PS3 XMBPD (v0.31) + webMAN LaunchPAD (v0.11) Installer by DeViL303

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By STLcardsWS on May 26, 2016 at 7:56 PM
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    Developer DeViL303 is back with an update to XMBPD, the homebrew store that is integrated directly into the XMB (not to be confused with a web shortcut (homebrew store) like what is found in the latest FERROX 4.80 CFW). In version 0.31 there was some minor changes to XMB Package Downloader itself, but the installer seen a big change as it now includes the ability to install another project by DeViL303; webMAN Launchpad that was released several months ago by the developer who has brought us many great XMB modifications over the years..

    While developer @DeViL303 has recently stated here in the forums, that he has no plans to further the project (webMAN LaunchPad) in terms of feature wise as he hopes other developers can progress his original POC farther. Which we may of seen as psx-place user @Badboy has re-sparked conversation on this project and shared some webMAN MOD modifications that developer @aldostools has studied and made some implemented of his own into a test build of the plugin and if test go I would assume we see these features added n the next official update of webMAN MOD, but until then checkout the test build here in this post:


    • XMB Package Download (XMBPD)

      Features of XMBPD:

      • Ability to download over 70 80 packages from the XMB just by selecting them, with no USB stick required.
      • Packages divided up into categories
      • Package list will update automatically or can be refreshed manually using the new function.
      • Removes the annoying Spotify and Singstar links from main XMB (packages still available to download through XMBPD)
      • This application installs to flash so it is there after a system format/restore..
      • XMBPD can be updated from within itself via the Tools/Mods/Misc section.
      • New icon set for all the categories, All the icons are added to the relevant RCO files for fastest response and smallest filesize while keeping quality.
      • Compatible with Multiman singstar unlike early releases.

    • webMAN Launchpad
      This is a XMB Mod called WebMAN Launchpad, and it allows for 12 of your favorite WebMAN games, and 6 WebMAN functions to be easily accessed from the XMB with large Shortcut icons. This has a few advantages (and some disadvantages) over normal webman XMB GUI, as you can set age limits on which games/items show up.[/I][/CENTER]

      screen1.JPG untitled.JPG

    • XMBPD v0.31

      I've released a small update, The changes to XMBPD are only small:
      • Removed a few unwanted files from the themes downloader.
      • Tidied up the titles in the themes downloader by removing the file extension.
      The main difference is the installer now includes WebMAN Launchpad, The reason for this is that these 2 apps would otherwise be incompatible with each other as they both replace the same files and need the hash's doing differently if they are both installed or if just either one is installed. So Im going to group these 2 apps together from now on. Anyone who has this already installed can install XMBPD v0.31 over v0.30. or install XMBPD v0.31 and WebMAN Launchpad.

      Either version can of course be used to revert to Rebug 4.80 standard XMB.

    • Install Launchpad v0.11 on Rebug 4.80 ONLY

      NOTE: make sure Cobra and CFW Settings are enabled via Rebug Toolbox while installing OR uninstalling this. You can disable them after using the installer if you wish. And once again, this is firmware specific and made for Rebug 4.80 ONLY.

      Launchpad v0.11 changes:
      • Made for Rebug 4.80 ONLY
      • The xml that holds the paths to the games is now located at dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_launchpad.xml
      • This installer now has the option to install XMBPD aswell, reason being this is the only way to get them both installed as they will clash if you try to use the individual installers.
      • Im hosting 8000 covers now, So Ive added most of the path for the covers to the xml, so all people need to do now is enter the title IDs of their games and the covers should just work.
      • Added new icon (Thanks @0_obeWAN)
      • Shortened xml entries as much as possible.
      • Added support for all PSN countries.

    Download: XMBPD v0.31 + WebMAN LauncPad v0.11 Installer.

    Source: --> (1) / (2)
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, May 26, 2016.

