PS4 Why the PS4 needs a Current Firmware Exploit

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By STLcardsWS on Dec 9, 2018 at 12:43 PM
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    It has been no secret and quite honestly comes to no surprise by the lack of participation in the development circles around the PS4 and more specifically homebrew development on the console, Don't get me wrong there has been various developer's working their tails off and doing some amazing things on the platform and alot of great documentation on the console, which alot of that documentation can found at places such as the PS4DevWiki, but when has a scene or a community been about a few individuals or groups? It never has and no small groups of people can carry a scene by themselves, Around the scene you see things being stated like "anyone can help contribute" and while that is true due to many things being Open Source from some of developer's working on the PS4, However, what can we expect for a platform (past exploited firmware) that never had that current firmware window (as all other exploited devices typically have at some point)? That has been the longstanding issue for the PS4 Homebrew Community by not having an exploit that originates on the current firmware of that time of release. Even if that window is short (as it will be) it's vital as when that occurs the many who were on the fridge (or would not) buy a 2nd PS4 for Homebrew development/usage now can say "hey, I can just exploit on the console i already have (or one i can pick up at any store, until a new model/SKU/bundle with new fw is released)" it's a game changer for the Homebrew Community.The PS4 has never experienced this window and in my opinion is what exactly the community needs to achieve the next level and the #1 contributing factor of a sluggish scene in my view as its just a small niche platform within an already small niche audience that exploits their hardware.


    There are plenty of developer's who have a PS4 currently and would not mind at all and even enjoy contributing to the PS4 Scene by developing and aiding in various projects , but also there is many of those same dev's who may not be very interested if they have to track down a model (or 2nd ps4) with the right firmware only to see a small audience of developer's and even user's in mix already on the platform, especially with other viable options out there for homebrew on devices they may own already. The scene is about "hobby development" and if the platform does not cater to "hobbyist" as a current exploit (window) does for an exploited system. You can't really expect glory days of a scene until that happens "easily to obtain/accessible/cheap exploit". Some of the great things comes from developer's who may just spend a few months/season on the console and the current landscape are completely shutting out that group of contributions.

    Since we have started to see PS4 firmwares being exploited, I personally have cautioned the scene from getting too excited and expecting mass homebrew around the corner because the exploits were all released past their prime as outdated firmware's and do not age well with time. Thus not making it an easily accessible and also in most cases an affordable solution for many to get in on the platform, the pace of the scene it was very predictable. Since we have seen the 1.76 PS4 exploits there has been many suggesting to buy a 2nd PS4 (and with that advice "conveniently" pointing you to "affiliates links" to purchase.) This has always been bad advice for most user's. As the PS4 Hacking Scene is not worth it until there is an exploit on current firmware that appears. So when an exploit does appear you have a choice, Update to the new firmware that patches the exploit or stay on the exploited firmware . When people have that choice without seeking a certain model/bundles/sku then you will see development grow around the console .

    sons4.jpg ps4_god_of_war_4_73.jpg

    Personally in my opinion, i think its a mistake for most to keep your lone PS4 console on a firmware awaiting for an exploit (like 5.55). Look at it like this, IF A SCENE IS GOING TO BE WORTH EXPLOITING, IT's GOING TO NEED AN EASILY ACCESSIBLE EXPLOIT (i think that needed shouting :) . (i.e. a current firmware solution or a cheap and accessible downgrade option). So with either one of those it would make staying on an older firmware redundant, enjoy your PS4 OFW features until then and choose that fork in the road when it comes through. Hoping & Waiting for a release that more then likely will not come and even if it would really does not change much in the PS4 landscape (and will be outdated on arrival) does not provide any solutions. Many of the people begging sadly don't even know what to even beg for, lol.. If your begging (and being very annoying BTW), at least beg for the lastest FW to be exploited..

    debug setting.jpg

    The PS4 Scene will be a good homebrew platform (eventually) but we can not really consider it fully hacked in the traditional sense as the current firmware hurdle has never breached and its not the classic cat and mouse scenario we see with other devices. A scene needs alot of ingredients but the PS4 scene is missing a very important element that is holding back its progression of adding functionality to the PS4 .. One good thing that has been happening over the years a great foundation will be there for when that time does eventually comes due to the current and past developments from various developer/hacker contributions. The devs/hackers/contributors who have done many great things on the PS4, this is no way to dismiss your effort and contributions but to shed light on the needs (at least in my view) that the community needs..

    Past articles on this subject along with predictions of the current landscape from back in 2017:
    Regarding Issues in 1.76
    Regarding issues in 4.05
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 9, 2018.

    1. TnA
      What would be the most important things on my list? Hm...
      1. Temporary CFW
      2. then a Kernel-Exploit for the newest FW-versions...
      3. ...then a way to install it permanently or at least let it/TCFW kind of 'autoboot'...

      For Homebrew-Development, we would need a (good) PS4SDK and an easy way (for the end-user), to start/install these apps.
    2. sandungas
      One thing that shocked me in red dead redemption 1 was the detailed horses, was awesome for that time, i remember to spend time looking at them from different angles with different light reflections, etc...
      And for red dead redemption 2 it looks they spent a good amount of time with the horses too. It looks someone from the team likes horses

      You did well in updating, i remember you was doubting about it since the release of spiderman game and you resisted, but christams hollidays are coming and you and your son will have some free days to play, so enjoy it, 2018 christmash only happens one time :)

      What i mentioned is because if something is released in christmash is going to be a bit "auuuch" for you and you will be like "damn, only was needed two more weeks"... but dont forget is "just" money, and the value of your PS4 in old firmware or in new firmware is near the same overall. And the past black friday a PS4 slim was 199€
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    3. Bloodmoons366466
      Gateway actually was the start for the 3ds due to emunand allowing you to be on the latest version,then the scene evolved to free cfw that worked with emunand,eventualy a9lh and b9s came in which allowed you to override the sysnand for full kernel access on the latest firmware.

      Untill the ps4 gets a way to play all the latest releases through a jailbreak or hen without a update,its hacking community is going to be dead for awhile.
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    4. STLcardsWS
    5. francesco2013
      I guess you were wrong :) No gifts no exploit. I did it very well in upgrading to the latest OFW.
      I am enjoying Spiderman and RD2 a lot :D
    6. Scorpion355
      Yeah well unfortunately i was wrong about this, recently the hyped up "secret method" thing also turned out to be pretty disappointing, I guess I'll update soon. RIP ps4 scene, oh and btw how's Rdr2, is it good? No spoilers pls, i've been spoiled enough already.
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    7. francesco2013
      One of best games I have ever played, really a great title. Tomorrow I start also playing Spiderman. Btw Assassins Creed Odyssey is another fantastic one !
    8. Scorpion355
      Yeah Odyssey is a good ons too, but it's too similar to Origins so I'll skip thst, probably rdr2 and spiderman, im super excited for Resident evil 2Remake tho!
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