PS4 Why the PS4 needs a Current Firmware Exploit

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By STLcardsWS on Dec 9, 2018 at 12:43 PM
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    It has been no secret and quite honestly comes to no surprise by the lack of participation in the development circles around the PS4 and more specifically homebrew development on the console, Don't get me wrong there has been various developer's working their tails off and doing some amazing things on the platform and alot of great documentation on the console, which alot of that documentation can found at places such as the PS4DevWiki, but when has a scene or a community been about a few individuals or groups? It never has and no small groups of people can carry a scene by themselves, Around the scene you see things being stated like "anyone can help contribute" and while that is true due to many things being Open Source from some of developer's working on the PS4, However, what can we expect for a platform (past exploited firmware) that never had that current firmware window (as all other exploited devices typically have at some point)? That has been the longstanding issue for the PS4 Homebrew Community by not having an exploit that originates on the current firmware of that time of release. Even if that window is short (as it will be) it's vital as when that occurs the many who were on the fridge (or would not) buy a 2nd PS4 for Homebrew development/usage now can say "hey, I can just exploit on the console i already have (or one i can pick up at any store, until a new model/SKU/bundle with new fw is released)" it's a game changer for the Homebrew Community.The PS4 has never experienced this window and in my opinion is what exactly the community needs to achieve the next level and the #1 contributing factor of a sluggish scene in my view as its just a small niche platform within an already small niche audience that exploits their hardware.


    There are plenty of developer's who have a PS4 currently and would not mind at all and even enjoy contributing to the PS4 Scene by developing and aiding in various projects , but also there is many of those same dev's who may not be very interested if they have to track down a model (or 2nd ps4) with the right firmware only to see a small audience of developer's and even user's in mix already on the platform, especially with other viable options out there for homebrew on devices they may own already. The scene is about "hobby development" and if the platform does not cater to "hobbyist" as a current exploit (window) does for an exploited system. You can't really expect glory days of a scene until that happens "easily to obtain/accessible/cheap exploit". Some of the great things comes from developer's who may just spend a few months/season on the console and the current landscape are completely shutting out that group of contributions.

    Since we have started to see PS4 firmwares being exploited, I personally have cautioned the scene from getting too excited and expecting mass homebrew around the corner because the exploits were all released past their prime as outdated firmware's and do not age well with time. Thus not making it an easily accessible and also in most cases an affordable solution for many to get in on the platform, the pace of the scene it was very predictable. Since we have seen the 1.76 PS4 exploits there has been many suggesting to buy a 2nd PS4 (and with that advice "conveniently" pointing you to "affiliates links" to purchase.) This has always been bad advice for most user's. As the PS4 Hacking Scene is not worth it until there is an exploit on current firmware that appears. So when an exploit does appear you have a choice, Update to the new firmware that patches the exploit or stay on the exploited firmware . When people have that choice without seeking a certain model/bundles/sku then you will see development grow around the console .

    sons4.jpg ps4_god_of_war_4_73.jpg

    Personally in my opinion, i think its a mistake for most to keep your lone PS4 console on a firmware awaiting for an exploit (like 5.55). Look at it like this, IF A SCENE IS GOING TO BE WORTH EXPLOITING, IT's GOING TO NEED AN EASILY ACCESSIBLE EXPLOIT (i think that needed shouting :) . (i.e. a current firmware solution or a cheap and accessible downgrade option). So with either one of those it would make staying on an older firmware redundant, enjoy your PS4 OFW features until then and choose that fork in the road when it comes through. Hoping & Waiting for a release that more then likely will not come and even if it would really does not change much in the PS4 landscape (and will be outdated on arrival) does not provide any solutions. Many of the people begging sadly don't even know what to even beg for, lol.. If your begging (and being very annoying BTW), at least beg for the lastest FW to be exploited..

    debug setting.jpg

    The PS4 Scene will be a good homebrew platform (eventually) but we can not really consider it fully hacked in the traditional sense as the current firmware hurdle has never breached and its not the classic cat and mouse scenario we see with other devices. A scene needs alot of ingredients but the PS4 scene is missing a very important element that is holding back its progression of adding functionality to the PS4 .. One good thing that has been happening over the years a great foundation will be there for when that time does eventually comes due to the current and past developments from various developer/hacker contributions. The devs/hackers/contributors who have done many great things on the PS4, this is no way to dismiss your effort and contributions but to shed light on the needs (at least in my view) that the community needs..

    Past articles on this subject along with predictions of the current landscape from back in 2017:
    Regarding Issues in 1.76
    Regarding issues in 4.05
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 9, 2018.

    1. Berion
      Thing which mostly frustrating users is the fact that everyone keep exploits for himself longer than it is needed. I have in mind situation when i.e we have newest fw version, exploit is patched in i.e one number behind but hackers releasing it long after it stops working, many number revisions forward when no one no longer have a chance to keep it...

