PS3 XMBPD v 0.70 (by DeViL303) - New NoPSN pkgs / Manager / Utilties & more added in this update

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by DeViL303, Apr 23, 2017.

By DeViL303 on Apr 23, 2017 at 10:08 PM
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    @DeViL303 has a new update with some new additions to the Homebrew Store that conveniently invades your XMB. XMBPD or (XMB Package Downloader) now has been updated to version 0.70 and this update adds some new things such as over 60 No-PSN pkgs from esc0rtd3w,who has been on a tear lately with his noPSN findings and research, plus this update adds some updated managers and utilities & also a new XMBPD Rebugification skin from Berion can be seen in v0.70. See full notes in the logs provided plus a video that gives a great video guide of installing XMBPD and adding some extra's. The video is nearly 20 minutes so DeViL303 has covered alot of aspects of the XMB MOD.

    NOTE: Only For Rebug 4.81, Can cause a soft brick on other CFW,
    Requiring FW reinstall.

    TBkU1Pf.jpg fVkQTi2.jpg aDbPeYX.jpg

    • XMB Package Downloader (XMBPD) v0.70
      by DeViL303

      v0.70 Changes
      • Added over 60 No-PSN pkgs (Thanks to @esc0rtd3w - Source1 Source2)
      • Updated the webMAN Mod, PSN Patch, PrepNTFS and ManaGunZ packages, added Gamepad Test v1.0.
      • Added 10 "PSN not required" apps to the PSN category.
      • Added an XMBPD Rebugification skin to the style switcher (Thanks to @Berion)
      • Added Content IDs for No-PSN and PSN categories.
      * As usual this update is also available from the XMB if you already have XMBPD installed.
      ** webMAN MOD FULL 1.45.00 or newer required. (Thanks @aldostools/@bguerville)
      *** I only test my mods on the latest Rebug, but this should work fine on most CFW. Edit:
      Causes soft brick on Starbucks, maybe others, so this is now for Rebug only. Will work on
      Other Firmware with modified category xmls but I havnt time to make them and test on every FW.​

    Download & Source:
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by DeViL303, Apr 23, 2017.

    1. STLcardsWS
      Nice work on the video @DeViL303 . And of course this great mod !!! :)
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    2. Johnnie
      Thank you great work
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    3. ARCH
      yes, great job.
      It is a long work to do, thank you for sharing
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    4. MHAF99
      Thanks a very useful app worked perfectly on rebuy but as soon as i switched to the latest Starbucks the ps3 boots and as soon as the xmb loads it jumps onto recovery mode trying to restart the ps3 triggers the same cycle.
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    5. DeViL303
      Ok, sorry about that. I know why that is now thinking about it. Have you got ftp access when it first boots up and shows the error, if you do you can fix it without reinstalling FW. Its something to do with CFW settings entry in the category_network.xml that XMBPD v0.70 installs. I think if you copy this xml to your dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/ folder you will be ok on Starbucks, but like I said in release I only test my mods on Rebug so cant be sure..

      You could pack that xml into the pkg if you really wanted to install this on Starbucks..
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    6. MHAF99
      i dont think i have enough time its about three seconds only :tongue: but no big deal reverting to rebug anyways thanks.
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    7. kadorna2
      i installed the update from both the updater and the pkg and the version number still shows 0.62
      i'm on rebug 4.81.2 and i access xmbpd from the xmb+ group on the games column
    8. DeViL303
      You will need to access XMBPD from the network category from now on, or link it up yourself to your category game xml. the version included in normal XMBM+ is older I think, don't know, that's not my release, also the version included in XMBM+ 2017 by berion is a mini version without icons, themes and wallpapers, also some other categories removed.
      Last edited: Apr 30, 2017
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    9. kadorna2
      Oh i feel so stupid now lol i didn't know it appeared on the network column
      If when i sign in and it turns off and makes me plug my controller in, is that a soft brick?
    11. DeViL303
      Not really, When people say soft brick they normally mean the console wont boot and requires a FW reinstall. But it sounds like you have corrupted your CFW or something, what CFW are you on? this is only for Rebug 4.81, it shouldn't cause any major issues on Rebug.
    12. bguerville
      I deleted your other post.
      There's no need to post the same thing in different threads, you will get your answers, have faith...

      What you describe is not a soft brick as you still get access to the OS.
      However we need more details about the issue in order to help.
      What XMBPD version have you installed?
      On what CFW version?
      Does your current setup fulfill all the requirements for XMBPD?
      What version/which edition of webMAN-MOD are you using?
    13. Rasscal
      love the app, but im getting a blank white page now when i try to download a PKG. worked perfect before i was installing & testing various options, any suggestions? (tried reinstall)

      also anyway to install PKG apps to different locations like CFW extra category, would be a sweet update.
    14. DeViL303
      You need to be running webman mod FULL edition. (Hold L1 when running the wMM updater)

      For now the only way to move items to the CFW extras category is to edit the category in the PARAM.SFO, XMBPD cant do that unfortunately. It would be cool if there was a way to do it on the PS3. I Don't think its possible though with what is available.
    15. DEX357
      Now missing only the category from the entire library with full games PS3 PS2 PSX PSP :beguiled::tongue new::anonymous:
    16. Rasscal
      Thanks for the reply,
      yeah makes sense now, i disabled webMAN mod in rebug toolbox to use sMAN.sprx
    17. bitsbubba
      webMAN MOD full includes sLaunch MOD which is similar to sMAN
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    18. aldostools
      @DeViL303 I love this MOD... If you have any chance it would be great to see an update.

      Some important links are outdated like Backup Managers (Game Sonic 3.95, IRISMAN 4.82, webMAN MOD 1.47.07, ManaGunZ 1.32, multiMAN 4.82.00, etc).

      Also something seems to have changed in your server settings, since p3t theme files are showing in the browser, instead of download the file.
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    19. bitsbubba
      I was working on the update but life took a toll, now that things have slowed down for me I plan on starting back on it
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