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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by DeViL303, Apr 30, 2017.

By DeViL303 on Apr 30, 2017 at 10:47 PM
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    Developer DeViL303 who is already known for so many PS3 XMB Mods has now yet another mod for REBUG 4.81 user's. This time around the "What's New on PSX-Place (PS3 XMB MOD)" is an XMB mod that transform the What's New section to provide a current news feed of the psx-place mainpage (that checks for new news every 15 minutes) , Also another great aspect to this mod, it will now scroll PSX-Place headlines under the XMB Clock. Give it a look with the video DeViL303 has uploaded and then a give it try on your 4.81 REBUG CFW.

    *Note this is a FEED for all PSX-Place News as seen in the video, so it won't be exclusive to just PS3 news :).

    • This XMB mod for Rebug 4.81 brings a PSX-Place news feed to your XMB, it shows the latest 30 items from the mainpage and at the bottom there is 3 extra links to some handy scene sites. Massive thanks to @No0bZiLLa for all the help with this, it wouldn't have been possible without him, and Thanks to STLcardsWS for giving us permission. :applouse:

      • 30 links to the latest news posts at PSX-Place.
      • Link to PSX-Place Homepage.
      • Link to Brewology Homepage.
      • Link to PlaystationHax Homepage.
      • Server info is updated every 15 minutes if there is a new story out, to see it updated on your XMB you need to press triangle on the item and clear cache.
      • Posts from the last 7 days get a "New" logo.
      • The titles of news posts from the last 7 days scroll under the clock.
      • Only for Rebug 4.81 at this time.

    • Installation App:

      XMB MOD (Replacing What's New Contents]

    Download: Release Page
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by DeViL303, Apr 30, 2017.

    1. kozarovv
      psxplace :P
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    2. DeViL303
      Well you need to own the domain for hosting the xmls, but that would work :)
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    3. Berion
      What exactly have You patched? :)
    4. STLcardsWS
      FYI: we have 4 domains (the other 3 re-direct to

      we do in .net and ,com see above :)
      Last edited: Mar 17, 2019
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    5. DeViL303

      The patch that allows me to put in my own domain in debug settings you mean? that is done by making it so rest of link is in sprx, so this is original prx unedited:


      Those are 3 URLS that i patched to be my own in patched sprx i posted for psx-place news,

      But to make it so i can enter my own domain in debug settings, I change it so this first variable (%s) in URL becomes whole domain, see here, this is the variable that is normally NP environment, so normally just "np" :


      I change it so it reads like this:


      So what its doing is reading "" and replacing the %s with what i put into Np environment box in debug settings, so the result is :)

      Of course it would be better with .com or .net in there for most people..
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    6. DeViL303
      @STLcardsWS Sorry to bother you, but i know you liked this mod.

      For the past month or more, not sure how long exactly, none of the images work anymore.

      I know the links work, because i can click on them manually on PC, but for some reason the images wont work on the XMB. If i copy one of the images to my server, then it works fine, so i cant see whats up.

      Maybe you might know of something that has changed on the backend that might cause this? Its like ps3 is being blocked from downloading the image from psx-place, but i can still view it fine in a browser.

      This is with one image copied to my server, and link edited to point to mt server instead of psx-place.

      Maybe someone could modify the perl script I have to download all images to my server instead, and link them from there. I dont mind hosting them, but i dont know how to modify the perl script to do that. It would be nuce to get this working fully again.
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    7. STLcardsWS
      In the past month or so we have fully incorporated https
    8. vr6cer
      Hi Guys,

      Is it possible to make this feature for the latest Rebug 4.84.2 CFW? What modification is necessary in the installation file of this mod to make it work with the latest Rebug CFW? @DeViL303 I know, this is your brilliant work, but if you give me the necessary permissions I would be more than happy to help you porting this application for the latest Rebug 4.84.2 CFW. I know the installer contains modified .rco files, but unfortunately I am not an expert in terms of programming for the Ps3, that's why I ask for your help and contribution.

      Thank you.
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    9. DeViL303
      Well, basically this all comes down to 1 URL in explore_plugin.sprx.

      Here is one from 4.84.2 Rebug patched with my custom whats_new.xml link.

      The rcos are only visual really, to change title etc, not really required.

      At the moment, the icons are not working.

      If you want to do anything with this you can of course. I will try fix the icons soon.

      Attached Files:

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    10. NewFile
      But why not set it to "%s" only? And in the debug settings put the whole and full url?
      Or to "http://www.%s/TV.xml"?
    11. DeViL303
      We only are allowed to enter 8 characters in that field, so some of it must be hardcoded, Maybe this limitation could be removed by an rco mod. not sure.
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