PS3 XMB Manager Plus 2017 (XMBM+ 2K17) by Berion

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 14, 2017 at 9:39 PM
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    Here is a new release for the PlayStation 3 CFW Community by developer Berion, The popular mod (XMBM+) that gave the XMB tons of new functionality to the XMB Has now been updated with features and changes that are optimized for 2017, so the dev has dubbed this unofficial release XMB Manager Plus 2017 or simply XMBM+ 2k17. Release details and a tons of screenshots can be seen in the included details provide.


    • > What is this?
      • It's a nice menu with shortcuts to various stuff in Game category menu in XMB. In short: it's a simple Cross Media Bar hack.

      XMBM+ 2K17 is just yet another unofficial fork of XMB Manager Plus made by whole Team XMBM+ years ago and later modded by @aldostools. What's different in 2017 release? I have corrected, added or updated some descriptions, changed positions of some menus.

      All icons (except save data icons) is now read from dev_hdd0 instead of RCO from dev_flash and all of them is "rebugified" to match Rebugification PlayStation 3 theme (but any other skin like i.e Metalification can be easily add in future).

      Also I have integrated Custom Firmware Tools, WebMAN/WebMAN Mod settings menu from full versions, Plugin Switcher Manager (with few pre-configurations) and XMB Package Downloader (but in "mini version": no themes, wallpapers and game links, no per app icon).

      I have removed all old internet website links and added Childproof Mode option which disabling any potentially harmful options.​

    • xmbmp2k17_scr_02.png xmbmp2k17_scr_03.png xmbmp2k17_scr_04.png xmbmp2k17_scr_05.png xmbmp2k17_scr_06.png xmbmp2k17_scr_07.png xmbmp2k17_scr_08.png xmbmp2k17_scr_09.png xmbmp2k17_scr_10.png xmbmp2k17_scr_11.png xmbmp2k17_scr_12.png xmbmp2k17_scr_13.png xmbmp2k17_scr_14.png unspecified.png

    • > What is Childproof Mode?
      This option permanently disabling:

      • File Manager - because user can deleting files and folders from any mounted device/fs
      • Plugin Manager Switcher - because user can deleting boot_plugins.txt
      • Custom Firmware Tools - because user can kill console using improperly

    • > Requirements?
      1. Obviously, a PS3 with installed any modern CFW (like i.e Rebug 4.81.1).
      2. User must have installed and active WebMAN or WebMAN Mod for some of the options (all for WebMAN menu, Plugin Switcher Manager, XMB Package Downloader and few in other places).
      3. Also Custom Firmware Tools must be active (turn it on in Rebug Toolbox on Rebug CFW or add custom xai_plugin to boot_plugins.txt). Without it, almost all options in Custom Firmware Tools will not be working, resulting in console forced restart + mandatory file system checking/repairing.​

    • > No PKG file? How can I install this?
      • I don't like PKG format and in this case is even completely useless. It's sufficient to use file manager or FTP client.

      1. Copy "xmb" folder info "dev_hdd0/".
      2. Be sure to have installed and active xai_plugin and webmanmod.
      3. Got to "dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/" and make backup of files:
      • category_game.xml
      • category_game_tool2.xml
      • category_network.xml
      • category_network_tool2.xml
      4. Copy all "xmb/flash/*.xml" to "dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/".
      Or if You don't like my Game and Network category, edit them herself adding below node in proper place:
      <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="xmb_manager_plus" src="xmb://localhost/dev_hdd0/xmb/xmb_manager_plus.xml#xmb_manager_plus"/>

      5. Restart PS3.

    • > How can I uninstall this?
      Delete or change name of "dev_hdd0/xmb/" and restore Your backuped XML.
      Or just reinstall Your CFW.

    • Special thanks for:
      • Team XMBM+ for gigantic work of original XMBM+
      • DeanK and Aldostools for hard work on WebMAN and WebMAN Mod.
      • DeViL303 for help with Sony's XMB XML syntax.

    I hope You will enjoy. - Berion

    Download & Source:
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 14, 2017.

    1. bitsbubba
      I myself consider this an official XMBM+ update as all additions to this (besides mysis) are from original Team XMBM+ members. DeViL303 was the lead Dev on the team, Aldo was a major contributor and had even started his own fork & Berion was one of our main graphic designers. So I'll say that makes it official enough :-p
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    2. simonizer
      How about a version with original icons?
    3. DeViL303
      Nice work Berion.

      btw: Is it just me or are 12 of the screenshots the same image? :)
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    4. pinky
      speaking seriously, he made two versions, that I know of, of his vita theme. I still have it on my pstv. he did a really good job. the first theme is dynamic which I didn't care for. the second theme, a static one, looks great. he even added app meta to various apps which fit in well with the main theme. I added those to my pstv as well.
    5. Berion
      Definitely most of them are duplicated. Until it's fixed, all You can find here:

      PSV Rebugification, currently is only Live Area theme and tons of icons to appmeta. I believe You mislead it with Phalaris Suite which is also only Live Area theme but have also custom start screens for many apps. And this one will come into Extended Theme (there is nice app created by Kylon to make all of us life easier). Still, I didn't finished it because meanwhile I finished my PS3 gaming stuff, starting organizing it for backup and want finish Rebugification. I wanted make skin for XMBM+ but I discovered there is no sense doing that because it involves me the same amount of time for all of XMB hacks separately. So I decided to make fork and pause for a while Phalaris. It's hard to maintain so many projects at once (and damn, there is still PS2 AIO v1.5 to be finished).

