PS Vita / Ps TV Yakzee - (A Yahtzee clone) by dragaron

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    If you enjoyed the classic dice game "Yahtzee" or simply enjoyed just saying it outloud when the phenomenon occurs of the 1/1296 chance of hitting the same 5 numbers on all dice. then this clone called Yakzee by dragaron is a great addition to your PS Vita / PlayStation TV library of homebrew. In this version the dev has set 3 opponents (Human, CPU, Ghost) and a great take on the classic game, checkout all the details in the official release docs for version 0.1


    • Yakzee
      Yahtzee for the PS Vita; get the highest score to win


      • Three opponents to choose from: Another human (pass-and-play), CPU, or Ghost
      • The "Ghost" opponent is a recording of your highest score while playing that mode
      • Change the picture or name of any player by touching their respective picture
      • Main player's records (wins, losses, and draws) are adjusted regardless of opponent chosen


      • SQUARE: Enable/disable motion controls
        • When enabled, screen orientation changes automatically and a shaking gesture is required to roll
        • When disabled, use Right Analog (LEFT/RIGHT) to change screen orientation
      • L or R (hold/release), and shake gesture when motion controls are enabled: Roll dice
      • TOUCH: Touch dice to hold if you want to roll a 2nd or 3rd time
        • Touch/release open section on scorecard to submit score
      • SELECT: Enter edit mode (adjust/change theme)
      • D-PAD: Select color (RGB) or alpha (A) to edit, or choose current theme
      • Left Analog LEFT/RIGHT: +/- 5 (0-255)
      • Press SELECT when done to save theme changes


      • Yakzee creates a 'config.ini' file upon first startup which is used to store settings; do not modify this file


      • To everyone in the scene that makes projects like this possible to do on the PS Vita

    Download & Source Code @:
    Mirror @ Brewology
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 22, 2018.

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