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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by DeViL303, Apr 30, 2017.

By DeViL303 on Apr 30, 2017 at 10:47 PM
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    Developer DeViL303 who is already known for so many PS3 XMB Mods has now yet another mod for REBUG 4.81 user's. This time around the "What's New on PSX-Place (PS3 XMB MOD)" is an XMB mod that transform the What's New section to provide a current news feed of the psx-place mainpage (that checks for new news every 15 minutes) , Also another great aspect to this mod, it will now scroll PSX-Place headlines under the XMB Clock. Give it a look with the video DeViL303 has uploaded and then a give it try on your 4.81 REBUG CFW.

    *Note this is a FEED for all PSX-Place News as seen in the video, so it won't be exclusive to just PS3 news :).

    • This XMB mod for Rebug 4.81 brings a PSX-Place news feed to your XMB, it shows the latest 30 items from the mainpage and at the bottom there is 3 extra links to some handy scene sites. Massive thanks to @No0bZiLLa for all the help with this, it wouldn't have been possible without him, and Thanks to STLcardsWS for giving us permission. :applouse:

      • 30 links to the latest news posts at PSX-Place.
      • Link to PSX-Place Homepage.
      • Link to Brewology Homepage.
      • Link to PlaystationHax Homepage.
      • Server info is updated every 15 minutes if there is a new story out, to see it updated on your XMB you need to press triangle on the item and clear cache.
      • Posts from the last 7 days get a "New" logo.
      • The titles of news posts from the last 7 days scroll under the clock.
      • Only for Rebug 4.81 at this time.

    • Installation App:

      XMB MOD (Replacing What's New Contents]

    Download: Release Page
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by DeViL303, Apr 30, 2017.

    1. No0bZiLLa
      this is cool :)
      keep up the great work! :D
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    2. Johnnie
      Thanks, great work.
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    3. DeViL303
      I just realised, if you have webman mod installed, This refreshes by itself at boot time. :D Handy, its a left over feature from clearing the Launchpad cache.

      *Note, as this uses the Whats New item as well, you cant install Launchpad and this at the same time.
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    4. nCadeRegal
      This is pretty cool pc of ware you got here devil, keep up the good work man. I appreciate all that you have done to keep the stale sony xmb, feeling gresh and alive.
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    5. sandungas
      Great idea and execution :)

      I was thnking in something like this time ago but with the RSS feeeds widget sony used in old PS3 firmwares, the first problem was i could never make the widget work (shame on me, heheh), and second problem is incase of making the widget work it was better to use it for other tasks (like a cobra plugin manager)

      In comparison... your mod of custom "whats news" gives more info and is better integrated visually than my idea of the custom "rss feeds"
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    6. Death_Dealer
      Very cool, great work with this:)
    7. LuanTeles
      How about the news on the PS3 RSS NEWS FEED? that one under the clock

      it would be nice, as long my country psn doesnt send anything there or a way to enable it to show the US one
    8. sandungas
      Is what i was mentioning in my previous message, but it was removed in firmware 3.00
    9. DeViL303
      See the video.

      The news feed under the clock is just the titles of the what's new items. If you install this then you will have that too, it's not rss.

      *you can not install this and Launchpad at the same time.
      Last edited: May 31, 2017
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    10. Metalomeus
      Having both Mods installed is great !
      Long time Launchpad user here ^^
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    11. DeViL303
      At the moment they would overwrite each other, but there is a way to do that, it would mean using the PS Store item that is in the game category for Launchpad. Maybe I will do it someday. :)
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    12. Metalomeus
      Understood ^^
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    13. LuanTeles
      hey @DeViL303 where can i edit to change the news feed (above the clock) rss?

      My country SEN doent send anything, and i want to add the US feed, or others

      where exactly i can change the url?
    14. LuanTeles
      I know, but he replaced to show the news of psx place, i want to edit to show the default url from a different country
    15. sandungas
      But is not the same, the old one is what can be seen in this screenshot
      I thought you was talking bout this one

      Is managed by the web browser, but basically... is a .SWF file (shockwave flash)
      You can take the .swf file and "play" it in your PC web browser (firefox, chrome, etc...)
      But is not going to look like in the PS3 because missing files and software inputs
      Also, in the PS3 there was an icon (in network category iirc) to enable or disable it

      For a long time (and i still do) i was thinking this could be very useful to repurpose it to make a "plugin selector" widget for cobra
      But personally i could never find the way to make it work again in later firmwares, there are several files involved that needs to be restored or modifyed... but the bigger milestone is probably there is some "flag" sony disabled to remove it inside vsh.self or something like that... so probably is going to be needed some serious reverse engineering of .elf formats to make this work again
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    16. DeViL303
      That can be changed in the explore_plugin.sprx , decrypt the sprx, then search the prx for the string
      Then you will have to do some tests replacing the different %s with "us" , one at a time until you find the correct one, I think its the first or second one, so try:

      then try:

      Note: To view the Whats New you need a PSN account on your PS3 and an active internet connection.
      Last edited: Jul 5, 2017
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    17. C7TJFVB7-CAZ
    18. DeViL303
      I know its a long time ago, but anyway, I figured out how to get Whats New item working without a PSN account, Im on Rebug 4.84 REX (Debug XMB), normally it will not work at all, just says not available when I click on whats new icon.

      So, what i did was apply my patched sprx (whats new on psx-place), then the first time i try open it it asks to input your age, save that, then it works. :)

      There is an issue with images not working right now, think its a server issue on my end. but psx-place news scrolls under clock and all links work, no psn account, freshly formatted system.

      I think it might be working because i patched 3 URLs in this sprx, not just the main one like before.

      Here is a explore_plugin.sprx for Rebug 4.84 REX/D-REX if anyone wants it.

      Attached Files:

      Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
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    19. DeViL303
      Just figured out a cool patch, well kind of cool as a POC, Not really useful right now.

      I patched the sprx in a different way now, and I can now use the NP Environment field in debug settings to tell it the domain to looks for the xml on. :)

      Lucky I have a short domain as the box only allows for 8 characters :) So no chance for "psx-place" sorry, its 9. :-p


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