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    A smal update has arrived to the popular PS3 plugin that comes packed with tons of functionality. webMAN MOD has been updated from developer @aldostools with the release of version 1.47.26. This is not a huge update but the dev has pushed a fixed to a "gamepad combo" issue that was reported by wmm user gosseux,The problem seemed to occur if combo "select+up/down" was disabled it also was disabling "Select+O" button combo. This since has been fixed with this new update, also there was a requested feature added. That feature (syscall command via web) should not be used unless you know you are doing as there could be some issue occur if used incorrectly. So its a use at your own risk feature . More about that feature can be seen in the changelog provided below. ​


    • webMAN MOD 1.47.26
      • Fixed gamepad combo issue #283 reported by @gosseux
      • Added web command /syscall.ps3 (requested by Starman)
        (This command allows to execute any syscall on PS3 via web. Use at your own risk)

      If you like webMAN MOD, then feel free to contribute with a *small donation*,
      I'd really appreciate it! (Funds are mainly to cover server costs)

    • webMAN MOD
      Fork of original webMAN plugin by Deank for Playstation 3
      Note this is a WIP (readme) from the developer's READ Me Page on github

      webMAN MOD is a homebrew plugin with many features added on the original webMAN/sMAN by Deank. Our goal was to create an AIO plugin all that integrates all existing features available on the PS3 Scene in an intuitive way, and webMAN MOD was born.