    1. DeViL303
      Yeah There is not much more I can think of that I can do with WebMAN Launchpad itself.

      One small cosmetic mod I was thinking of doing was to change the notification that pops up when you mount a game or select a function, So instead of saying "You are launching an internet website" it says something like "Performing action, Please wait..." . That's all I can think of for now.

      That's something I'll include in the next XMBPD (and Webman Launchpad) release whenever that is.

      Thanks to @aldostools, @Badboy, @bitsbubba, @Haru, @0_obeWAN for helping out with WebMAN Launchpad.

      NOTE: Both of these mods are ONLY for Rebug 4.80. Please don't try to install this on any other 4.80 CFW (it will not install on lower CFW) as it will most likely mess up your XMB or cause a semi brick and you will need to reinstall CFW from recovery.
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    2. 1986panzi1986
      thanks will try
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    3. ARCH
      Nice improvement, better
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    4. Phil
      If I put all my favorite games in one folder then scan refresh my games so only my favorite show in webman launchpad is it possible to save that xml so when I put my games back in the folder and refresh webman when all my games are back could I just copy the xml I saved so all my games are in webman but just my favorite are in the launch pad.thanks
    5. bitsbubba
      yes that would work, you could also just edit wm_launchpad.xml (located dev_hdd0/temp) and delete all the entries you don't want, after you do whichever remember to disable wm_launchpad.xml in webMAN setup (located beside "Disable content scan on startup &")
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    6. atreyu187

      The multiMAN covers pack is telling me this download is not available to get in my region. This is the only one so far with this issue and I will report any others. Not sure why its giving me this error but I am located in the US so maybe thst is why as I believe you are from Ireland.
    7. DeViL303
      Should be sorted now. Cheers.
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    8. atreyu187

      Works but which file do I edit to add my own covers I have made for webMAN MOD?
    9. bitsbubba
      Game covers in launchpad?
    10. bitsbubba
      I had the same problem and I was using the GB region xRegistry @DeViL303 had gave me I did a refresh list & clear cache and restart, upon boot/load it work without error
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    11. atreyu187

      Thanks not really sure about the region but I know the GB thing was an issue with me before for some app on the PS3. So I will give it a look as this is my BC NAND model but the link (if still the same dropbox account I assume) downloaded and installed just fine on my 2501A slim NOR flash. But I noticed writing XMB mods or anything to the dev_flash is painfully slower then the NOR model, especially using the XMBM+ as a base. Not sure if it is my "passive" teensy++ install as I don't recall my 60gb BC NAND being this slow but then again it never less 3.55 OFW before dying a premature death to the hands of a sh!$%y UPS courier.
    12. geko37
      Is there a option to see a preview of the themes?
    13. DeViL303
      To add your own covers to WM Launchpad you can edit the cover links in the file dev_hdd0/tmp/wm_launchpad.xml .

      Note: If you are going to modify the xml you should disable auto generation of the wm_launchpad.xml in WM Setup so it doesn't overwrite your changes on the next boot.

      That error saying not available in your region was my fault, it was the same for all regions. Ihadn't moved the package into the right folder when I moved everything to the server. That is the error it will show if the link is bad.

      No, unfortunately.
      Last edited: Jun 6, 2016
    14. atreyu187
      I feel so dumb and definately needed a good nights rest. Got it finding the covers now thanks to bits.
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    15. pinky
      don't feel too bad, my friend. sometimes stuff like that happens. I sometimes feel dumb with certain things myself. the knowledge of members here never ceases to amaze me, so I'm always learning something new. :)
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    16. bitsbubba
      Yes we are amazing here @ "Da Place" [emoji12]

      Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G530A using Tapatalk
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    17. pinky
      well, @atreyu187 and I r bff's. we text one another when we have a problem of some sort. it's amazing what u can do when u try though. I knew nothing about anything when I bought the ps3, but a lot of what I learned has helped me with other systems, especially the vita. :)
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    18. Metalomeus
      Donkey Kong Coutry 1 is not available.....Maybe a bad link `?
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    19. DeViL303
      Yeah, Sorted now. Thanks for letting me know.
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