PS1 XMPINTTOOL v1.0 (by krHACKen) - A Tool to Encrypt / Decrypt XP.INT (Cheat) FIles

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    The PlayStation 1 has long lived to be one of the most iconic systems, even in today's generation of gaming. The PS1 was really the frontier that offer main staples of today's gaming world that we see today. While graphically we have seen some great advancements, but the PS1 is still a very playable and enjoyable platform and with that we still see development on the platform. Which brings us to developer @krHACKen who has released a new tool XPINTOOL, this tool for PlayStation 1 Games will decrypt and also encrypt PS1 GameShark V5, Codebreaker v4, Xploder v4 & Cheat Code S language file's. View the full release quote from the dev quote for additional details....


    • XP.INT Tool v1.0
      encrypts/decrypts XP.INT files (PS1 GameShark V5, CodeBreaker V4, Xploder V4 and Cheatcode S language files).

      Usage : XPINTOOL.EXE input_file output_file
      • Be aware that it does not fix the table of contents when it encrypts a decrypted XP.INT file.
      • If you want to make your own XP.INT file, give the app a headerless binary, so it generates a new header/TOC.
        • Example of a headerless binary here, with a UK Xploder v4 file I translated to french : SAMPLE.BI


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Discussion in 'PS1 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 4, 2017.

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