PS Vita / Ps TV ZombieBound Released (v0.21) Released + Upcoming "The Hallway" Game by VitaHEX Games

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    VitaHEX Games is bringing the heat with his recent release of ZombieBound Reloaded (a CoD Zombie inspired game) and then with the much anticipated game (upcoming) release simply titled "The Hallway", when you see the first screenshot of this game you will see that all the title needs as its remake of the Hallway from the infamous Silent Hill P.T. demo, Then as we all know that game was unfortunately abruptly canceled, but this inspired VitaHEX to bring his vision of the game he created some time ago to the PS Vita / PlayStation TV through the power of Unity 3D which has also been seeing its fair share of PS4 Releases as well of late.. Wink Wink @ VitaHEX have any plans/interest for some PS4 ports of your awesome games creations?

    Let's take a look at the recent update to ZombieBound Reloaded (v0.21 currently) as the homebrew game has seen a lot of improvements in the latest updates. Since the initial release of "Reloaded," we can now buy/unlock new weapons and purchase new levels (w/ in-game currency (gold bars)) from the Store that has now been included. 4 new weapons appear, New Level "The Hospital" has been added, New Zombie Sounds, Improved Fog and Lighting are just some of the new inclusions in v0.20 and 0.21 (which was quickly released to address a shotgun aiming bug,)


    • Zombiebound Reloaded is a 3D FPS zombie survival game for the PS Vita. It plays very similar to CoD Zombies games. It is developed in Unity with high-quality assets carefully optimized for PS Vita. The game features three levels. The "Farmhouse", the "Abandoned Store" and the "Hospital". Version 0.2 of the game will also have 8 weapons in total. Like the first game, your character will be able to hold up to two weapons. His main weapon is always a pistol with infinite ammo, while the secondary weapon can be purchased from the various points of each level (they will appear as a graffiti on walls). Also, you can purchase new weapons and levels from the in-game Store using gold bars. You get rewarded a gold bar for every 10 zombie kills. Unlocked weapons will be available for the Lucky Crate. The Lucky Crate is also a brand new feature that gives you a random weapon from the available and costs 1000 points. You can find it by exploring each level. Hi-score is saved for each level locally and you can view it from the main menu. You can also adjust aiming sensitivity to your liking.

      More updates will come later with new content and improvements thanks to your feedback. For all your suggestions or ideas about the gameplay, you can comment here or you can contact me with a pm on my Twitter page.

      2019-01-14-190056.jpg 2019-01-15-222421.jpg
      What's new in v0.2 & v0.21
      • You can now buy and unlock new weapons and levels from the in-game Store using gold bars
      • Added the Lucky Crate in all the levels
      • Added 4 New Weapons
      • Added a brand new level (The Hospital)
      • Added zombie sounds!
      • You will no longer receive damage from dead zombies
      • Added Controls explanation in the Options menu
      • Improved fog system and lighting
      • Major bug fixes and performance improvements
      • v0.21:- Fixed shotgun aim position

    • The Hallway coming soon on PS Vita!

      I have some great news. If you are following me on Twitter I posted a little teaser recently. It's an old port of mine never released that I have managed to make it run on PS Vita with great performance thanks to Unity and the recent reFOOD plugin.

      DzEP4DzWkAEA-qf.jpg DzEP4edX4AIspX0.jpg

      This game is a recreation of my all-time favorite PT demo. In the PS Vita version, I call it "The Hallway" (for obvious reasons). It's a complete recreation of the original with handmade 3d models and environments I created as close as possible to the original.
      All the lighting, fog effects, and the atmosphere is highly optimized for the PS Vita.

      DzEP5djWoAMWmuJ.jpg DzEP5AQWwAAKM8c.jpg
      The game runs at native resolution and all the screenshots you see here are captured on the PS Vita.

      There is a lot of work to be done. Right now only the main hallway, the stairs and the empty room at the beginning of the game are available and there is no gameplay elements like puzzles or jump scares yet. Player controls and also the transition from the end of the hallway door back to the beginning are are fully working.

      However, I will release this playable version (Feb 17) to my Patrons only and I will need your tests and feedback to see how it plays for you and I'm open to suggestions for improvements.
      At the same time, I'm also working on a big update for Zombiebound Reloaded, more info about this later this week.

      What do you think about the game feel free to post it in the comments below.​

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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Feb 17, 2019.

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      StI'll haven't had a chance to check out zombiebound, and I love cod zombies. It look to be a fun time killer.
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    2. STLcardsWS
      Early Access for The Hallway is underway for patreon supporters.
    3. Darknss
      can't we emulate this on the ps3 with Han/Hen

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