      PS3 Rebugification Suite is set of: P3T theme + webMAN MOD theme + XMBM+ 2017 (which contain all known XMB mods) + VSH Menu.

      Still there is much to do:
      - original RCOs to replace "non themeble" icons, progress bar, bubbles etc.
      - Launch Pad
      - sMAN
      - multiMAN (I'm not sure if I'll do it)
      - PS3 Lock
      - XMB Lock
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    6. nCadeRegal
      As always @Berion nice work here. Congrats on your dev badge also, you deserve it for all the awesome eye candy you have blessed us with over the years.
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    7. kozarovv
    8. psykosis
      So, dumb question, how do i know i've got 2k17 (i followed instructions) ?
      is it 0.24.??
    9. Casavult
    10. Casavult
      How would I move XMBM+ just above webMAN MOD? I don't really like it at the top lol.
    11. Berion
      @psykosis It's based on latest Aldostools mod. If You followed the instructions there is no way that You have old XMBM+ because old:
      1. doesn't have such gfx style
      2. filenames of XML and PNG are incompatible with any other XMBM+
      3. parent dir for XMBM+2K17 is "dev_hdd0/xmb/" instead of "dev_hdd0/game/<id>/".

      I completely tear off compatibility with old builds because I don't like old filenames, their locations, item in Game Data and in my opinion icons setup was a mess (some are read from dev_flash, some from $appdir, some are used multiple times in not very good places). I can imagine that this project was maintained by so many peoples and everyone gave part of it to the whole so this is the reason of inconsistency. So, I decided to making house rearrangement. ^^ Not only for my private taste but for future developers and artists to spare them time.

      @Casavult Menu items are wrote in dev_flash, in "category_game.xml" and "category_game_tool2.xml".

      //let me finish my dinner and I write here how to do it ^^"
    12. Casavult
      No problem! :)
      Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
    13. Berion

      Items order is in root node, in items childnode. CellOS read each query one by one - and this is Your menu order. So, just move:
      <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="xmb_manager_plus" src="xmb://localhost/dev_hdd0/xmb/xmb_manager_plus.xml#xmb_manager_plus"/>
      somewhere else. If in example is moved under:
      <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="seg_sdps3" src="#seg_sdps3"/>
      then appear under PS3 Save Data menu.

      Do the same in tool2 xml because for some reason, it's duplicated. And You must change both.

      Remember that this files are in dev_flash (You need mount it as dev_blind). So if You do something wrong in this files, in the best scenario, whole Game category goes empty, and in worst scenario, You will got semi brick (rescue via recovery, reinstall CFW). XML parser doesn't forgive mistakes. ;)

      On below example: Launchpad is first, then XMBM+, then PS3 Saves, then PS2 VMC and so on.

      Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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    14. Casavult
      Great! I'm not familiar with PS3 .xml but I understand now! Thanks @Berion

                  <!-- Trophies here no longer work? :(
                  <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="seg_trophy" src="#seg_trophy"/>
                  <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="seg_psp2appdata" src="#seg_psp2appdata"/>
                  <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="seg_gamedata" src="#seg_gamedata"/>
                  <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="xmb_manager_plus" src="xmb://localhost/dev_hdd0/xmb/xmb_manager_plus.xml#xmb_manager_plus"/>
                  <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="seg_sdps3" src="#seg_sdps3"/>
                  <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="seg_sdps2" src="sel://localhost/ps2emusave?category_game.xml#seg_sdps2"/>
                  <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="seg_mcutility" src="#seg_mcutility"/>
      I've included my changes above to game_category.xml for example. So this should successfully move XMBM+ above wMM?
    15. Berion
      It will be above webMAN MOD but also above PS3 Save Data Utility, PS2 VMC and PSX/PS2 VMC. So... still at the top. ;)

      BTW: Everything which is closed in:
      <!-- -->
      is ignored by the parser. So in this case, menu items such like:
      Trophies, Minis and Game Data doesn't appear in XMB menu under Game category in above part of example.

      Every node XML must be closed. So "<Items>" must end with "</Items>", "<query" must end "/>". I using text editor which showing me by text colouring if I everything is fine. So I recommend it because we all are just humans.
      Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
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    16. Casavult
      Haha yeah I will also apply the changes to category_game_tool2.xml. As you said it duplicates. ;-)

      Edit: Oh, I pasted the wrong code from a different tab I was editing...

      I do understand though. :)
    17. DeViL303
      Just so ye know, Its not exactly a duplicate in the _tool2.xml's, but it is still required to edit them as well if using Rebug / DEX XMB. If using standard CEX CFW you can ignore the _tool2.xmls.
    18. Berion
      PS: And remember that file encoding is UTF-8 with Unix enters. I didn't test any other encodings and line ends, but it's high probability that any other (like Windows-1250 and 0x0D0A) lead to disaster. ;)
    19. Casavult
      <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="seg_sdps3" src="#seg_sdps3"/>
                  <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="seg_sdps2" src="sel://localhost/ps2emusave?category_game.xml#seg_sdps2"/>
                  <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="seg_mcutility" src="#seg_mcutility"/>
                  <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="xmb_manager_plus" src="xmb://localhost/dev_hdd0/xmb/xmb_manager_plus.xml#xmb_manager_plus"/>
      game_category.xml - Line 33

                  <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="xmb_manager_plus" src="xmb://localhost/dev_hdd0/xmb/xmb_manager_plus.xml#xmb_manager_plus"/>
      game_category_tool2.xml - Line 143

      I think I've done it right... :)
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