      Current functionality
      • Support on all custom firmwares with Cobra feature enabled (ver 4.46-4.84 CEX, DEX & DECR)
      • Support on REBUG firmware with Cobra feature disabled (ver 4.84.2 CEX & DEX)
      • Support on REBUG firmware with Mamba loaded via boot_plugins_nocobra_kernel.txt (ver 4.84.2 CEX & DEX)
      • Support on PS3HEN on 4.82 OFW and 4.84 HFW CEX & DEX
      • Support on classic custom firmware with Mamba loaded via IRISMAN (ver 3.41-4.84 CEX & DEX)
      • Support on classic custom firmware with Mamba/PRXLoader (ver 3.41-4.84 CEX & DEX)
      • Support on classic custom firmware with PRXLoader (ver 3.41-4.84 CEX & DEX)
      • All PS3 Models (including all fat, Slim 20xx, 21xx, 25xx, 3xxx & SuperSlims 4xxx) are supported via PS3HEN payload
      • All PS3 Models capable to downgrade to 3.56 or lower are supported via PS3Xploit Flash Writer (aka PS3Xploit 2.0) See for compatibility with CFW
      webMAN vanilla features (via deank's original webMAN)
      • FTP server with remote control functions (shutdown/restart)
      • WWW server with remote control functions (scroll down for the complete list of shortcuts)
      • Support for loading and browsing of [local] PS3 games in ISO and folder format, DVD videos in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format, PS1/PS2/PSP games in ISO format with cover display
      • NETISO support for network loading and browsing of PS3 games in ISO and folder format, DVD videos in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format, and PS1 games in ISO format.
      • NTFS support for PS3 and PS1 games in ISO format, Blu-ray movies in ISO format and DVD Video in ISO format
      • Dynamic Fan Control and in-game temperature monitoring
      • PAD shortcuts (*open include/combos.h for a complete list of shortcuts)
      • Keep USB device awake
      • Mount last game or AUTOBOOT.ISO to system startup
      • Support direct access to NTFS devices through web & ftp (1.45 / 1.45.11)
      • XMB integration XMB proxy (1.46 / 1.46.00)
      • Integrated prepNTFS (1.47)
      webMAN MOD additional features
      • Easy installer/updater
      • Translated to 23 languages
      • VSH Menu integration (hold SELECT to show the menu)
      • sLaunch GUI integration (hold START or R2+L2 on XMB to show the GUI)
      • New folder icons (by Brunolee & Berion)
      • It can mount PS2 Classics games on PS2 Classic Launcher (.BIN.ENC)
      • Automatic CONFIG creation for PS2ISOs and PS2 Classic using config database from ManaGunZ or the database of CONFIG created by the installer
      • ROMS support through PKG/ROM Launcher and RetroArch
      • It can auto-mount any custom folder, ISO or open an URL on startup. Official only can mount AUTOBOOT.ISO
      • Title ID can be displayed on XMB menu
      • Covers are shown using the Title ID on the file name of the ISO. Official needs to mount the game to show the covers.
      • Option for online covers display (free service provided by DeViL303)
      • It can rip a game from disc to hdd0 or copy from hdd0 to usb000 or from usb00x to hdd0.
      • FTP server includes new SITE commands to allow copy/paste files locally, unmount game, toggle external gamedata, turn on/off dev_blind, change file attributes
      • /dev_blind and /dev_hdd1 are automounted when accessed via FTP or URL
      • Safe upload mode prevents a brick/semi-brick if power fails during ftp uploads to /dev_blind.
      • Increased security: ADMIN mode blocks access to critical functions like /setup.ps3, /delete.ps3; Password for FTP server access; limit remote access to specific IP
      • Integrated external gameDATA allows installation of packages & game data on external USB drives
      • Web Debugger (remote peek/poke/find bytes, dump lv1 & lv2 memory)
      • Support for automatic or manual removal of CFW syscalls and spoof console id (IDPS/PSID)
      • All LV2 peek/pokes are done through syscalls 8/9 (CFW only) - syscalls 6/7 used only by PS3HEN
      • Extended support up to 5 remote network servers
      • Several shortcuts to toggle Cobra, swap Rebug files, mount net0/ or net1/, show IDPS/PSID, etc.
      • Support for user defined combos (pad shortcuts)
      • Enable screen capture on CFW that don't has the feature.
      • Enable selection of emulator for PS1 and PS2 on B/C consoles
      • Various improvements on File Manager (file & folder icons, links to navigate faster, mount ISO, mount net0/ or net1/, preview images, copy/paste/delete files & folders)
      • MIN+ memory profile (same as MIN but uses 512K and 2.5X more buffer for PS3 games)
      • MAX+ memory profile (same as MAX 1280K for PS3 games, others buffer is reduced, eg: 2X less buffer for ftp and 4X for DVD etc...)
      • Copy operations use shadow copy on hdd0 for faster copy operations
      • Scan for games on the stealth folder "/video"
      • Support last_game.txt / autoboot on nonCobra edition
      • "Offline" mode (blocks some PSN/tracking servers) and automatic restore when CFW syscalls are removed. Game updates still work in this mode. (v1.33.03)
      • XMBM+ integration when grouping of XMB content is disabled (v1.33.03)
      • Extended Content Profile Grouping (v1.33.07) - common files + individual content (4 profiles)
      • PS3 Manager API Support (PS3MAPI) compatible with RTM tools
      • Integrated Mysis video_rec plugin and get klicensee
      • Support for .ntfs[BDFILE] (fake ISO created by IRISMAN or prepNTFS) - Used to play movies or install large packages on NTFS
      • Support to mount NTFS games using raw_iso.sprx (rawseciso by Estwald) - Supports fake ISO
      • Support for auto-fix games that require higher FW version (4.20 and later)
      • Optional Video subfolder to "Bluray™ and DVD" folder (Display RetroXMB videos, videos on USB devices and Data Disc icon)
      • Coverflow-like webGUI aka "slider" provides a mobile/desktop friendly GUI for fast game selection.
      • 2 GUI Themes: sMAN-like graphical interface & webMAN original theme
      • Extended system information (Title ID, game icon, APP Version, IDPS/PSID, CFW version, last played game)
      • Display of Play time & startup time to SELECT+START and /cpursx.ps3 (Use SELECT+START+R2 to display Game ID, Title, play time and more in-Game info)
      • Virtual pad allows send button events remotely via on web browser or with webPAD software (Windows only)
      • dev_bdvd/PS3_UPDATE now is redirected when the plugin is loaded (and when a game is mounted) [This is intended to prevent an accidental update if a game disc is inserted in the drive]
      • Added /play.ps3 to launch XMB Functions (e.g: /play.ps3?col=network&seg=seg_premo) <- this will start Remote Play server from XMB.
      • Once a game is mounted via html, if you click on the displayed icon the game will be launched on the PS3. This is nice to start the game once it's mounted from your mobile This option uses the new command /play.ps3
      • Support for auto-play any supported ISO, game folder or auto-open an URL link
      • Support for change BD/DVD region
      • NETISO server on PS3 (ISO only) lets share games among PS3 consoles in a LAN
      • Support for local web chat (source code only)
      • Support edition of small text files (<2KB) via web
      • Download files & install PKG remotely or with pad shortcuts
      • Support batch script automation at startup (boot_init.txt or autoexec.bat) or played at any time (/play.ps3/.bat)
      • Use "home" path to define default path for /app_home/PS3_GAME on start up and for R2+START (e.g. make app_home start multiMAN or IRISMAN)
      • All the documentation on, and to all the devs who contributed
      • Cobra team, for their work on Cobra payload and sharing the source code in public (thanks to the request of STLcardsWS)
      • Deank as the creator of webMAN, sMAN, sLaunch, multiMAN / mmCM and many other contributions to the scene
      • Estwald for NTFS library, rawseciso, fake iso, Mamba payload, etc.
      • aldostools for all his works on this project!
      • Zar & [email protected] for starting the modding project
      • NzV for PS3 Manager API (aka PS3MAPI), Mamba/PRX Loader & Mamba improvements
      • bguerville for web downloader & package installer modules and port of ntfslib
      • The team that ported NTFS library from PSL1ght to PS3 SDK (freddy38510, bguerville, Zar, deank, Joonie)
      • Mysis, who wrote some useful libs and reverse engineering VSH Exports functions:
      • 3141card for VSH Menu POC & Littlebalup for his enhancement/new features
      • jjolano (John Olano) for OpenFTP server
      • OsirisX for PS3XPAD and the source code needed for gamepad emulation
      • Berion & Brunolee for the graphics & icons
      • PSX-SCENE, PSX-PLACE, PLAYSTATIONHAX, PS3HAX & other scene websites/users, who translated, helped in the testing process

