PS3 XMBPD v0.61.00 / XMBM+ v0.24.005 - Checkout the latest additions in these XMB Mods

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 29, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Oct 29, 2016 at 2:35 PM
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    Who does not like XMB modifications? Well, he is one that integrates a Homebrew Store right on to your PS3 XMB and contains alot of the scene homebrew and so many things i have not even got a chance to view the entire collection of themes and various other things he has stored in there as he is always adding new things from his personal server that magically show up for available downloads on the XMB. If you have this installed already can easily be updated from the PS3 as well, so what is new in this update from devloper DeViL303, check it out in the details provided.


    • XMBPD Update v0.61.00 now available to download from the XMB if you have this installed already. To update, go to the Game category > XMBM+ > XMB Package Downloader > XMBPD Setup > Update XMBPD > Then Reboot.

      Changes in v0.61.00:
      • All Download Items now have individual icons.(see pics, I know they are squashed but its better than nothing right?)
      • Added LOTS of new items to the Retro Section, Big thanks to @Phil for doing those and also for adding icons to them.
      • Added a "Homebrew Games" category, Just one entry so far, Flappy Birds Family. I plan on adding more soon though.
      • The Package Handling Settings and Style Settings no longer need to download any pkg to be changed, it is now done via local pkgs instead = much faster to change, and can be done offline.
      • Added a few more packages.
      • Few small cosmetic changes, to the note item, credits, category order etc.
      • Fixed bug where the wallpaper settings would revert to default when updating or changing package settings.
      • Updated the wMM and prepNTFS pkgs to the latest versions available right now.

      EDIT: Ignore this bit below and see aldos post below. You can get the full package via his brewology link.

      Quick note ONLY for users who have not already got XMBM+/XMBPD installed already: To install this update you need to have XMBM+ aka xmbextras (from @aldostools)installed first, and a recent version of webMAN MOD FULL edtion (also from @aldostools), Then you can update XMB Package Downloader to this version and future versions from the XMB, just follow the steps above.

      From @aldostools
    • (v0.61.00)]
      XGpChU5.jpg Y77fsZF.jpg EMMzKpi.png cSRGIFm.jpg AeWzuV6.jpg tR8bft2.jpg

    Download: XMBM+_v0.24.005_and_XMBPD_v0.61.000

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 29, 2016.

    1. DeViL303
      The warnings about XMBPD being for Rebug ONLY are not really required anymore, Its more that it only works "out of the box" with Rebug 4.80 due to Rebug having support for XMBM+ built in.

      The risks before with the original version came from a conflict with CFW settings in the network category and the fact that a sprx was swapped so it was firmware dependent, but with XMBPD now installing into the game category inside XMBM+ , and no sprx's changed, it is not an issue anymore. The only bad thing that can happen is that it wont show up until you use the category game xml that aldostools linked to. (see his quote above).

      So its 100% safe to install this pkg on any FW, there are only files added to the hdd/game folder, But if you are not on Rebug 4.80 or higher, to get it to initially show on the XMB you do need to manually copy that xml to your flash.

      Note: WebMAN Launchpad (a different mod of mine) IS still firmware specific (Rebug 4.80 only) as it does use a modified sprx.
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    2. dquestagod
    3. DeViL303
      @Joonie I have had a few people mention now that they would prefer XMBPD in the network category, and I would prefer it there myself.

      So with new Rebug around the corner hopefully, I want to point out that there is a simpler safer way to toggle CFW settings that uses less files, and would make adding mods to the network category much easier/safer for me and other people: instead of swapping both category network xmls on flash to toggle the item on the XMB, it would be better if the cfwsettings.xml was swapped with a blank one instead, it should have the same effect.

      What would be really cool is if a query could be added to the network category xmls for XMBPD in the FW. That way XMBPD could be made to show up there and/or in XMBM+ without users needing to modify flash. Then I can include a toggle option in XMBPD to allow users to set it's location/s.
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    4. Phil
      @Joonie if this could be added to rebug in the network catogory would be fantastic as think xmpd is becoming a must have. If anyone can do it I know it's you
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    5. zeromant
      Is there a mirror available? I always get a network error when downloading it...
    6. DeViL303
      Sorry for delay, not sure whats up with the brewology link.

      EDIT: Brewology link is actually working again now.
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    7. zeromant
      Thanks bro... i've been missing some great stuff from the comunity, im trying to catch up lol. Heck, i even found you can run homebrew on vita (henkaku)....

      edit: still getting network error :(

      Sin título.jpg
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    8. bguerville
      Brewology download working fine for me on 2 different browsers & a download app. [emoji6]
    9. DeViL303
      It was down for me on my phone, dont think it was down long. By the time I got around to mirroring the file it was already back up.
    10. zeromant
      Still getting error when it reaches to 15.5mb

      I'll try to download it with Firefox
    11. DeViL303
      Here is a mirror : DOWNLOAD (brewology is working for me now)
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    12. dquestagod
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    13. dquestagod

      Can you please update for new habbib and rebug 4.81
    14. bguerville
      It already works on those cfw.
      Download the 0.63 version from our Resources section or from or use the update feature directly in XMBPD.
      At the same time you should also use the XMBM+ update feature as well.
    15. dquestagod
      ok but had hard time with new habib but works on rebug perfectly
    16. DeViL303
      I havnt actually released any version for Habib 4.81 or Rebug 4.81 yet, Users can use the Ferrox version on Habib 4.81 and that should work fine.

      Note: It might work in certain circumstances, but I would not recommend using the old Rebug version on Rebug 4.81, There are differences in the category network xml that will cause issues with CFW Settings.
    17. Casavult
      I just updated and then I found your post. I guess I'll delete it from Game Data Utility (will this remove it completely?).
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    18. DeViL303
      You can do that if you want to remove it completely, or I have made these for someone else, if you add these files to your flash it will add support for XMBPD to Rebug 4.81.

    19. Casavult
      Oh lovely! Thank you! Well I have deleted now, so should I just reinstall XMBPD v0.61.00 / XMBM+ v24.005 and then update it to the latest version and then apply those files?
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