PS3 webMAN MOD v1.47.23 / .24 / .25 (by Aldostools) - Improving the Ps3HEN experience & more

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    Check it out more PS3 Homebrew, this time around developer @aldostools is back with some updates to webMAN MOD improving the plugin experience for both CFW and Ps3HEN user;s in the latest update labeled as version v1.47.23. In this update there has been a fix to some blackscreen issues on homebrew that was being launched during the Content Scanning process, Also keys have been fixed and adjusted for Ps3HEN for the add-on pkg/rom launcher feature of wMM. The webMAN MOD installer and updater has new and updated detection mechanism in place for Ps3HEN. These are just some of the new features in this update but the developer has been busy with several updates in the recent, so be sure to checkout the previous changelogs if you have not been keeping up to date on this PS3 Plugin that is a must have for many Ps3 Owner's on either Custom firmware or Ps3HEN. ​


    • Update 2 - webMAN MOD 1.47.25
      ⭐️ Added icons to common file types in File Manager
      ⭐️ Home URL setting now can set default /app_home/PS3_GAME icon on start up
      ⭐️ Added support for external wm_custom.xml in webMAN's game list on XMB
      ⭐️ PS2 Classics: Added support for PIC1/PIC2 and SCEVMC0.VME per game
      ⭐️ .BIN.ENC extensions now are case insensitive
      ⭐️ Added 3 missing EBOOT keys (0x5D) to psp_extra_keys array (tags 07, 18, 27)
      Restored support for VSH Menu & sLaunch for Russian language (issues #174 #180 #237)
      Fixed autoplay when PS2 Classics are mounted
      Fixed bug parsing title id of PS2Classics & PS2ISO
      Fixed issue #236 blank checks in /setup.ps3 when Sylk engine is used.
      Fixed fan control issues #227 #228 #233
      Fixed detection of rom extensions: .GB, .GG, .SG, .WS, .VB (issue #232)
      Fixed Refresh XML when remote net host is offline / not responding
      ⭐️ Merged @NvrBst's fork of ps3netsrv: now supports encrypted ps3 isos (3k3y / redump)
      ⭐️ Updated Mamba 8.2 with support for CD sector sizes: 2328 & 2340 and non-PLAYSTATION CDs
      ⚠️ Removed encoded PS2 config files from installer. Use PS2CONFIG.pkg for 946 ENC files converted by @kozarovv

      Update 1 = webMAN MOD 1.47.24
      ⭐️ Added option to select VSH memory container [MC] by id [4 - bg is recommended]
      ⭐️ Added combo R2+START to launch /app_game/PS3_GAME/
      ⭐️ Use home url in /setup.ps3 to config a default app to launch with R2+START
      ⭐️ sMAN GUI now has access to home url if enabled in /setup.ps3
      ⭐️ Added detection of last number in name/title to sort games (XML/HTML)
      ⭐️ Added 3 new web commands: /idps.ps3, /psid.ps3, /consoleid.ps3
      Fixed L2+START and L2+R2 (left disabled by mistake during a test)
      Fixed conflict with patch applied by PS3HEN for in-game screenshot. Thanks @Joonie86
      Improved FTP server receiving small files (Fix for issue #209). Thanks @Joonie86
      ⭐️ Increased to 10 the max number of ftp threads
      ⭐️ Faster start of FTP session now check for ntfs volumes once (not every new 1st session)
      ⭐️ Added FTP command: SITE TIMEOUT
      • Added display of plugin edition to error pages (HTML)
      • Added support for PSXISO with CD sectors=2368 in prepNTFS (internal & standalone)
      • Increased buffer of wm_proxy from 512 to 2048 bytes
      • PS3MAPI options now are not shown if Cobra/Mamba is not enabled
      • Added COPYBK command to batch scripts (rename source to .bak after copy)
      • Make packages & iso folders on hdd0 at startup
      • Removed advanced poke used on PS3HEN for fan permission

