%, 71°C=55%, 72°C=60%, 73°C=65%, 74°C=70%, 75°C=75%, 76°C=80%, 77°C=85%, 78°C=90%,+79°C=98%

      It is the same algorithm implemented in the internal fan controller of MAMBA 8.2

      For 60°C and above, the fan speed will be equal or greater than the minimum fan speed.
      e.g. If min fan speed = 40%, between 60°C and 64°C the fan speed will be set to 40%.
      Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
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    5. zOi
      I'm always impressed with your work as well as other devs. I noticed that if I try to pass small files by FTP, simply the connection terminates and I have to reboot the PS3 to get back to work. Do you know if the problem is with the HEN or with webmanMOD? Thanks again
    6. umart666
      with neither one of them,problem is with your filezilla/client and/or connection.use LAN with cat5e cable and single or maximum two simultaneous connections.
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    7. aldostools
      aldostools is available @ github
      - Added update from XMB (download is only 2MB) - instant update after install, just need to reboot.
      - Fixed a regression mounting /dev_blind
    8. liquidgykill
      Aldo tank you very much, muchas gracias hermano!
      ntodek likes this.
    9. aldostools
    10. SteveGW

      thanks for update, in regards to: Fix black screen on home brews launched during content scanning.

      My PS3 (Super Slim 4003) as of today is still prone to black screen hangups.
      I say hangups, because thats what console does, it just becomes non responsive..

      Ive HEN 2.2.2, Webman .23 and Multiman 4.84HEN (I hasten to add that on HEN 2.1.1 I had no black screen problems)

      Ive noticed the crashes/hangups with multiman.
      Yesterday before Webman update to version .23 Irisman blacked screened every time, now its intermittent hangups/crashes/black screens, that require console turned off at mains.

      In regards to the new fan control logarithm, it is very good..
      But I hasten to mention, my console now runs idle at 63oC and when gaming 67oC+ and only because I re-did the thermal paste, with arctic paste (before this my console, which was hardly used ran at 75oc+-80oC+..), the paste had hardened complexly.
      But now with your new fan controls the fan ramps up gaming and ramps down on game exit, brilliant, thanks.

      So, if your super slim is running in 70oC region or above, you need to redo the thermal paste
      Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
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    11. ninku
      I have a small problem, some shortcuts like L2+Start and L2+R2 dont working
    12. tiigui
      thank you for upload, keep going you do great job :)
    13. aldostools
      Please verify that these shortcuts are selected in /setup.ps3
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    14. ninku
      This selected, I already had this problem before. It's not something that bothers me, I just find it strange that this happens only in my CFW
    15. aldostools
      That issue was in an earlier build, but it was fixed weeks ago.
      I will check it again when I get back home... Thanks for your feedback.
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    16. aldostools
      Thanks for your report... L2+START and L2+R2 were left disabled by mistake during a test.
      It should be fixed in wMM beta
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    17. disyoko
      You can also use start (hold 2 seconds) to open Sman instead of L2+R2.
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    18. Mat600ias
      Is my PS3 or the same thing happens with the "toggle data" shortcut with select + square
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    19. aldostools
      wMM beta is available for download from XMB and from Github.

      The major enhancements in this build are:
      - The VSH memory container [MC] now can be selected by id on /setup.ps3 (4-bg is recommended if video_rec is not used)
      - Improved FTP server receiving small files.
      - Increased the max number of FTP threads from 8 to 10
      - iso folders & packages now are created on hdd0 on startup
      Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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