[Workaround] PSVR Left Drift in Cinema Mode

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    As many (if not all) PSVR users out there might have noted that there is an annoying left drift of the virtual screen inside HMD over time. Until now users always have to press and hold the OPTIONS button for about 2 secs to recenter the screen each couple of minutes.

    But now a user over at reddit has provided a nice workaround for this. So read original post or follow my instructions here:

    1. Make sure u're in PS4 dashboard and virtual screen in HMD is centered
    2. Turn your head about 45 dregrees to the right
    3. Press and hold the OPTIONS button and at the same time turn your head back to the right so that you reach the forward-looking-position when the screen locks at the end of the 2-secs-time-window.
    4. Start your 2D-game/video and the annoying left drift should be gone.

    It's important that you don't stop moving your head until the screen has locked.
    This kind of crude calibration seems to work only in PS4 dashboard and NOT while in-game.

    It need a little practice to perform the workaround, but once u got it it's really easy going.

    Kudos to @keithfkelly for figuring out this little useful trick.


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