      webMAN MOD 1.47.23

      • Fix blackscreen on homebrews launched during content scanning (MC disabled by default)
      • Fixed keys used in EBOOT of PKG/ROM Launcher that caused error 80010009
      • Added new dynamic fan control algorithm
      • Speed up file manager load of root after first load
      • Improved performance of rendering html forms
      • Errors now are more descriptive
      • Updated PS3HEN detection in installer/updater
      • Added support for PSXISO with sector size 2368 to Mamba 8.2
      • Added proper PSXISO sector size detection to raw_sec.sprx
      • Added support for additional formats of title id for select config of PS2 Classics
      • Added caching of iso-file-name.SFO for improved display of names on /net
      • Restored safe offset check in peek.lv1/peek.lv2/poke.lv1/poke.lv2
        (add # to the address to peek/poke unchecked offsets)
      webMAN MOD 1.47.22
      • Added support for subfolders in XMB section for ROMS (feature requested in 2017 by LuanTeles #103)
      • The numbers of roms supported per subfolder has increased significantly
      • sMAN GUI buttons now are localized
      • Limited explicit support to 4.82-4.84 (previous FW versions are still supported by heuristic functions)
      • Fixed HTML site resize bug reported by @DEX357 #204

      [ ROMS section requires to have PKG/ROM Launcher & RetroArch installed ]

      The PKG/ROM Launcher and other addons can be found in$

      webMAN MOD 1.47.21

      • Improved support for PS3HEN
        • Reduced wait time on startup when notifcation message is enabled
      • Added support for auto-config of PS2 Classics using encrypted CONFIG files
        • The TITLE ID of the PS2 game must be included in the file name of the .BIN.ENC (encrypted PS2ISO).
        • ENC files provided by @Joonie86
      • Speedup improvement generating XML and HTML for scanned content
      • Added CORS headers to HTTP response (suggested by @xps3riments)
      • Added support for display PIC1 when PSPISO is mounted
      • Bug fix generating XML with content group enabled Thanks @ Joonie86 for the bug report
      • Fix navigation to parent folder in /net folders
      • Fixed bug in links of sMAN GUI theme
      • Added dynamic lookup for syscall table offset for future firmware
      • Added breadcrumb trail to paths listed in PS3MAPI
      • CD sector size detection of PSXISO not longer use temp file

      If you like webMAN MOD, then feel free to contribute with a *small donation*, I'd really appreciate it!

    Download Page / Source Code @:

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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 15, 2019.

    1. Nabeel AK
      Nabeel AK
      Hey guys

      Is there a way to load hombrew apps and have cfw syscalls disabled at the same time

      Because currently if i disable cfw syscalls homewbrew apps won't load error 8001003A

      But if i don't disable cfw syscalls i can't go online in games

      As of now if i want switch between either of these i need to change settings in webman and reboot
    2. aldostools
      There are various (risky) solutions to your issue:
      Solution #1 Uninstall psnpatch and you will be able to access PSN with syscalls enabled. Some games like CoD, GTA and others can detect the syscalls and tag your account or console for a ban.

      Solution #2
      You can add the title id of the homebrews that you want to be able to access with syscalls disabled to this file: /dev_hdd0/tmp/whitelist.cfg. Be aware that if are still logged into PSN, your system will send to PSN/SEN servers the homebrews that you opened.

      Solution #3 Enable "PS3MAPI" option in the shortcuts section of /setup.ps3. This option allows to re-enable the syscalls going to /home.ps3mapi (you can create a combo shortcut for that option).

      Solution #4 Use MAMBA 8.2 and re-enable the syscalls without reboot just entering to Settings > System Update. Remember to logout from PSN before do it, otherwise your system will send to PSN/SEN servers the homebrews that you opened.
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    3. Nabeel AK
      Nabeel AK
      Thank you sir, for the reply
      As you said it is risky
      So i better stick with what i have now
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    4. Algol
      Hello @aldostools :

      Sur ma console CECH-4204C sous le HEN v2.3.1 (récent) j'ai le même souci de roue tournante sous le dossier "PLAYSTATION 1" (dans Mes jeux) que sur ma PS3 en CFW Rebug-4.84.2 REX elle aussi sous le "WMM-". Si je clique dessus, le caractère se décale vers la gauche et rien d'autre n'apparait. Ce souci est apparu uniquement depuis le MOD en 1.47.24, je ne l'ai jamais vu auparavant. Je n'utilise pas le lancement des DVD, BluRay et jeux PSP par WMM, je l'ai désactivé via la commande réseau sur toutes mes consoles (2 en CFW Rebug-4.84.2 et 1 en HFW-4.84/HEN-2.3.1). Toutes mes consoles ont la connexion réseau activée et peuvent être contrôlées par le WEB du PC en réseau Ethernet (via PC ou MAC).

      Comment faire disparaitre cette roue ennuyeuse et inutile ???
      Y-a-t'il une solution dans la prochaine mise à jour du WebMAN-MOD ???

