PS VITA / PS TV Zombiebound 0.1.0 (by VitaHEX Games) CoD Zombies Style Game Released

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By STLcardsWS on Sep 30, 2017 at 10:27 AM
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    Its here, the anticipated Zombiebound v0.1.0, the homebrew game by VitaHEX games running on the Lua Player Plus Engine that was announced recently. this is a great homebrew game for HENkaku enabled vita's / pstv's devices. Zombiebound is inspired by the Call of Duty Zombies mini games, where the objective is to survive each wave of Zombie invasions that progresses in difficulty as each round or wave passes. The developer has plans for updates of this game, but I personally had an early preview being a patreon for VitaHEX and the game was quite enjoyable in the initial release as I was mowing down zombies to acculturate additional points to purchase the new weapons in true CoD Zombie fashion. Game is a great homebrew and we hope to see some additional updates, the good news there the dev has plans for future updates with a small roadmap of upcoming changes, but also anyone can contribute to the Lua based project with new maps or anything. See all details in the release notes from VitaHEX Games

    2017_09_21_160127.jpg 2017_09_21_160342.jpg

    • Zombiebound 0.1.0
      by VitaHEX Games

      Zombiebound is a 3D FPS zombie survival game for the PS Vita & PlayStation TV. It plays very similar to your favorite Call of Duty (CoD) Zombies games. It is developed in Lua using Lua Player Plus by Rinnegatamante, it's also an open source project so you can easily modify the code, the assets, add new maps and stuff like that.

      All of the models, the environments and most of the textures are hand-made by me. Zombies are also animated using hard-coded transforms for their parts and limbs. They can break the window barricades and walk to you avoiding obstacles and walls, some of them walk faster than the others and the more waves you pass the more difficult they get. You can also repair the window barricades to protect you and get some extra points.

      There are 3 weapons so far. Pistol, shotgun and an assault rifle. Pistol is your default weapon with unlimited ammo but it's very basic in terms of damage and speed. The other two weapons can be purchased from the walls for a specific amount of points.

      There is still a lot to do and I try to work on this project when I have some free time.

      Some of the features I would like to add in the future are:

      • More levels and ability to unlock doors to progress further in to a level
      • More weapons to purchase
      • Smarter AI
      • Better collision system
      • Better animations

      Current Features:

      • Hand-made 3D models and environments
      • Endless waves of zombies with progressive difficulty
      • 3 weapons (pistol, shotgun, assault riffle)
      • Purchase weapons from walls using in-game credits
      • High quality graphics created from scratch exclusively for this game
      • Runs at native PS Vita resolution

      Known Issues:

      • Collision issues on zombies at specific walls
      • Sometimes you may get an error loading a specific font. Pressing X to restart may fix this issue


      (This Controls Map can be found in-game as well, from the title screen)

      Remember to leave your comment with your impressions/suggestions about the game.

      VitaHEX Games on Patreon Want to see more homebrew games like this? Support my work by becoming a Patron:

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 30, 2017.

    1. kozarovv
      Looks awesome!
    2. STLcardsWS
      I played it last night there was impressive elements, a few things that need work as was outlined in the issues, but overall it was fun and showed not only alot of potential but was alot of fun. As this progresses would be cool to see some hidden items/pwoer ups and such but in time i am sure if intrest is in the game (which should be) i could see this expanding. Hopefully others help with the creation of some maps and additional content as well.
    3. STLcardsWS
      A nice addition to this game in a future update could be some inclusion of hidden powerups throughout the map, (maybe even unlock able at various rounds/waves)
    4. Luziano
      I would like to see some minor easter eggs added.

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