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By STLcardsWS on Oct 14, 2016 at 8:18 PM
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    XMB modding has been a hot topic in the PS3 community lately and something that many including myself would like to see more of, As the XMB is still a very useful and intuitive menu system, as we see many applications clone still to this day. Developer DeViL303 has been known for many of his XMB Mods over the years, some of his more recent works include webMAN LaunchPad & XMB Package Downloader or simply XMBPD. As we seen weeks ago DeViL303 announced a complete overhaul to XMBPD ("The XMB Homebrew Store") allowing for more flexibility and features while also removing some restrictions , Since the changes to XMBPD we have seen the progress in this thread with some interesting discussion as the dev has yielded some feedback on the project to gauge a path for the future, which has helped as DeViL303 shares the latest version of XMBPD (v0.60.000) for REBUG 4.80.1 CFW ONLY.


    Since our last report on this project, there has been a new wallpaper category with some new features and eye candy surrounding wallpapers, New icons have been used in XMBPD thanks to the contributions of psx-place contributor Berion that really give this release a clean look (as seen in the included screenshots). There is alot more changes and notes about this update of XMBPD v0.60.000

    • XMB Package Downloader (XMBPD)
      By DeViL303

      NEW -- XMBPD v0.60.000 Rebug 4.80.1 Only
      • Added a new category for wallpapers, with 9 sub categories.
      • All wallpapers with local preview icons.
      • The wallpaper/background will open in the webbrowser and then you can press triangle and go to "File>Save Image". Then you can exit the browser and go to the Photo category to set it as a wallpaper.
      • There are 2 hidden wallpaper categories commented out, I have commented them out as a form of parental control, if you can FTP and edit the main xml to uncomment them then you are probably to old enough to view them. ;)
      • Added a new settings category for wallpapers.
      • Added Webman 1.45.00 pkg and changed the title to 1.45.XX (as it is regularly updated I have it named like this now).
      • Also added WebMAN Mod to the Tools section as it has so many uses.

      the wallpapers category will show 100 items per category by default, you can increase this, once you go over 200 though you might notice missing icons as you move around through the categories more, that's why I have labelled settings above 200 as "experimental" for now, Just so you know, If icons start to go missing inside XMBPD you will need a reboot. Its probably RAM issues due to so many items. (over 7000 when set to max)
      IMPORTANT Notes & details about XMBPD:
      • Installing XMBPD for the 1st time: If this is your first time trying this then you can install this package = Download (This package includes the latest XMBM+ from aldostools, Once installed you will find XMBM+ on the game category with XMBPD inside)
        • OR
      • Updating XMBPD If you already have XMBPD installed you can simply update to v0.60.000 via the built in update icon inside XMBPD setup.
      • Required: The FULL Edition of webMAN MOD version 1.43.36 or higher is required
      • Required: XMBPD only works on 4.80.1 REBUG REX CFW

    • Latest WIP Build Changelogs:
      • Moved XMBPD up one layer on the XMB (still inside XMBM+)
      • Added all of Berions icons, Looking real good. (massive THANKS! for doing those, really brought XMBPD up a notch)
      • 3 icon styles to choose from now, Mixed, Bubbled and Unbubbled.
      • Changed the update system so it now works via auto installing pkg instead of by downloading an xml.
      • Added a few more packages to the PSN section, Spotify, Singstar.
      • Added checkbox icons to show which package setting is enabled and which Style setting is enabled.
      • Few other small cosmetic changes.
      • Added Style / Theme Settings > Mixed (Default), All Bubbled and All Unbubbled.
      • Added Reboot Option (handy for after updating or changing settings)
      • Added Update XMBPD via downloading the latest XMBPD.xml directly
      • Added an About section (contains Note, Support Link, Credits, Current Version with update status icon)
      • Added a new category for PS3_EXTRA iso files (Contains 4 created by 0_obeWAN)
      • Few cosmetic changes, grammar etc.
      • Added Package Handling Settings > Install, Keep, Download.
      • Moved XMBPD from Rebugs package manager to XMBM+.

    • [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
      Click Image to enlarge

    • Credits: Aldostools, Berion, Bguerville, Bitsbubba, DeViL303, Haru, 0_obeWAN.
      Biggest thanks goes out to Aldostools for all the neat features he has been incorporating into WebMAN MOD.

    Download: XMBPD v0.60.000


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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 14, 2016.

    1. kozarovv
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    2. Berion
      It was pleasure. :)
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    3. DeViL303
      Note: 1 There is a small update available already that enables the 2 previously hidden wallpaper categories

      Note 2: Just so people know, XMBM+ & XMBPD can "easily" be added to other CFWs too, It should be fully compatible with any CFW capable of running the new WebMAN Mod 1.45 FULL edition (Full version is required).