      Special thanks to Joonie, Habib & Rebug Team, flatz, haxxxen, devil303, Rancid-O, EvilNat, KW, naehrwert, MiralaTijera

    Download / Source Code @:

    Additional info/Support @:
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Discussion in 'webMAN MOD' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 11, 2020.

    1. Louis Garry
      Louis Garry
      @aldostools, it doesn't work, btw thank you for your hard work.
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    2. ramzidz15
      I followed your instructions. It worked, thanks
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    3. bucanero
      @aldostools , nice work! :encouragement:

      talking about new features, have you thought about adding the artemis cheat code handling to webman mod?

      I was recently working on Artemis, and based on comments and feedback I think that the plugin code could be integrated into webman mod, removing the need for another plugin.

      at least I found that haxxxen tried and did "artsMan", a mix of sMan plugin and artemis.

      I'd like to hear your thoughts, cheers
    4. soufian elamriti
      soufian elamriti
      i have the newest apps etc but at the xmb my ps1 and psp games dont show the cover art why is that ,they show in managunz
    5. aldostools
      Covers are searched by title id of the game in any of the following folders:

      The format of the file name is all upper case: BLES12345.JPG or BLES12345.PNG

      You can use IRISMAN, multiMAN or ManaGunZ to download the covers from their respective database. Then webMAN MOD will be able to use the them.

      If the title id of the PS1 and PS2 game starts with S (e.g. SLUS1235) then it's searched in:

      The format of the file name is all upper case: SLUS_123.45_COV.JPG

      It also searches for the cover in the same folder of the ISO. It must be named like the ISO.
      /PSPISO/my_game.jpg (or .png)

      If the file name of the ISO contains the title id, it will be used to search the cover in the folders above.

      My Game [SLES12345].iso (it is important to have a space before the initial square bracket)

      If you set the covers option to ONLINE COVERS in /setup.ps3, the covers will be retrieved from DeViL303's server, when the cover is not found in any of the paths above.

      Do you have the source code of artsMan? I could evaluate if it worth to migrate it to wMM.

      I checked the source code of Artemis plugin and found that it is very specific for Artemis.
      Maybe it would better to set a combo that load the plugin, instead of integrate its code into wMM.
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    6. soufian elamriti
      soufian elamriti
      i have multiman to auto download covers it shows covers for ps3 games but not ps1 or psp games ,also on xmb only ps3 covers i can see but not ps1 or psp games dont know why the name is correct renamed it via opl manager and psp iso renamer
      SCUS_941.94.Gran Turismo ps1 game
      Burnout Legends EU UMD PSP-DAGGER psp games

      managunz shows all covers
    7. bucanero
      from what I could dig with @Cypher_CG89 ( ) @haxxxen didn't upload artsMan source code to his github, only released a binary and explained how to use it.