      In English via Googoo-trad :

      On my console CECH-4204C under the HEN v2.3.1 (recent) I have the same concern of turning wheel under the folder "PLAYSTATION 1" (in My games) that on my PS3 in CFW Rebug-4.84.2 REX too under the "WMM-". If I click on it, the character shifts to the left and nothing else appears. This concern only appeared since MOD in 1.47.24, I have never seen it before. I do not use the launch of DVDs, BluRay and PSP games by WMM, I disabled it via the network command on all my consoles (2 in CFW Rebug-4.84.2 and 1 in HFW-4.84 / HEN-2.3. 1). All my consoles have the network connection enabled and can be controlled by the WEB of the PC in Ethernet network (via PC or MAC).

      How to make disappear this boring and useless wheel ???
      Is there a solution in the next update of WebMAN-MOD ???

      Merci par avance @aldostools
    5. Nabeel AK
      Nabeel AK
      I have a question

      How to properly update webman mod if there is an update available

      Can i just install the new pkg?

      Should i delete the older version before installing the new one?

      I don't know much about these stuff that's why I'm asking many questions

      Sorry if I am annoying
    6. ZeroOne
      There is now a built in updater:
      On the XMB go to WebMAN Games and webMAN Setup then scroll to the bottom of the list.
      Use the ‘Update webMAN MOD’ option (and then reboot after it is finished).
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    7. Nabeel AK
      Nabeel AK
      Ohk thanks
    8. aldostools
      I haven't seen it either... please try deleting the wm_config, reboot then go to /setup.ps3 and set it to scan only the content types that you normally use (e.g. PS3, PSX).

      Increase the memory in "IDPS & MEM' section. Try with [MC] set to "4 - bg".
      Also you can change the memory profile to "Max (1280KB)" or "Max PSX+ ( 368K PS3 + 768K PSX)"

      I suppose that the rotating wheel is caused by the amount of PSX games could be exceeding the limit for the PSX section and it's breaking the headers of the next section of the XML.
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    9. DEX357
      @aldostools hmm wath you thing maybe this ide in future a some algorithm for rap files in wmm lik psnpatch or psnreact, only this dongle missing in allin1 tools wmm?
    10. aldostools
      The on-the-fly RAP support is already implemented in MAMBA 8.2 and PS3HEN...

      I think it's just matter of time that Cobra 8.2 or 9 include it too.

      Indeed MAMBA 8.2 has several new features that I would like to see in Cobra, but @Joonie and @habib have been too busy working hard in PS3HEN.
    11. DEX357
      That cool news if this is probably possible.
    12. Algol
      Bonsoir @aldostools , pour les jeux PSX, je n'en ai que 18 (en BIN/CUE) avec leurs images respectives sur une clé USB en FAT32 (dossier PSXISO). Cette clé est transportée de PS3 en PS3, c'est la même pour toute les consoles. Ce souci n'est apparu que sous ton WMM-1.47.24 et pas sur les versions antérieures.

      Je vais tenter de changer la quantité de mémoire allouée à WMM et je te dirai demain matin ce qu'il en est.

      Par contre, je ne peux pas changer les types de jeux lancés par la PS3 Super-Slim car, à la maison, mes petits enfants jouent à tous le types de jeux et pas seulement des jeux PS3 mais aussi PS1 et PS2. Les 3 consoles sont parfois toutes occupées en même temps et les SAVEs passent de l'une à l'autre depuis toujours (CFW bien avant HFW). Par ailleurs, le mode "FakeSaveDataOwner" du Rebug est très utile pour les faire passer et pour la PS3 en HFW, j'utilise le "BruteForce".

      In EN :

      Good evening @aldostools, for PSX games, I have only 18 (in BIN / CUE) with their respective images on a USB key in FAT32 (folder PSXISO). This key is transported from PS3 to PS3, it's the same for all consoles. This concern only appeared under your WMM-1.47.24 and not on earlier versions.

      I will try to change the amount of memory allocated to WMM and I will tell you tomorrow morning what it is.

      By cons, I can not change the types of games launched by the PS3 Super-Slim because at home, my little children play all types of games and not only PS3 games but also PS1 and PS2. The 3 consoles are sometimes all occupied at the same time and the SAVEs pass from one to the other since always (CFW well before HFW). Moreover, the mode "FakeSaveDataOwner" of the Rebug is very useful to pass them and for the PS3 in HFW, I use the "BruteForce".