      All a user of the different CFW would need to do is add the query below to their category_game.xmls where they want it to show up (could be added to any category xml really). Note that there are 2 sections in the category xmls or 2 separate xmls in the case of the game category, one for root, and for tool_root, Best to add it to both (So it will show on both CEX and DEX XMB's)

      This would only be for the slightly more advanced users who are comfortable with editing XML files and writing them to flash. (dev_blind/vsh/resource/explore/xmb/category_xxxx.xml)

      Add this underneath the "seg_package_files" entry in the category_game xmls if you want it to show up like it does on Rebug 4.80.
      The only reason this is "Rebug 4.80 only" is due to the fact that Rebug 4.80 is the only FW with support for XMBM+ built in on release. ie, the query is already added to the category game xmls in the PUP.
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    4. STLcardsWS
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    5. atreyu187
      Amazing what you guys have done here. Now if only Sony could take something from the homebrew scene.
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    6. Drag
      Impressive work, very cool. However when I do three or four downloads then my system freezes. Cfw rebug 4.80 cex
    7. DeViL303
      There might still be some small bit of instability in the webman pkg downloading/installing code which XMBPD relies on for all pkg operations, it has been working very well here in tests though. I will do some more testing myself and see if I can recreate it.

      Note that there is a delay between the pkg download finishing and it installing, this can be anything up to 5 seconds due to the way WMM scans for completed pkgs , So during this time it is best not to do anything until after the install, trying to use another item or starting another download may cause a freeze.
    8. ricardo
      Hi friends,
      I would like to know why the emulators not appear in this section?
      I've updated the list,but nothing
    9. atreyu187

      OK so I used the old installer to remove my admittedly very old build and of course app_home popped back up and my additions of XMBM+ we're removed. Does the old installer make a backup prior to returning to "stock"? If so is it inside the apps folder on hdd0:/ as I want to get my XML files back. I didn't have time to look as I install this as I was running out the door heck I will even restore it and keep the old one as well as I really liked it and the network category. Just asking if you recall and since I reverted back to normal does it keep a backup I can restore just like nothing happened if so?
    10. aldostools
      For the icons in your picture, it looks like you're using an old version... Try installing the lasted binary available on Brewology.

      The shine in the bubbles are on the left side, but in your picture appear on the right side.
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    11. ricardo
      I'm using the version XMBPD LaunchPad v0.31 + 0.11.
      I'm kinda confused about the instalation
      I need uninstall all XMBPD LaunchPad v0.31 + 0.11?
      And then install the new version?
    12. DeViL303
      Yes you can use the installer to revert to previous state, go to backups when in the installer. Or you can find your individual backup files @ /dev_hdd0/game/XMBPDWMLP/USRDIR/backups/xxxxx

      Yes that would be best, use the v0.31 installer to revert to standard XMB or restore a backup. Then install this version. You can still use that installer for Launchpad if you want. (I will get around to releasing a new Launchpad installer soon.)
      Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
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    13. ricardo
      Thank you friend, it worked, but I had to uninstall Launchpad.
      Now I have to install XMBPD LaunchPad + v0.31 + 0.11 and i have that choose only the Launchpad option?
      Sorry so many questions but am noob :oops::(
    14. DeViL303
      Yes you can choose just the Launchpad option in that installer.

      And don't be sorry, its my fault for making it so confusing due to the old version and the new version of XMBPD, I have made a bit of a mess of the releases by not explaining things better too.
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    15. ricardo
      Thanks again for your great help.
      Now i'm not lost,but i have a small problem.
      Why when I chose the option to
      Change to Download Only was downloaded a pkg of XMBPD?
      I no chose these pkg for download.
      I just wanted to change the download directory,I not understand why the XMBPD was downloaded and my PS3 also frozen after download
    16. DeViL303
      That is normal for now (not the freeze). There was some issues with directly downloading the xml files to change that setting, being able to tell when they were finished downloading was a problem. So the solution was to have the xmls contained inside a auto installing pkg instead.

      So really there are 3 different versions of XMBPD, one for each "package settings" option, when you change the setting you are actually installing a different version.

      In future versions this will just be a small pkg of less than 1MB to change this setting. Also there is a small bug in this version that I have recently noticed, if you change the package setting, it will reset the wallpaper setting to default, just something to be aware of.

      I have noticed that cancelling a download or pressing buttons at the wrong time between downloading and installing can sometimes cause a freeze, need a little bit more time to look into this.
      Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
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    17. ricardo
      I get it,
      but after download the XMBPD the PS3 froze,
      I not installed the new version of XMBPD after choosing the Change To Download Only.
      I should I install or not?
      I want to know which is place that the pkg is downloaded by default?
      I had to switch to HDD0 because I have not found the pkg that i downloaded.
    18. DeViL303
      It should have auto installed the new "package setting" pkg after a small delay, but if it froze then maybe not, so you could try it again.

      By default any downloaded packages are deleted after auto install, but once you change the setting to "Download Only" then you will find the packages @ dev_hdd0/packages/ after download, or change it to "Install and Keep" to auto install them and then store them at dev_hdd0/packages/.

      You need to REBOOT after changing the Package Settings, Wallpaper Settings or Updating XMBPD for the changes to take effect.

      NOTE 2: The "Package Setting" only effects the normal packages for download, it does not effect updates or the packages for changing settings/styles,These are always set to auto install. I might change this though so they are also effected by the package setting.
      Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
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    19. ricardo
      When I downloaded the pkg Donkey Kong he did not make the install
      , so I searched and no found the pkg, I decided to change the directory, so I found. Wanted to thank you for all the help and humility, your program is very much beautiful, my congratulations for your creativity.
      The XMBM+ Aldo is also amazing.

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