      And someone could say: buy another console and keep it until it's hacked. That's blind corner philosophy because main console usage is playing games. When we playing games we also want:
      • playing new games
      • keep our data safe (exports saves will not work on another console, and there is no way to backup trophies and licenses)
      • easy to use solutions (but well, let's say that "usb wifi server" do the job)
      I have currently 5.55 and waiting God knows how long. Still I have many old titles to play, and still ancient titles to emulate on another platforms but in case my console is dead, I will lost all my data.

      I considering current state of PS4 is like Rejuvenate on PSV. And reasons why kernel hackers wasn't released it yet, is fact (?) that expolits still works up to newest fw. I hope...

      I hope one day I could dump EAP Key, PFS Key, full IDPS and be happy. ;p
    2. Bloodmoons366466
      Because a good amount of people rather update there ps4's instead of spend another 250$-400$ just to keep there console jailbroken and be able to still play the latest releases.
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    3. STLcardsWS
      Yea, twitter trolls are pathetic.. Essentially what they are.
      "Look at what i can do and you can't". (yes we know you have a talent, virtual pats on the back lol).

      Now i bet there is all types of devices and gadgets and things they use in their daily lives that they use and have no idea how to create it. So the all high mighty attitude from some of those people can be pathetic really pathetic, but with that said there is also many good people doing stuff as well and not teasing and trying to be an asshole..

      --Merged Post---

      Lets look back to December 2017 when v4.05 PS4 was being exploited for public consumption, i made a couple of Comments & Predictions that countered some user thoughts and other Scene Sites thoughts and honestly i would like to re-visit some of those comments and let see if I knew what i was talking about or was i full of BS like some were suggesting at the time, Now that we are in the future a year later,​
      My conclusion, i think i hit this dead-on (in 2017)...... Just sayin' ....
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    4. STLcardsWS
      Ahh so funny on twitter a few did not like my "opinion piece".... They get angry over it, which is so funny in itself because all its is a reality of the situation and a simple opinion (that has already been proven correct btw as this is one year since the comments above, which were not even new back then from me..).. Its Common Sense.......

      Any shortcoming of the PS4 scene can be tracked back to it lack of participation, which can be lead back to its entry windows of the exploit being not easily accessible. Thus making its a bad platform for open development if hard to reach by more then what it can reach.

      Its OBVIOUS.. yet there are some who refuse to understand the logic of what a current exploit does and what that type of proper window actually does.. There is a need to step out of your own shoes and look at the community as a whole.

      More people we would of had some of the obstacles already tackled lol..

      Seriously this is the type of comments being said that drive me nuts and shows the lack of understanding.

      I guess they did not read this in the article:
      Its almost like i have seen this coming or something.

      From October 2017:

      Yep i am beating this dead horse,
      but its appears there is a need because everyone has these theories and idea's and suggestions for the scene but NO ONE wants to state the #1 obvious problem.......

      but they say i am wrong but yet for 2 years i been right in saying we would not see much homebrew.....
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    5. STLcardsWS
      Some of the 2nd PS4 stuff is being pushed by comments like this:

      via wololo

      Which the comments are being fueled by affiliate links (blue links) / So IMO i look at this advice and see someone pushing links to affiliates first and foremost rather then giving a honest opinion.

      Let my experience give you the better approach is enjoy your PS4 on OFW and when a holy grail hack comes it will be a current firmware exploit and then at that time you can choose to then exploit or not.. Then once you do exploit and then Sony patches the exploit a week or two later at that time a user can say :
      • I can just update to OFW
      • I can enjoy an exploited PS4
      • Or i can enjoy a exploited PS4 and if then at that time if I think i need a 2nd PS4 i can then buy one or even wait a bit since it will be an OFW console.

      but hell that advice does not fuel affiliate purchases......
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    6. Outrunner
      I just made an account here so i could say my 2 cents. Been lurking here for a couple years.

      WOW, finally someone with a brain who sees stuff as it is. Guys like you are hard to come by @STLcardsWS .

      Don't worry about all the twitter trolls, of course they will hate you because you do not share their narrow-minded views. Everyone wants easy fame and recognition.

      Ever wondered why console hackers never release any work as anonymous?
      But hey if they did no one would know they did it and bathe in the fame. At least not all of them are like that because if they were, then not even god could save us.
      They want the fame but they don't want the potential repercussions (i.e Geohot case).

      I usually don't post, because whenever i do i get slammed by all the trolls going : "How dare you question our idols in life!!"