    13. aldostools
      Bonsoir monsieur Algol,
      Thank you for your feedback. Please test changing the memory settings when you have time, and re-scan for content again.

      If the problem persists, please upload your /dev_hdd0/xmlhost/game_plugin/mygames.xml to check what's wrong with it.

      The spinning icon in webMAN Games should be fixed in beta.
      Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
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    14. Algol
      Bonjour @aldostools et aussi bonne journée car tu es un "couche-tard" ou un "lève-tôt".

      Je ne peux pas te faire parvenir le fichier "mygames.xml", par le site je n'ai aucun accès à des fichiers liés. Voici mon adresse mail chez Google "allangollem" tu y ajoutes "", c'est tout. Tu pourras ainsi me faire parvenir une adresse mail chez qui tu veux. Nous pourrons ainsi y "causer" ensembles de nos petits tracas divers et variés. Je m'engage à t'aider dans les "béta-tests" que tu voudras bien me faire parvenir pour tes nouveaux WMM voire "Mamba" et aussi sMAN voire IrisMAN, je n'en abandonne aucun.
      Je ne touche pas à la configuration mémoire de WMM car je pense que tu as trouvé le souci et qu'il va être corrigé avec la "b3". Je t'informerai dès que j'aurai pu installer cette nouvelle "béta".


      Hello @aldostools and also good day because you are a "late-night" or an "early bird".

      I can not send you the file "mygames.xml", by the site I have no access to linked files. Here is my email address at Google "allangollem" you add "@", that's all. You will be able to send me an email address where you want. We will thus be able to "cause" sets of our various and varied troubles. I pledge to help you in the "beta-tests" that you want to send me for your new WMM or "Mamba" and also sMAN or IrisMAN, I give up none.

      I do not touch the memory configuration of WMM because I think you found the problem and it will be corrected with the "b3". I will inform you as soon as I can install this new "beta".

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    15. Algol
      Sur ma super-slim (CECH-4204C) j'ai réglé le problème des "écrans noirs" lorsque le WMM-1.47.24 (complet touche L1 maintenue) est installé avec les mmCM, ManaGunZ et IrisMAN ==> la surveillance température par WMM est en cause.
      Si WMM est démarré et la surveillance est sur "SYSCON", TOUS les autres HBs se lancent et permettent le lancement des jeux qui sont à leur charge sur ce type de PS3. Je ne sais pas pour les autres modèles de PS3, je n'en ai aucune autre qui puissent être sous HEN.

      Voila, j'espère que ma contribution à cette communauté est utile.

      In EN via Google Trad :

      On my super-slim (CECH-4204C) I solved the problem of "black screens" when the WMM-1.47.24 (complete L1 key held) is installed with the mmCM, ManaGunZ and IrisMAN ==> the temperature monitoring by WMM is involved.
      If WMM is started and the monitoring is on "SYSCON", ALL the other HBs are launched and allow the launch of games that are their responsibility on this type of PS3. I do not know about other models of PS3, I have no other that can be under HEN.

      Here, I hope that my contribution to this community is useful.
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    16. aldostools
      Yes, it seems that the BSOD is related to fan control. In this post the user Mulder reports that sMAN also freezes using the dynamic fan control mode with PS3HEN, but it's stable using the manual fan speed. Could you try wMM with manual fan mode too?
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    17. Fin9ersMcGee
      I never had black screen issues through 2.3.0 beta testing and wondered why so many people had BSOD issues after it was publicly released...

      This makes sense now as I've had my fan set to manual the whole time I've been using webMAN MOD.
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    18. aldostools
      It makes sense to me too, since the issue seems to be "random"... In dynamic fan mode, the fan speed only changes when the temperature changes, which not necessarily happens all the time when a homebrew is launched.

      I hope that @habib could take a look to this "conclusion" and we can end with the annoying BSOD once for all.
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    19. Algol
      Yes, I have tested mmCM as well as IrisMAN and ManaGunZ, ALL work very well on my PS3 Super-Slim when the WMM temperature manager is on "SYSCON". I have not tested the "Auto $ 2", I guess there will be no difference.
      The WMM is very handy when it manages the temperature, that's why I only use it on ALL my PS3.
    20. aldostools
      I mean if you could verify if you get the BSOD with "manual" fan speed.
      I know SYSCON is not causing BSOD, but it is not an option for systems with overheats.

      Only the original "dynamic fan control" or "Auto # 2" could be the responsible of the BSOD, due they poke the lv2 memory at random times. This seems to be causing the panic on the system.
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