      Even if he doesn't want to share it to the public, I'll ping him and see if he'd like to share his code with you, so you can evaluate the migration to wMM.
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    8. kyhtop
      I use Lite mod my ps3 game total 184, but the maximum list is limited to 110 in lite mode.
      The roms list also has a limit of 500
      Can this be improved?
    9. AaronZ
      Hi, is there any function to "fake sign in" to PSN or disable it? Basically I'm playing through MotorStorm Apocalypse and to actually play the DLC it asks to sign in, otherwise kicks you back to the main menu. Would rather not risk a ban by signing in at all which is why I got this 2nd PS3, but besides that, its kinda dumb since PS3s network wont be up in like 20 odd years time so even though the DLC is actually part of the update (1.06) and you simply "unlock" the DLC with keys, you'll never be able to access any of it. Good job, Sony.

      EDIT: I signed in and the DLC is actually not accessible at all because the servers are shut down, so here we have some single player DLC, locked behind required connection to the game servers that no longer exist. Amazing.
      Last edited: Jan 18, 2020
    10. arcadekidflo
      I have a question about enabling external game data . I have a 12GB slim . I have done a mandatory GTA 5 install and there's very little space left . Now i pop another disc and there's no space left for installing . I put a 32GB stick in FAT32 and enabled external game data , but is still does not see it as usable space for install . All it does is create a folder GAMEI . Is is possible to use a stick as an extension to dev_hdd0/game ? Mabe even add up in System Information to the total storage ?
    11. Acp Siam
      Acp Siam
      Anyone please help me deleting the Sman plugin.. It's just a S**T.... aahhgg.. I want my webman back but i just cant remove sman
    12. SquallLeonHart
    13. topantita
      this update fix my black screen Multiman thanks
    14. Frank-PS3
      Hello people! Maybe someone can help me. Some time ago I am having occasional problems when I try to mount a game in ISO format using webMAN MOD. The game does not load in the XMB and the system freezes after a few minutes if I try to disassemble / mount another game or access the plugin configuration. Do you have any idea why this is due? Anyone know any webMAN MOD use / configuration guide? That would help me a lot. Use HEN 3.0 in HFW 4.85. Thank you!
    15. zarebcn
      it is possible to copy/move/delete files from hdd0 or usb without using browser commands? if yes please tell me how because i cant figure how to do it. i click on 'files' tab and i can navigate through directories but if i want to do something with a file simply i cant. i mean that when im over a file or a folder there are no buttons for copy/move/delete or toggle a submenu for that.
      Last edited: Feb 8, 2020
    16. Zwei
    17. aldostools
      Algol likes this.
    18. Frank-PS3
      @aldostools Hi mate. I would like to report an error I am having in WebMAN MOD. I have an external HDD with games in ISO format. On many occasions, when I load the ISOS from the plugin, rather, from the console, it often freezes and I have to do a forced restart. I clarify that it only happens to me when I load game backups from the console, using the "my games" option, even from the web option. This does not happen when I load the backups using the FTP web service, for example from a cell phone or a PC. What can it be due to? Incompatibility with HEN? Previous versions of WebMAN MOD did not fail so much. Try reinstalling the plugin, with no results. My PS3 is Slim 3K model, using HEN 3.0 in HFW 4.85.1. I hope to be of help to other users who have the same inconvenience. Thank you!!
    19. topantita
      i am also using latest Webman in my HFW 4.85.1 HEN 3.0. your problem sometime happen with me too. idk but it run normally after i execute both refresh option in Webman setup menu option and restart my console
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    20. aldostools
      When webMAN MOD starts, it redirects in memory the system file "idle_plugin.sprx" to the custom plugin "wm_proxy.sprx". This is done to accept direct commands from XMB menu without having to start the Internet Browser. As result, games mount faster.

      The problem is that some homebrews -including multiMAN- clear all the paths redirection (Cobra mappings) when the application start, restoring the original behavior of idle_plugin and causing a system freeze when the user tries to mount a game using the XMB menu.

      webMAN MOD tries to solve this issue detecting when the user returns to XMB and re-applying the remapping. However sometimes this may take a few seconds and the user already have tried to mount a game.

      For now the workaround is to reboot before try to mount a game using XMB if you have used multiMAN or any other homebrew that cause the issue.
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