      Welp enough of my ranting, have a good day :) .
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    7. Berion
      @STLcardsWS Yeah, I agree that's ridiculous advice. Maybe it is good for someone who doesn't care about his profile, but for a player it is just stupid because data across non hacked consoles cannot be moved without damn aggressive Sony web infrastructure. And there is another factor: not everyone have money and even free space in home for one another junk in the box. Virgin console is useless because we have zero control over our data, and hacked consoles on old fw is useless without games. That's hard choice for freaks like me. :)

      Well, we cannot be sure that it will. Every single case on PS4 it wasn't. So I'm a little torn apart... But I thinking about this some time ago and probably I will update (well, another reason is that this junk downloaded update and raping me in several occasions to allow the procedure...).
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    8. Scorpion355
      My biggest fear is that once i update to the newest firmware, they'll release it on the older firmware which i will not have any access to. :/

      But i have a wild feeling that we might get something mid December.
    9. francesco2013
      So dude you are basically confirming what I was thinking. It is not worth it to keep the PS4 jb at 5.05 hoping for an exploit that might never come. I bought it and I would like to enjoy new titles like Red Dead 2, Spiderman and many more super games to come.
      I think tonight I am going to update the firmware and finally enjoy my PS4 with all its features including playing online. It is very sad though on my PS3 jb I have done everything without big issues but the IMHO rather inexplicable slowness in releasing new exploits made me frankly more than fed up.
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    10. francesco2013
      Based on what facts you have this feeling about mid December if I may ask ?
    11. sandungas
      Personally if i where in your situation i would wait up to 1 january of 2019 or so (maybe a couple of weeks more)
      Just because i think if there is something that is going to be released in the timeframe we are now... most probably would be released as a "christmas present", lol, the timing is perfect
      Im not telling that is going to happen, i have no idea (i dont have any private info to support what im saying, really, is just speculation)

      But i bet is not going to happen in "mid december" because we are already there, this next sunday is 16 december, so is like saying that is going to be released this weekend, and this doesnt looks probable
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    12. francesco2013
      Well man I just bought my Red Dead Redemption 2 now. I cant wait for an exploit. F%$# it :) I am going to update it tonight and enjoy a lot :P

      If an exploit will come (as @STLcardsWS said) it will be for the current firmware version. I repeat I wanna use my PS4 fully and so does my kid.

      It is decided :)
    13. francesco2013
      Could you guys please suggest the best way step by step to update my PS4 from 5.05 to OFW in a totally safe way ?
    14. Berion
      Totally safe way is wipe out all fs data from HDD and all user data from flash. Maybe restoring system using full update do the job. Maybe.

      I have analyse possible spy factors on PS3 and PSV before I have connect to SEN (besides of course things which I cannot control) to reduce the risk. And still I have an account, which means Sony bots aren't too sensitive or I just did good job. ;) So if You want keep Your data intact, find all possible tracking data and kill them (cache of games, apps, www, homebrew resources etc. etc).

      Assumption that theoretical exploit release will fit to newest firmware is, well, optimistic... ;p
      I don't remember when anyone release something for current firmware in the past, it was always ancient fw which no one have it (that's the point of the rant).

      I wouldn't surprise if Sony have unofficial bug bounty budget and/or army of lawyers, and this is the true reason why we are still in dark age. If I wouldn't too stupid for kernel hacking, I would releasing such stuff always right after it stop works, probably as anonymous (f* the fame) to not tease the lion. But I'm ordinary complainer. ;p
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    15. Scorpion355
      Perhaps a new year gift from the hackers? Lol
    16. STLcardsWS
      If that is your fear then simply do not update. that is your choice and if you are going to be bummed in that situation then don't update. We do not know the future.

      However in my opinion i do not think we will see that huge list of homebrew for the PS4 until that hurdle is reached..

      Best advice i can give, read what i say and read what others say as well and after you are very confused by the conflicting advice.. Just sit back and think about it and you will make the right choice :)

      I would not expect it.
      I doubt we see it for a bit, but i believe its needed and i believe it will happen eventually.

      When? anyone's guess.. Will we see another old firmware hacked Likely, but who knows..
    17. francesco2013
      I have upgraded to OFW and I am enjoying Red Dead 2. I am speechless the game is amazing really something you would hardly see so far. Graphics are among the best I have ever seen.
    18. sj33
      It has always been the problem - the most active scenes have always been those which aren’t reliant on ancient firmwares. The Switch, Vita, 3DS scenes are all either really active or were at one point, but they only started gaining traction when an exploit appeared for current firmwares. Switch scene was dead when exploit relied on 3.0 but sprung to life when the fusee gelee exploit hit (which works on any firmware). The Vita scene took off with HENkaku on 3.60 after the dark days of being stuck on 3.18 and yifan_lu gave people the heads-up to update to the necessary firmware, the 3DS scene took off when Smealum’s 9.2 exploit hit after ages of being stuck on 4.5.

      The reason is simple - it gives users and developers a few weeks of breathing space until the exploit inevitably gets patched out. With the current 0-day approach, you are required to keep your console on an older firmware in anticipation of an exploit potentially arriving one day. Anybody can do the former, few do the latter.

      My PS4 is on 5.05 and I won’t be updating, but people aren’t missing much.
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    19. francesco2013
      I have upgraded and I am happy I did. The reasons why crews around the world are not progressing with new exploits is kinda obscure to me. The scene is definitely dead and I find it very sad. I would have love to contribute as I did with the PS3 but there is really nothing I could do. I mean with the PS3 maybe they were lagging behind one fw version or two and then catching up. With the PS4 we are 8/9 or more versions behind that makes it a no go for the vast majority of the PS4 owners out there. They bought it, spent a considerable amount of money for it and they just want to play with it.
      Easy peasy.

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